Nova boy 0.8.3

0.8.4- Build is still works and is very much capable of doing t4 julra.

For lootfilter please use dammits tool to create one and give him feedback!


Level with glacier and preparation node + gambler fallacy unique until you get Ashen crown
Leveling planner (does not include gear)

Boss potential (Lightning)

Juiced empowered rahyeh with All res + bunch of hp



Dummy deeps

Arena pushing planner Staff

Lightning nova boy wand

Cold nova boy

No orians

Atterana’s Fire nova


Hi there, I really love the concept and build, but some question as a new sorc here: why no flame nova? seems strong with ignite and there is lot of nice unique that synergies well with fire? also there is a node that do for flame as crown do to free up the head.

I’m sur that it was already thought about so curious to understand why :slight_smile:

again thanks for the build and sharing it!

Hey there! Flame nova is not included for now due to me not having a decent helm with +x to elemental nova + my gear is missing phys resistance because of ashen crown in general.
Flame nova is very very strong due to +140% critical multiplier and 40% flat pen.
Here is the skill tree for it and your passives would move to fire damage
Image from Gyazo

thanks a lot for your detail feedback! and actually from lore and my personnal preference I love fire damage :slight_smile: I will try this with the skill detail you give

What is the preparation node?

mage passive tree, 2nd from the bottom, right side.

Wow, I was looking in the Glacier skill tree for the node lol. Thank you very much!

  • I have to say that in the current level og my mage (around 66) I found lot of item specific and unique to fire dammage, but not so much for ice or lightening, so that made my day :slight_smile: fools…FOOLS!!!

Nerf vengeance! <3

Nerf it real hard! Vengeance viable 0.8.2 maybe? :open_mouth:

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Hi, I’m level 73 and have been playing as meteor/fireball so far, but want something a bit more fast paced with crits (using gambler’s fallacy at the moment). I have the crown but not the amulet. What level do you think is reasonable to swap over to try this build out? Also, should I wait until I manage to get one of the amulets, or just give it a go without it? I setup a loot filter to start looking for appropriate pieces that I’m missing.


You are able to swap to this the moment you get your Ashen crown (Can be level as low as level 42) The amulet is not required for the build to work but its QoL endgame due to conversion + high flat mana. If you were to swap at level 72 the first points you want is channeled and spark charges, then flat crit and last points go into the more damage/area node

Great, thanks very much! I’ll swap over after I finish this monolith and see how it goes.

Okay I made the swap and boy is this build great. Thanks a ton for the help and the guide. I’m obliterating everything… now time to work on resists and such

I am now the proud owner of not one, but three Nova Boys: Brrrian, Pyro and Sparky :slight_smile:

Only one helm so far though so Brrrrian and Sparky have to share. Pyro doesn’t need it.

I love this build and the teleport/nova synergy. For my fire and cold versions I’ve modified it by dropping Lightning Blast and using Arcane Ascendance instead (thanks to Boardman21 for that suggestion.) For the lightning version though I can’t decide if de-speccing blast and losing the +200% spark charge damage is worth it for the extra damage and mana efficiency (can channel nova longer) of Ascendance.

All 3 are in the mid 60s though so lots of time to play around with it.

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Is there a reason you dont get any poison resistance? I just got the orion’s eye and have some resists free to re-allocate

The reason why i am not getting poison resistances is because it’s not an issue for me. Poison is quite easy to avoid (Don’t walk into the pools) and even if you do get hit by poison, your endurance threshold will protect you. You can get poison res if you want but my personal opinion is that its not needed at all.

thanks very much. i also noticed poison isnt too common, just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing anything that negated poison damage in the build, etc

can anyone explain how the 5 pts that give a chance to cast extra elemental nova work on sorc tree? it says that elemental nova crits CANNOT proc it so then the only way we have to proc this is lightning blasting for 4m+ away? and then when I lightning blast dummy, I do not seem to see any elemental novas going off.

also, what would a perfect 2h staff for this build look like? and why did you decide to go wand+cata instead of 2h?

lastly, what would the final mod on belt be? endurance %? or dodge rating? phys res?