Nova boy 0.8.3

I answered you on Reddit already. Distant spark procs shock nova (this is not elemental nova) they are two different skills and elemental nova and lightning blast can proc it.

Spell damage, lightning damage, chance to slow, chance to shock would be the perfect 2 handed staff.

I went wand plus catalyst to guarantee 100% crit and get more defensive stuff from the catalyst since damage is not the issue with this build.

Final suffix is increased dodge %

Unless your name is cisco, I dont think so. But if that was you, then first off, just want to say ty for the build guide! Poe vet and really enjoying this game and build currently!

And ah yes, I see that. thought they were same. my bad lol

can you explain a bit about why you chose to go for the 2 charges of flame ward instead of having 1 charge and being able to auto cast it with the numpad trick? do you only use the 2 charges of flame ward for bosses? bc if using as soon it comes off cooldown, wouldn’t auto cast and then use the spare pt to get a bit more ward be better?

do you really have enough mana issues to warrant having to take focus instead of arcane ascendance? arcane actually boosts dmg of lightning blast burst for bosses by a good amount. I just cant see myself having enough mana issues to warrant focus as lightning blast takes very little mana and ele nova is just for trash clear.

also, are your passive trees for lvl 100?

flameward has a short uptime where the incoming damage reduction from the skills base and from its tree takes effect. if you’d outocast it, it most likely is on cooldown when you’d need it the most.
for mana you either invest heavy into mana reg on gear or use focus to have the affix slots free for other usefull stuff.
looking at the ladder, there is no doubt that this is the most viable sorc build.
the builds passives are for lvl 100.

Oh my posts don’t show up on Reddit too new/not enough karma for requirements.

For monolith you can get away with not using focus, but you definitely wants the node from arcane that gives you mana. Focus is required in the arena due monsters getting a lot stronger.

Oh okay, I was about to say it was kind of weird you referred to yourself in 3rd person in your reply to my post lol

and okay, now for that, I can totally agree. i will keep arcane for monos and then maybe switch for arena when I have build closer to minmax. arena does require a LOT more spam so there I can see you actually having enough mana issues to warrant focus.

You have like a total of 6% dodge chance. Isn’t getting resistances (like void and physical resistance) on your body armour, boots and catalyst?

Dodge on potion pushes me to 50% dodge. Void and phys is converted to fire therefore there is no need for physical or void resistance.

Hey, thank you for the build, I’ve seen it on a youtube video as a new player. Would you mind sharing a leveling build with glacier if you have time?

Scuffed quick leveling build (Only includes amulet and weapon affixes, ignore the base type) Last Epoch Build Planner Passives up to 55 points and skills at level 10-12

Do you think a double t6 amulet (t6 lightning dmg+t6 mana) would be a good substitute for Orian’s?

That would work yes but then i’d use Heoborean Boots and you’d have to get void res (Amulet + catalyst) You’d have to also get mana somewhere else (Relic/Offhand) to reach 300 mana threshold

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Would it be worse than Orian’s overall?

For monolith the exalted amulet would be better. For Arena orians is better due to the DR against void homing, phys damage! So it really depends whether you enjoy arena or monoliths more. Overall for me i’d say orians is better because the damage of this build gets out of control real quick anyway :stuck_out_tongue: That being said if you are planning on playing mana stacking build (Mana strike) that amulet is perfect for it

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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply man!

edit- one of your comments already answered question

Hi FoE, great build!

Few questions:

Why do you not have any phys or poison res? Do you think res capping is not important for this build? I mainly want to try it for Arena pushing. Somehow I’ve played a bunch of Ele Nova + LB sorcs but could never really succeed beyond clearing monos with it.

Is there much difference (damage, survivability etc.) between cold and lightning versions? Which one is better ?

@Atterana I don’t use physical resistance because of ashen crown (i have 80% one) If you don’t have 70+ ashen crown then i suggest taking phys res on your catalyst instead of dodge.
Poison resistance is not needed at all therefore i don’t gear for it (Endurance protects against poison so the build has defense layer against poison in 0.8.1 while 0.8.0 did not.

@brsysr Cold nova deals better elemental nova hit damage but Lightning deals overall more dps due to spark charges. Lightning is better in general but both will work

Hi i’m new to this game and i love mages. I just want to ask is that build playable without helmet? Should i use 6 skill points and take Arcane Projection before getting helmet?

It is playable but it is weaker without it. When it comes to weapon affixes etc use spell damage instead of lightning (that is in the planner) You will also need to gear for phys res until you get Ashen crown (I highly suggest the leveling planner for leveling up to 55)
Image from Gyazo