Ultimate Lightning Sorcerer. 250k Crits! 0.8d

The Focus lightning damage is a % of your max mana, so it’s likely you don’t have as much mana as Boardman.

i have 350ish max mana. and my % dmg is obviously not as high as im lvl 60 but still. with all nodes maxed its hitting for like 5k

There is also a huge hit damage difference between missing just 1 or more mana and having full Mana. There a more multiplier in there

thanks, so does it scale with adaptive spell dmg in addition to max mana and lighting damage?

one more question, i was looking at your ice nova build as well, im wondering about the relative lack of penetration in both builds, which to my understanding is fairly important.

im fairly new to the game, im seeing that you still kill bosses very quickly without penetration, am i missing something or do enemies not have very much resist to begin with?

im testing out a fire version of your ice nova build since that side gives alot of penetration and free targeted cast without ashen crown how do u think fire side compares to ice?

edit - im also noticing that my teleport novas are weaker than the casted ones, any reason for this?

i got a real quick question, how do i get the mana on the weapon and vitality on rings, i started playing this game 2 days ago, but im not able to craft it on

This build is from patch 0.8.0d (We are now in 0.8.1c)
In the release of patch 0.8.1 they changed prefixes and suffixes around. Some of the items in this build cannot be crafted in the same order or even in the same slot as is.
Ill try to update this build soon
For Now when it comes to lightning i recommend @FoE nova boi

Yes it scales with both of those as well as spell damage

Penetration is infact very powerful. Add some if you like it will increase your DPS, i didnt find that i needed to change anything around for it at the time since the DPS was already accomadating.

Ill probly get this one wrong, but i believe bosses DONT have any resist they have a for of DR. but Resist can go negative so by getting penetration your still doing a “more” damage modifier.

Ones going to be very hot, the other ice cold

This probly related to the +adaptive spell damage while channeling on chest/helm as well as Damage increase while channeling since we are not channeling during teleporting

on penetration - oh ok, that makes sense then. so while its great stat, its simply similar to other sources of multiplicative dmg. what about non boss enemies? do they all have 0 resist unless otherwise specified like the fire scorpions?

on teleport novas- even when im not wearing any channeling dmg gear the they hit for much less than the casted one

Yes, all mobs have zero resist & armour unless otherwise stated.

one more thing, does the focus novas count as channeled?

Yes because when they go off you are channeling and most thing that affect channeling is WHILE channeling which is what your doing when they go off. Its why say on Warpath builds have secondary affects or other skills proc like SMITE are powerful because you can get damage increase while channeling and then those skills do more damage while your warpathing.

I’ve noticed with “% chance to cast elemental nova when hit” on an idol, if I trigger it while channeling focus it will continue to channel elemental nova for free for the duration of channeling focus. You do have to be hit but I wonder if stacking some of that and being able to channel both simultaneously could be a good strategy. I found an ashen crown while leveling so being able to channel focus on close mobs then hover my mouse over far ones for when the on hit effect procs is pretty nice.

First, welcome to the community!

No it will not work that way. If you get hit and it procs it will just do 1 single nova.

Thanks! Actually, it does work that way, at least right now. It might be bugged. If you are channeling focus and proc it while having the channeling passive for nova it will continuously channel both until you stop channeling focus. If it didn’t work that way in the past likely unintended.

It certainly used to work that way but that was a bug.


Hi there, first off, loving all your builds so far, this one looks very fun and i want to start playing this build. Would this build still be viable for the current patch?

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Still good to go!

I didn’t see any updated build planner, so I took a shot at updating this build for 0.8.1E

I actually haven’t played this build yet, it just looked interesting. Because of the changes to gear, I did my best and picking some gear. I went with more health over dodge in general. (I really just don’t like dodge builds).

Time to finish leveling my mage to play this.

How the hell craft staff with mana increased?

He hasn’t, it has an implicit that increases the cost.

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He’s referring to the Tier 5 Flat mana as suffix.
This was possible in 0.8.0d
In patch 0.8.1 they removed that option from staffs and mana is now a prefix on a few gear slots.

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