What's wrong with this build?

Apart from the crappy gear, can you help me find why the build struggles?
I was defeated by a Shade on timeline 70 with no corruption and I deal relatively little damage for timeline 85. I’m on hold now, I won’t go further in timeline 85 till I understand what is wrong.
The gear is far from perfect, but it should be enough at least for 85. So there must be something else.

The build is mainly about Lightning Nova and Lightning Blast. Nova for AoE and Blast for single target. I also had Static before, but I replaced it with Flame Ward in order to feel more comfortable.

Quick reply:

Looks like this has the makings of a glass cannon…

No crit strike avoidance… I.e. you are gonna get nuked

Fairly low health… Maxed endurance is great but generally you are so low in health that a sneeze is gonna hurt anyway… Unless your ward is over 2k that is…

You dont seem to have much health regen / leech / health .

What levels do you get Ward to in actual play? Whats the average at any given moment…

Critical Strike Avoidance seems low. IMO you should also use different bases on your equipment (for instance, gold rings, bone amulet, etc.) so you can use your suffix slots for other sources of survivability, like health/armor/CSA, while still having your resistances capped.

As for offense, you may want to put on some crit in there, like spell crit chance, instead of your other current affixes.

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That’s very new. I did two runs before posting this, and before the two runs I wore Woven Flesh, so I had 100% crit avoidance but 12 less Int.

Very low. I’d say around 600.

I crit 100% or almost 100%.

So if I sum it up, the problem is really in the gear and not in the skills?
OK, I’ll prepare a wish list and I’ll try to find everything.
Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

The crit is pretty important as there are more than a few mobs & bosses that can easily kill you just with one or two normal hits, crits double that obviously so its very important that you mitigate the damage somehow.

800 health plus 600 ward is FAR too low imho for the content you are getting into… especially as you dont seem to have any good health restoring or ward regenerating enabled… Even with 60% endurance that gives a pretty low effective health and with no crit avoidance, you can easily be one shot… or even be brought down to nothing and then killed with the next shot and I am not even thinking about DoTs… You could try Tunks EHP calculator to see what kind of hits you can handle.

I didnt look to far into the skills other than to see that everything is offensive except for Flame ward and you have still tried to be offensive with that skill too…

Honestly, I would try and build in some more defence through whatever means possible, gear, idols etc… its very likely that your build is not suffering in the damage dealing department so you could swap out a little offence for some defence.

No problem against small mobs, sure. But it becomes more difficult with rares, they take too much time.
I will try to change my gear totally. At first I’ll go for this:

Then I’ll see if it works or not.
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

some things i’d like to suggest:

  • until you’re crit avoidance capped get ‘chance to blind’ as wand suffix and avoid high crit chance mods in mono
  • your LB spec isn’t channeled so you can not leech much from it during bossfights if you don’t use Nova as well. You could get hybrid leech on gloves and relic, so you can get rid of the leech affix on chest and put something else there
  • you can also get frailty chance on either gloves, relic or amulet
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Have you given FoEs Nova boy thread a read?. It might give you some inspiration on how to go about your own or address the issues you are having… … his does 500+ arenas and 1000 corruption MoF… :crazy_face:

  1. chance to shock on weapon
  2. double damage prefixes for rings (like INT + Light dmg or Spell dmg + Elemental dmg etc) or if you crit 100% then crit multi is the best way to scale your damage (not for rings but just a notice)
  3. so amulet needs %Crit multi + Light. Penetration (or %Lightning Dmg)
  4. gloves needs INT + cast speed

So considering you need Crit Multi take Arcane Obliteration in Sorcerer passives and then Archmage. Those twe are the biggest sources of damage

defensive-wise 300+ dodge on potion use (belt prefix) can save your life!

I leech Lightning damage, channeled or not. But it’s interesting, would you recommend to have Lightning Blast channelled?
I’m currently farming Rahyeh to get some more leech.

Yes, I’m also respec’ing another Sorcerer with this. Currently the fire version, till I find another Ashen Crown. I’ll be able to compare the two.

I really don’t like the “on potion use” so I’m not used to it. I’ll into it and into the other elements you suggested.

No, I’d change that idol to get something else more useful.

You use potions anyway. So having 20-25% more dodge chance for nothing is a deal for me. But it is up to you. There 's no other good prefix for belts

Done, changed for Increased Lightning Damage, same as the three others. Now I only leech via the weapon, but it should be OK.

OK, will do so.

I did some changes based on all the comments. It’s not finished, but I’m now at 1K health, it’s a bit better. And I’ll continue to improve the build.

no, not really since i don’t like channeling :slight_smile:
just thought it would be better to get sources of leech that count for both to free that chest slot and like llama mentioned also the idol slot. i think there are better choices for those two slots

I come back to this… there is no Leech affix on the chest.
I have one Lightning leech affix on the weapon and that’s all, since I removed the idol.

i was referring to the last buildplanner link you posted:

Ok, then nevermind :slight_smile:

OK, understood.
You’re right, it was not a good idea so I won’t go for it. :wink:

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