Omnis farming feedback

I didn’t create the item. But if I had the rarity is fine as long as the roll ranges weren’t so punishing.

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980 corruption, 1480 completed echoes for the main corrupted timeline, 9 omnis on an elemental nova sorc. First one was acquired around 350 corruption. Most of them were found on nodes that contained at least +12 corruption though one did drop around 475 from a random +5 node so push as far out as you can. If the amulet is your only goal I recommend that you stay within the 350-450 range. Haven’t found an omnis past 800 corruption and the time to complete each mono has increased significantly. I tested almost every set of mod combinations during my climb and here are some general guidelines:

  1. To start, there were numerous shade iterations where I thought to myself “this would be impossible as melee”. Trying to figure out where the hell to stand the first 10 seconds of a fight.. Despite the obvious disadvantages of melee characters, his audio cues for many abilities do not play when you’re in melee range. Also, at least two of his abilities require him to be in close proximity (projectile vomit and blood orbs). Ranged can use this time to kite, reposition the boss, or outright cancel the ability if he isn’t capable of getting into range. Volume warning - turn down headphones. 40 seconds in I kite him to the center then walk forward to trigger the ability.
    The only benefit I think melee might have over ranged would be the removal of his movement abilities but the range check seems pretty small as I’ve been charged damn near point blank a few hundred times.

  2. Stacking only defensive modifiers such as increased health, endurance, and high health enemies take less damage can trivialize some shade fights. You can see an example here. 818 shade kill - I eat a flame blast but don’t die 50 seconds in.
    Avoid stacking defensive layers such as dodge, crit avoidance, glancing blows, and resistances with other defensive modifiers in multiples.

  3. Stacking offensive oriented modifiers makes the shade fight shorter (obviously) but will make the preceding echoes a freaking nightmare. I almost quit at 715 when I gave enemies something like 1200% increased damage. Do not recommend.

  4. Modifiers that say “Rare monsters” do not apply to the shade so they are free. Critical strike chance to enemies is free if you’re crit avoidance capped. Slow/Chill/Deadly/Armor shred are a non-issue if you can’t take more than a hit or two anyways.

  5. I do suggest stacking as many frenzy/movement speed modifiers as you can find just once. Monsters in arena leap over you, the shade transforms into a zombie from 28 days later, the patrolling monsters become impossible to chase down, and beacons will make you pull your hair out. It’s a unique experience.

My last suggestion is to focus less on the amulet or any particular item in general. You’ll eventually find your omnis and it will roll terribly (you’re also going to fracture T6/T7 items more frequently than you’d like). If that one item is all you care about you’re destined for disappointment and frustration. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the content as modifiers make each echo and monster feel like a unique experience despite running the same 15 maps over and over again. Take the time you spend running repeated content to learn the maps and enemy patterns as it will save you hours later on. Test modifiers out to understand your current build limitations and gear prioritization. Remember to have fun.


no I wont as I stopped playing for now. PoE league starts in a month or so. im just playing other games now to kill time.

im at 317 corruption and because I am not allowed to know basic information I cant make informed decisions about shade kills, theres a corruption graphic at the top, once you hit 300 its the same graphic as 1000, implying 300 is the cap. but since 300 all I do is kill Shade when he gives +1 minimum corruption. it should just be “if corruption =300 chance to find=x”

you are also playing arguably the character designed to do this, try playing Forge Guard with 15% movement speed, no movement ability and relying on a minion, you will be begging to play other games after not long

The Shade fight isnt anything to me, its the repeated clearing of zones I just rush to the end and stuck in the same timeline forever

the ironic thing its meant to ‘make the community work together’ but at this rate if I found Omnis I wouldnt even bother to share the information anyway since the developers want this game so cutthroat - what do I gain to tell the small amount of people the requirements when the only people truly hunting dont know where it is

Not sure what gave you the idea that attacking me was the best way to vent your frustration but I’ll chalk it up to teenage angst and let it slide. I’m not interested in having a drawn out conversation about anything you just wrote except I specifically advised him not to play a melee class in my very first point. But I assume your reading comprehension is on par with your grammar so I can’t say I’m surprised you missed it.


Wow if thats ‘attacking you’ you must be extremely fragile individual

I am playing a melee class, you are not

dont respond to me again thanks

They don’t though, if you choose not to share info, that’s entirely your prerogative.

But Shrukn is such a nice and friendly person! Who can resist giving him all the info he asks so nicely about???

Hey Guys,

Can we please keep the hostility down, please? Thanks!


Thanks for this bro. I will take my chances on the rolls for the ammy. It’s not getting one that I can use so much as just doing the work to get one. I don’t like to work blindly but the devs thinks it’s fun to waste the playtime of it’s supporters.
I now feel confident that farming corruption isn’t a waste of time.

Sometimes when i read these farming item x and its ”too much of work or bad rng etc” which are opinions so its okay to give feedback.

But what start all of this is those sneak peeks like ” this item is SO GOOD” and then you feel bad when you put effort on it and item won’t drop.

Thats why i started to NOT check these new items detailed stats. I knew that there is 5 drops from orobyss. But i dont know all stats or items what they give. So when i got something else than ring i was like ” this is cool” put i didnt have that desperate feeling.

And yes i looked all items from database in previous patch. Then i saw some items that i wanted so bad.

Well i grind and grind and i wasn’t lucky. Eventually i got them and it felt so good. But i liked personally that i didnt know items and they just dropped when dropped. Felt more that i was rewarded just by playing the game i had fun and i didnt frustrate when i beated boss 15th or 23th time and item didnt drop.

Only thing which was good to know was like how you can get item x

So i dont waste my time doing wrong mono or something like that.

Item database can be life saver or curse. You see item you want but then can come frustration.

Other hand you know what you hunt and you get desired items efficiently and saves time.

Not sure if the corruption is the key to get all items. But lets say i like to know you get items this way but want that excitement to see items on first time in-game.


This is the mistake you are doing right here. You need to go deeper! I’ve noticed there to be difference between +14 and +9 in terms of drop rate. If all you do is kill +1 then your chances really aren’t as high as they could be.
To reach +9 it takes what 18 echoes and to reach +1 it takes 10. Do you want to do 2 shades with low drop rate or 1 with higher drop rate.

I never felt thrilled to keep up the Monolith once I’m able to do all Quest Echoes. Is it that good? I’ve dropped Aurora’s Time Glass, Logi’s Hunger and The Confluence of fate amulets / Apathy’s Maul Two-Handed Axe and that commom ring. That’s it. I don’t use any of em. Oh and the commom boots too…

Aurora’s is not a MoF drop, it’s an random drop.

There will be different people being excited about different things.

There are different categories of unique, some are build enabling, some are just stat sticks and some are not build enabling but very gameplay defining.

The relatively common boots, that drop from shade for example can be very gameplay defining.

The ring and axe are just stat sticks with a unique mechanic (that is also on the boots), but this mechanic is not build enabling but still has a great theme.

The other 2 items that drop from shade are also just stat sticks, while one has a relatively unique mechanic.

The questions are:
Should there be less or more build enabling unique locked behind endgame bosses?

There will be a large portion of the community that will like that and probably equally many that dislike that.

Should there be more stat stick-esq unique that are nothing special and just have big stat budget?

Some might like this, because this would be closer to D3 and another big portion will dislike this, because they are uninspired.

Just because you can’t use alot of the unique doesn’t make them unexciting, quite the opposite for me personally. The more unique and special a unique is, the more exciting it is, because it might open up new build ideas.


In my case I believe there aren’t and perhaps shouldn’t exist game defining uniques but I cannot ignore the thrill to farm it. Once it’s rare maybe could exist as a currency or even cosmetic apearance like that white fur armour for Druid. It’s pretty awesome transforming onto a big white bear. I usually use it to transform and switch back to a well rolled rare chest.

Hey, u have build planner with your build? TY

I used this: Nova boy 0.8.3

Hmmm, on videos u have rare helm, no ashen crown, thats why ask.

I don’t use ele nova when bossing so I swap to a +2 lightning blast helm and put the points into Frontloaded. This tip was included in the discussion on the build I linked you.

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First omni at 324 corruption on a +12 node, with 739% rarity in total at player modifiers.


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