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New Sentinel skill teaser #2

We are bringing more Sentinel skills in the next patch and today we have another short teaser for you. We will share more about this skill very soon! In the meantime, check the blog of our latest revealed skill - Void Cleave, if you did not already. :slight_smile:


So it’s a re-work of Manifest Weapon?

No, it is a new skill.

That looks very similar to Manifest Weapon…

I had a manifest weapon build for a little while and this graphic reminded me of it, but I look forward to the new skill! Also… I hate being teased.

Manifest Weapon was an instant hit that we could activate any time. Even during another attack. This seems more like a chaining melee hit. Or maybe something like the ancestral call support from poe.

Seems to me like a zero cost skill. Hopefully if so it gets added into time and faith (assuming that passive survives the big update).

Also yes, I see the recycled effect from manifest weapon too. Nothing wrong with that.

boom boom, big hammer and dwarf(but even a man with a hammer would suffice) and I could imagine it :smiley:
but sword and shield as in the video (or perhaps worse, dagger?), that doesn’t suit me very well :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It looks very classical and very satisfying. There is a small AoE, I hope we can enlarge it with some modifiers, even with a mana cost raise.
Looks like a cool skill! :slight_smile:

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