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New Rogue Skill - Umbral Blades


Cacophony of steel looks super cool :smiley:

I want a Black Quiver interaction with this skill. Give us a skill node that lets us spend black arrows with Umbral so we can use the shadow on arrow pick up node.


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Interesting skill. Hope to see it useful for both Marksman and Bladedancer.

how does exploding blades +cacophony of steel react? does it only explode when the enemy hits the center or does it go off on the first touch?

Might explode when the spinning duration ends.

At a quick glance, I think it needs a physical tag to help with scaling.

Might not interact at all, there are quite a few nodes in skills that don’t work together.

The original damage of Umbra is physical. The example shown here is cold conversion.

I hope there are fire conversion, since u cant roll cold throw on rings/ammy.

Good catch, the tooltip screenshot was taken when the cold conversion node was already taken. It does have a physical tag by default.

Edit:. And just noticed someone else already said this.


Alright, It did look odd. In the past, all of the stats are shown without any node selections.