New Armor Sets | Coming in Depths of Eterra Update

That’s a good thing in my book. I don’t want another game with sexualized female character models. If you’re looking for female characters in bikinis (+9000 armor rating) there are a lot of games - especially those created in the eastern markets - that would fit your preferences.

Love the designs of the new models. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.


in my book they need to at least be VISIBLY female. Not have the biggest boobs in existence, just be feminine enough that I can actually tell.

Especially when the druid is built like a tank and is obviously male, for the female to have such vague features is really disappointing and a double standard.

I don’t care if the female character is sexualised or not, I just want them to look female.

The previous thread on this issue if anyone was curious. TLDR, (effective) armour for women probably isn’t going to be particular feminine though I’d expect there to be some “bulges” up top & slightly different contouring around the waist to allow for physical differences.

That said, who can forget Henry VIII’s armoured codpiece?

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These woman are wearing cloth, and it looks to be styled for them. The rules of metal armor do not apply, even so, the mage is wearing cloth also and it clearly accentuates his form.

It isn’t just that they don’t look feminine, it is that no element of their form is accentuated, if they swapped outfits you could not tell which one was wearing it. In fact if they wore any of the male armors, you would not know which of the two is wearing that armor.

Meanwhile if primalists puts on mage armor, his bulky form makes it clear it is still primalist, if he wears sentinel armor, it clearly does not fit him, so it is still clearly primalist, and so on. With sentinel, you can tell it is sentinel under his armor. Same with mage. The females are the only ones that need their armor for you to tell them apart from the rest of the characters.

Why is it that only the male characters can have an outfit that fits them properly?

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The showcased Sentinel and Primalist sets look nice.
Could possibly compete with future cosmetic MTX.