Llama's Void Knight pure caster 0.7.10c

What you need to ask yourself is, how many balls do you want? And how purple do you want them?

If the answer to those questions is “all of them” & “so far into the ultra violet you’d need sheet metal for sunscreen”, then you’ve come to the right guide…

This is similar to @ZaeN’s build here but it’s more of a pure caster, probably less tanky & doesn’t have any 15% melee cull. Instead, we make up for it with EVEN MOAR BALLS!



19/10 - Added videos for Abomination, Rahyeh, Formosus & Lagon

How it works

We get Devouring Orb’s cooldown down to a mere 1.2s (or 1 if you want to use Inspiration on void skill kill shenanigans, 1.1s if you don’t want aforementioned shenanigans which don’t work on most bosses anyway). This allows you to have 9 Devouring Orbs up plus echoes (so, somewhere between 9 & 18 Orbs). Each Orb fires explosive purple balls every ~0.8s (~14 balls over it’s ~11s lifetime) for somewhere around 11 - 22 balls per second.

Also, unlike ZaeN’s build, this one does use 1 rare affix (% increased void damage & flat added void spell damage), but that’s optional. And on the positive side, this build doesn’t use a very rare set sword.

AND, if that wasn’t enough purple for you, we get to timelock mobs (bosses) for 2s every 9.2s, with a very nice purple shimmer on them. My youngest daughter would be proud.
And 145% cast speed (with another +10% if I could get some decent gloves with a t5 cast speed on them) & 566% void damage (again, would be a bit higher if I could get more t5 void damage affixes, maybe 600%-650%).

The basic premise have lots of Devouring Orbs up firing Abyssal Orbs while you either kite or do more damage with Smite. Sustain comes from leech (12% void leech from World Eater, 2% void leech from Anomaly, 2% overkill leech & 20%-40% increased damage leeched as hp from Woven Flesh and 200% increased health leech from Anomaly).

Every hit from Devouring Orb, Abyssal Orb, Void Rifts and Smite (but not Fissure) procs Future Strike. All of that damage is void damage and leechable.


Devouring Orb

This is our main skill. It’ll have a cooldown of 1.2s (potentially down to 1s with a few tweaks) with a duration of 11s for ~9 Orbs up at once. While the Orbs themselves won’t be doing any damage, they fire an aweful lot of balls all of which explode in a good sized AoE procing future strike on everything in range & when the trash dies, each Orb casts a void rift.

As I don’t take Dark Moon the cost of each Orb is significantly less (8 mana) so we can go ahem balls to the wall (sorry) with Orb Master for maximum ballage along side Dark Torrent.

The downside of not taking Dark Moon is that your Orbs don’t follow you, but that’s only an issue for the first few seconds on a boss. Trash don’t need all 9 Orbs up at once to kill them (& the range on the Orbs balls is quite a long way), plus you’ll be casting your Orbs ahead of you so when you come to anything to kill, you’ll already have a few Orbs in place (in addition to the Orbs behind the front row firing on the mobs as they walk towards you).


Smite is how we regain our Mana, plus do some decent damage & put down an AoE DoT (Fissure). If you’re less concerned about the hit damage, you could take points out of Sacrifice/Attonement/Conviction and put them into Heabvy Impact/Six Feet Under for cull at 9% from Fissure.


Anomaly provides us with some leech, 30% cooldown reduction (Swiftrest) and since I didn’t take Immediacy and I did take Time Lock, it provides ~0.4s of anomalisation (target is pushed forward in time) then 2s of stun.

Mobs need to be under the cursor to be hit by Anomaly/Time Lock, so it won’t affect too much of the trash, but it will affect bosses, so that makes them easier especially if it hits them just as they were about to do an annoying mechanic.

Volatile Reversal

Volatile Reversal provides 30% cast speed, 36% movement speed and a nifty way of getting out of danger (if you’ve not been stood in place for 4s or more). It can be a bit odd to use, so I mainly use it as an extra DPS buff (due to the higher cast speed, you can get more Smites out) against bosses when I don’t need to move.

Shield Rush

My preferred movement skill, but you can use Lunge if you prefer (for more DPS from the Initiative buff).



Not much to say here. I quite like Armour Clad for % damage reduction from nearby mobs, Time & Faith is essential for the mana regain on Smite usage. I’ve only got 5% block chance, so you could easily remove the points from Gladiator & put them in Relentless for more DPS. You could also take Axe Thrower if you wanted more hits, though we don’t use the Smite Idol (but you could if you wanted to).

Void Knight

Nothing particularly controversial here either. I’m currently lvl 74 & I’ve picked up most of the flat damage, life, attunement and echo nodes. I’m currently working on maxxing Dread (% void damage & movement speed) then I’ll put more points in Umbral Attunement for more damage and probably Abyssal Endurance (life), Doom Knight (more life) and Sorrow & Steel (more damage) though Singular Purpose gives a lot of void damage per point (15%) if you can stomach putting points in either Rot Grip/Woe which do nothing for us.

I’ve not put any points in any Paladin or Forge Guard passives, but Steel Aegis (block) & Battle Hardened (% armour & phys resist when hit) are good from the Forge Guard, and Honour (block) and Defiance (Attunement & ele reist) are good from the Paladin.

As for levelling, I tend to put points into the lower passives until I unlock the higher passives then move on to the higher passives, filling the lower ones when I’ve got all the way up.


This is what I’m aiming for but I’m not quite there yet.

If you want to maximise your cooldown reduction & get Devouring Orb down to 1s on trash, here’s another one, you’re giving up a small amount of %void damage to take a t5 CDR prefix on your helm to get your Devouring Orb cooldown to 1.1s (all the time) then you add in 1 Inspiring Large Idol for Inspiration on Void kill (20% cooldown reduction for 4s) which will take the Devouring Orb cooldown down to 1s when Inspiration is up.

Given our Orbs hit so frequently, we can get away with relatively low amounts of Frailty on hit, Chill on hit & Armour shred on hit.

As far as Idols are concerned, your choices are Annihilating Huge idols (22%-60% void damage for 4s after casting Devouring Orb) or Spiteful Adorned idols (30%-80% void damage for 4s when a skill echoes). The latter give more of an increase, but it’ll take longer to get the damage increase (since you’re waiting on RNG for the echo). You could take 2 of each, they’re both good.

Monolith modifiers

Avoid the usual ones:

  • Dodge (this is hideous & should be avoided like the plague)
  • Crit avoidance / Glancing blow (annoying & will halve your damage, but not “too bad” IMO)
  • All resists is the given % reduction to your damage, so I’d rather not take it but it shouldn’t be “too bad” either
  • Enrage, as long as it’s not on for the final quest echo boss it’s ok since the normal monolith bosses die pretty quickly
  • Chill/Slow are also annoying but not too bad, more annoying than Armour shred/Mark for Death but all 4 modifiers will fall off after a few seconds of not being hit

While you don’t get much choice in the blessings, these are what I would choose if I did get the choice.
Void damage! (30-50% from normal, 51-80% from empowered)
Leech rate (20-30% from normal, 35-50% from empowered)
Health (30-42 from normal, 43-60 from empowered)

Ele Resist (10-14% from normal, 15-20% from empowered)
Ward per sec (10-19 from normal, 20-30 from empowered)

Dragon Emperor:
All resist (8-15%)
Bleed on hit (40-80%)
Slow on hit (30-50%)

Videos TBC




Lagon is a bit harsh with Devouring Orb since you need to have your cursor over the edge to cast Smite but that means that Devouring Orb doesn’t appear to cast (or the Devouring Orbs are cast wherever Lagon’s base is).


I pretty like to try VK class. What is best affix to get if I play with Blade of the Forgotten Knight and shield? Should I take shield or catalyst? Should I use the shield with the same set with the sword?

Depends whether you want to go dps (catalyst, with a crit chance implicit) or not (shield), though the Forgotten Knight shield is more dps than a crafted shield.

Very nice :ok_hand:
I ended up speccing there more than a couple times in each patch but never did a serious caster attempt,
What is your experience with mana management, and have you tried/compared going further down to the bottom right branch?

whoa was it fixed this patch? Didnt notice and that’s great news

Yes, they fixed the “XXX on echo” idols in 0.7.10 (I think).

Mana isn’t much of an issue unless you’re Shield Rush-ing lots. Since I didn’t take the Dark Moon node it only costs 8 mana per Devouring Orb & with the cooldown being above 1s that is inherrently mana-positive (since you regen 10 mana per second).

I’ve not tried any of Cataclysm, Fleeting Orb or Dust Master since the cost is low even without them. Dust Channeller might be interesting to see how low you can get the cooldown. :slight_smile: You could definitely get it down below 1s that way. Especially with cooldown on the helm (& Swiftrest from Anomaly).

Taking Time Lock on Anomaly adds a mana cost of 20, but that’s easily covered by casting Smite a few times.

Edit: Once I’ve killed Lagon I’ll give Dust Channeller a go (& then see whether it’s worth it for the amount of Abyssal Orbs per sec).

please be true… this alone makes me want to dust off my VK and get him to 100, just 5 levels to go.

It is true, which is nice.

I noticed something a bit odd while crafting my new Oracle staff. I put a t1 ignite chance suffix on it & while seeing what it would do on the training dummy I saw this:

My Smite seems to crit for anywhere up to ~10k, so I’m not sure what could be causing that 33k. LE does sum up many small hits together into a single bigger number for display purposes, but it can’t be the Fissure damage (~190 damage per stack of Fissure) since that would require 173 stacks of Fissure & you can only get at max 6 stacks.

It could potentially have been a Smite crit if the 30% increased damage taken from Volatile Reversal’s Harbinger of Dust node stacks & that would only require 11 “stacks” of the effect, but Volatile Reversal has a cooldown (for me) of 2.5s & the node has a duration of 4s so that’s only 2 stacks at best.

Void Rift from Devouring Orb is only doing ~700-1k damage per hit, Future Strikes is doing ~400.

So I could basically replace the staff with Forgotten Knight set and the build doesn’t change anything right? About the damage comparison between staff and the unique set, which is better for average roll?

Well, the sword is very difficult to get as it’s a very rare drop. As you can see, it provides 35-50 spell void damage & 30-70% void damage compared to 81-100 adaptive spell damage & 108-162% void damage for a staff.

A staff will always be higher dps since not only can it roll much higher stats, because we only need 2 prefixes on it (cast speed & % void damage), it’s really easy to get t5 rolls, on top of being able to gamble for a high adaptive spell damage staff. Then you can put a t1 chill chance on it & an ignite chance if you wish.

The sword isn’t bad, and it narrows the gap if you can equip the shield as well, +50-70% void damage on the shield + 50% void damage from the 2-piece bonus, giving a total of 130-190% void damage from both pieces.

Thanks. I got all 3 of this set and kinda want to try to use it. But the number for the staff is better so maybe I might follow your build with staff.

Give it a try on the dummy. Smite has added damage effectiveness at 150% but the others don’t mention it so that’ll default to 100%.

Yeah because these pieces won’t affect any other gear so might switch out to see which feel more fun though.

ye gods man, get darkreader extension for the sake of your eyes and everyone who has to look at your screengrabs :wink:

all joking aside, this looks like an interesting take on the class… might give it a spin once i’ve finished having my spellblade fun.

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No, because despite being a soul-less husk of an accountant I’m not a vampire & I can cope with the light. Even if I do need sunscreen to go outside in winter.

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That’s a lot of purple !
I’am too lazy to build another character, but I’ve been toying with the idea of a caster build for Paladin last patch, and that was quite similar.
Gotta admit the VK visual effects are really cool.

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