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07.10 Devouring Orb - Robot Vacuum Cleaner VK

WIP 7.10
7.10 is complete, just updating the OP

Hello guys, so I’m still playing my Dev Orb VK and I do believe that 7.10 brought some direct buffs to it in the form of:
. Armor shred that exactly favours builds like this one that deal a lot of small hits;
. Resists rework. The previous iteration of this VK was life based, which was mainly the cheap alternative to and couldnt compete with the way stronger but also grindier and mandatory meta sentinel setup. The 7.10 rework kinda addressed this shortcoming in the way that now raw HP is a good stat to have.

So I’ve put some time into re-making the gear with for 7.10 and using T3-T4 stuff (shield version) it reached wave 180ish which wasnt that bad with that gear imo, so here i’m sharing the 7.10 update!

Arena 200+

. 2.5k+ hp / 100res (can get to ~3k hp with more hp passives/good rolls)
. Farms monolith kinda fast. Thanks to autoprocs one does simply walk into the mobs like a robot vacuum cleaner.
. Not mandatory to grind for insanely rare class shards (e.g. mana on vengeance, abyssal decay duration & such)
. Can use shield for 80+ block or staff for wtfbbq damage

. Doesnt use any snowballer mechanics/combos to achieve op numbers
. VK tree is getting kinda outdated atm (too much on kill stuff inside and other UP passives)

The main damage comes from Devouring Orbs. I still think it’s such a strong skill that works out of the box. It hits a gazilion times with AoE both in melee & at range (think about Blade Vortex + Winter Orbs) and works perfectly with the new on hit mods like Armor Shred and Frailty.

  • Abyssal Emission node (shoots orbs) + Dark torrent (+270%) maxed out to shoot a barrage of orbs
  • Cosmic Impact (15base void on contact) + Extinction (+150% dmg) deals good damage at melee and provides additional hits
  • Future Strikes (basically every hit deals +50 void damage)
  • Armor Shred 150-200% chance for a gazilion stacks

With the 7.10 rework I’m using all the “set X resist” prefix to get ~100% res and use all the suffix for Health (increased/added/hybrid), it’s a bit taxing on damage prefix, but you can find a good balance. Gear link further below

For sustain VK has plenty of leech from the passive and Anomaly:

More or less i took all block pts across Sentinel trees, 15pts into paladin to unlock sigils, max VK echo, max VK leech, 15% melee kill threshold.
I think you can play around with the last pts to get more tank from FG/pally or dmg from VK.
You can also remove all block and use a staff, it will deal much more dmg but wont tank as good ofc.

Devouring orbs:
Cosmic Impact, Abyssal Emission, maxed Dark Torrent, maxed Extinction. Guaranteed orb saturation

Vengeance is mainly to gain mana and buffs:
30% less damage, attack speed, global damage

Anomaly has lots of goodies, you can play around to get more/less of:
leech, crit, cd recovery etc

Sigils to get 12% block, 12 void damage and some global damage.

Ring of Shields:
Max shields and some heal

You can exchange Sigils/RoS for Shield Bash or Lunge if you like those skills
RoS provides decent protection against ranged spam and also heals.

Shield Bash:
15% block, max frailty and to use as a mana dump skill

RoS/Shield Bash is actually not mandatory for monolith and can be replaced with Erasing Strike for burst and mana dump. Maybe even Abyssal echoes, Lunge etc


How to get the Blade: gamble Deicide Swords

Good alternatives:

Staff for 2H (mods for Erasing Strike):


Gear mods guide:

Important dmg mods on gloves and amulet & rings:
Gloves: armor shred, melee attack speed
Amulet: void penetration, armor shred
Crit chance: goes to rings and amulet

Set Resists: These are actually not super mandatory at T5 (t3-t4 can do)

Important health mods:
Health increased -> Body, Helmet, Belt
Hybrid health -> Gloves, Boots, Belt
Healt added -> others all around

The health increased mods are in the suffix place used by the strongest class shards (chest & head suffix), so if you have that many class shards i guess up to you to decide what to put there.

RESISTS: Some resists come from the monolith completion boni, which may take some time/luck to get (as is also my case), you can fill the holes with passives/gear.


:slight_smile: Very nice write up.

How does the build feel with such low protections? I think the addition of culling the boss at 15% health actually adds more that 15% to your effective dps, it would be 100/85 = ~17%, plus ending the fight early means you have less chances to **** up and die to mechanics, it also makes the “rarest enrage at 50% of their health” monolith modifier less dangerous since that’s only 41% of their effective health (since they die at 85%).

How did the monolith quest bosses feel as a melee?

Thanks! Once you reach an hp critical mass it feels all good because stuff stops oneshotting you and with anomaly and that chest you fill the hp superfast, in the end 2.3k hp equals 1k hp + 1.3k resists or so which is kinda hard to reach with VK, and the build still has 300-400 resists

The monolith bosses were done by just dodging around the mechanics and letting orbs ‘devour’ them, if you got into pure melee it is troublesome with all the nonsense oneshot spam.

Actually tbh i suspected that the current boss system is against this build that does many hits and buffs the boss bar to the max

Yeah, I wonder what one would have to (or even if you are able to) change to be able to do the bosses as a melee rather than ranged auto-attacking with DO.

I don’t think VK is a pure melee char as it has no tank support on the tree but rather it gets movespeed and slow chance (void ailment is slow and skill void conversions become slows plus time rot is another slow and extra time rot-like stuff around skills) for kiting and has mid range spells, so it is more like a hit and run hybrid.

But generally they need to improve the hitboxes and collisions and give some kind of pathing because right now when you go into melee contact of a large entity you kinda get “into” the boss and get some weird slow effect that can kill you when you get spammed by aoe nukes.

Also all these mobs 0 range abilities that affect only melee and not ranged chars need to have their damage gutted by a lot, i’m sure that with improvements a melee only char on a FG or pally can go in the brawl in waves 200+ in the arena

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the same thing that 'causes your character to slow down when going through “narrow” doorways.

Yes, it’s often (usually/always?) the case that melee gets the shity end of the mechanical stick as they are closer to the thing with the hurty stick so get less time to react. That’s often why you see melee archetypes given more damage reduction compared to ranged (ranged being anything that’s not up close to the mobs) archetypes.

Sorry the Damage is so low

sure show me a VK with more damage at wave 180 then

Maybe i did a mistake to upload the highest content with the fattest mobs like the siege golem at wave 170+ (that have like 90% resists) and “more health”, later i will upload videos of the same stuff shown elsewhere that are: the lowest area 55 MOF and a wave 20 arena

I’m disappointed to find here some dishonesty or unfairness, all i need to do is upload ezpz wave 5 and make false claims like wave 400 viable


There you go

I’m sorry, I didn’t see you in such a high instance

Added a new part about the tank:

Tank explained:

Low hp high resist or high hp low resist?
In LE the % reduced damage is meaningless, 1 resist equals 1hp.
In this build I have 2.2 to 2.4k hp (and potentially more) that you could look as 500hp + 2000res
And ontop of those i have an extra 500 to 1k res, plus glancing plus block so that’s a 3-3.5k ehp, up to 5.25k ehp with glancing, up to ~7k ehp with block

What about sustain?
I am using a specific case where i’m using this chest that so far i was not been able to replace with any set with better stats:

And anomaly with 200% inc leech rate plus i don’t know 15% total leech from all sources.
Note: leech is a percentage of damage dealt that is leeched back over 3s

The 85% glancing freed me with various slots of glancing blows that i filled with life rather than resists, the build that has no heal and no regen (and shoots orbs in auto mode that provide sustained leech) can fill the 2.2k np i would say almost instantly

So in conclusion it is 2.2 to 2.5k hp plus 500-1k resists (and then 74% block and full glancing) with insta leech and orb sustain which i find such a strong tank that so far i am trying to replace with resists+glancing but still can’t compete

Thank you kindly for this build :slight_smile:

While I’m not disagreeing or disputing your build choices, the bit about the % mitigation being meaningless is just wrong. 1 protection = 1 hp is only correct for one shots.

Let’s say you have 3k total hp + protections, if that’s just 3k hp and you get hit for 1k, you loose 1k hp. If you’ve got 1.5k hp and 1.5k protection, that 1k hit only removes 500 hp. Granted, you’ve still lost the same proportion of your max hp, but all other things being equal, you’ll leech back the 500 hp quicker than 1k.

But if you’re making it work, more power to you.

It would be interesting to know what your maximum leech amount is on single target per second (abyssal orbs per second plus future strikes per second plus melee hits per second and all the leech buffing shenanigans).

Edit: and finally, have you tried the Forgotten Knight sword? It adds up to 50 void spell damage and haste on hit, more melee damage and less attack speed but more cast speed.

Edit #2: I also wondered what your thoughts were on the Void Bolts & melee one (can’t remember what it’s called atm) for the flat added damage.

You’re absolutely right on the mitigated dmg vs leech, i was trying to farm for a set with more balanced hp/resists but so far it ended in: having much less ehp, i don’t have the needed gear and shards.

For instance for the very strong combo of the void as fire amu + necro&poison as physcal mods on helm and chest, i don’t have the amu and i have like 2 shards per mod and these seem to drop incredibly rarely (of faith and of singularity), so i was stuck with what i had.

About the leech, last time i checked a bit more throughly it seemed that melee leech was buffed by the chest in the order of 50%. Life goes up incredibly fast but hard to quantify and can still be burst down by the broken mobs.
You need to watch the arena vids to have an idea, sometimes it heals for 1k and the leech from the orbs seems to be at least 300hp/s

About the damage, area 100 is all tankable, but not facetankable as you need to dodge/run away from these skill of broken mobs like the firedot construct and the skeleton chicken nova, the rest seems to be bringing my life down by max 500

About the weapon and set yes it seems an improvement on all fronts, weirdly i had a couple swords and somehow i forgot about these later on

However after realizing the limited viability of builds and skills due to an already emerging powercreep (i think that a good half of sentinel passives and skill nodes are unusable like those 5hp passives and a lot of “void rifts” or onkill stuff and fire auras that deal like 5-50dmg), and after my 80+ FG (with the T5 gear from this build) got oneshot by that lv75 skeleton final boss that makes shaper beams, i just realized it was time to drop the game for this patch and went back to GD.
I’ve left a negative review on steam, maybe i will come back once LE stops focusing exclusively on acolyte and there will be a major revamp on sentinel skills and nodes

Yeah, it’s difficult/annoying to get specific uniques sometimes. And enough shards to create specific pieces of gear before it fractures…

I’d think that it’s probably increased by 64% (36% + 28% from the two “increased leech” modifiers) from the chest alone, plus however much Anomaly gives you. no amount of leech is going to prevent you being one shot, but as I mentioned above, high hp/low prots has a bigger window that you can be two-shot in than a low hp/high prots build, for the same hp+prots. Though high hp/low prots is easier to get the gear for since you’re not trying to balance 7 different protections quite as much.

I’ll have a look at them after work today. I was thinking of doing a build like this & the only skills I could think of were the ones you’ve chosen. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been a bit narky about the Acolyte getting all the shiny new skills, though the Sentinel does have the most skills so I doubt we’ll be getting new ones any time soon. Though that doesn’t mean they couldn’t go through the existing ones & see if they are “fit for purpose” or revamp them (like they did with Lightning Blast).

Edit: I also thought about not taking the orbiting node so I could go down to Orb Master for even more Orbs.

Ah my wording was kinda incomprehensible, i mean i had read something like 50% melee leech as shown below:

This is 20% melee leech from all sources unbuffed, then buffed by anomaly (1% leech and 200% inc leech rate) to 48% <- i have no idea how this number comes out and what leech rate actually does heh

And additionally add 12-20% void damage leech from VK’s passive to that (which if buffed the same way should be the same ~50%?)

I think the undispatable final option is a balanced ~1k hp and dope resists, like fire void amu + necro/poison as phys and 3k+resists

Unfortunately (for those who don’t play necros), energy conservation and avoidance of harm are a natural instinct and somehow necros in ARPGs are sinonimous of “nocost damage while unharmed”. Or just lich/warlock are too cool who knows

The problem comes when a company is data driven rather than data informed or have survivor bias, someone will see that 75% of people plays aco and go all in on that specific class and then multiple months have passed without touching other classes, subsequently less people will play non-aco and the data will show 75% + X% playing aco, and so on in a negative feedback loop

For the sword i mistaken it for the shard of the shattered lance, i have 2 of each of the rest of the void set :frowning:

I wonder if i did ignore various forgotten knight swords thinking it was the same sword of shattered lance i already had…

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I did a VK like this one, but with Abyssal echoes, instead of Sigil, and it’s awesome vs large groups.
But I wonder if Sigil shouldn’t be better ? The various upgrades (offense & defense) are that good ? Did it make Devouring Orb usefull enough as main damage dealer spell ?

Hello did you use 1 or 4 of the idol in the picture?

Thanks for this build, I’m enjoying the heck out of it! I love that your guide has photos instead of a video, it’s so much easier to reference while leveling and crafting.

For idols, I got lucky finding Spiteful Adorned Rahyeh Idol of the Bulwark, which seem like a pretty good alternative:
20-80% void damage for 4s after a skill echoes
185-500 block effectiveness

Have you played with Inspiring idols at all? A good one would be ~20% chance for 20% cooldown rate on kill. Could be fun for arenas, may be not for mono bosses since you’re not necessarily getting the consistent kills. Curious if you’ve tried them out.

I’ve been playing with Cosmic Impact in Devouring Orb. I ended up dropping a point from Dark Torrent. I wasn’t sure between that and Void Adept. Maybe it’s not worth at all… I think it’s pretty close either way. I don’t really notice the extra mana cost.

Before I got any points into paladin, I played abyssal echoes instead of sigils. Sigils does seem stronger, but echoes was a pretty fun button to press :slight_smile:

Except none of the Sentinel’s “xxx on skill echo” idols actually work, they’re not fixed them yet.