Last Epoch Roadmap

Hello, Travelers,

We are thrilled to give you an early look at what’s coming for Last Epoch over the next few cycles!

As always, the team here at Eleventh Hour Games is dedicated to making the ARPG of our dreams, and we all know that’s a process that takes time, determination, and commitment. As of this writing, we have brought on excellent new people, continue looking for more, and are developing new and exciting content faster than ever. Our roadmap continues to showcase that we have long-term plans for Last Epoch and its content, and we are excited to showcase it here today.

Here’s the thing about roadmaps, though: we are striving to be one of the best and most community-centered game studios in the industry, and oftentimes the best-laid plans of Groles and Gods need to change. While this could be for a variety of reasons; the primary one is you, the community. As each new cycle is released, we plan to collaborate with the community to let you know what’s being worked on, listen to your feedback and suggestions for those plans, and continuously monitor how we can improve.

Each of the items listed on the roadmap are just a few examples of key features we plan to introduce for that cycle and do not represent the only things being worked on. Rest assured; the team is working harder and developing faster than before while also expanding with many new team members to bring you the game you deserve and produce a whole host of other features we have planned beyond those listed on the roadmap!

As we move toward each new patch, we also plan to update our roadmap to keep you informed of our plans and any changes that may have been made based on feedback we hear from the community!

We plan to update the roadmap just after Update 1.2 and again after Update 1.4.

Pinnacle Content - Release Timing Poll

Lastly, development for 1.1 is coming along nicely, and we’re excited to show you all of the great content, balances, bug fixes, and end-game pinnacle boss content coming along with it. Over the last few months, the community has started discussing Cycles and how content is made available to both Legacy and new Cycle characters. Our current plan for the 1.X series of patches is to bring all content to Offline, Cycle, and Legacy realms; but we also believe in allowing Cycle characters a small bit of time to attempt new pinnacle content before extremely well-geared and optimized Offline and Legacy characters have a chance to showcase just how fast they can conquer it.

For a refresher, existing Cycle characters will be moved to Legacy at the beginning of a new Cycle. Creating new Cycle characters will give everyone an even playing field with an economy reset and the need to re-roll a new separate character. Cycle is also where people may compete on that Cycle’s leaderboards.

With that said, we would love to hear from you about our currently proposed plans. Please take just a few minutes (it is 4 questions) and help us continue to grow with our community.

Link to Poll:

Thank you for your amazing support thus far fellow Travelers, and we look forward to seeing you once again in the world of Eterra.

Community Update Log:

| Dev reply to community questions related to Evade (Dodge Roll) Mechanic: Last Epoch Roadmap - #167 by EHG_Mike


Hype!! Thanks EHG

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1.1’s delayed, it appears. I’m happy. It means more work gets done on it.



I was SO looking forward to the ancient era getting more content! F yes!


I don’t see ‘dps target dummy’ anywhere, but all the other stuff like Dodge roll, Primordial Uniques, Skill Sigils sounds amazing still, can’t wait.


This is great! Take your time and do what you thinks right for the game! Love to see everything you have planned ahead

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For sure looking forward to some pinnacle content.

EHG did you already fix this ? LE-65 error even after full release. Any word from Devs on this? - #3 by OmegaII

I’m actually disappointed to see we’re getting a dodge/roll button. This game is focused enough on dodging one-hit kills as it is. Once this is in the game, boss encounters will be designed around it. Making it even more twitchy and reflex-based is not good for me.


Dodge roll is such lazy design when we already have movement skills. Please don’t design around us having this ‘feature’.


Content map looks incredible. Along with content itself, are we looking at marked improvements to game systems, graphics, armor display, weapon display, ability animations and more?

Can’t wait to see these updates in action, cool stuff! I do hope that some secret stuff will also be added for the community to uncover.

Thanks so muuuch!

DPS target dummy is in the Arena already…


Let’s go! Really hyped for 1.2 and 1.3!

I hope the “dodge-roll” mechanics really brings some character with it for each class.
I don’t want to see a heavily armored sentinel dodge rolling, more like a quick shoulder dash.
And for the other magic bases classes it should be some quick teleport side-step thing.


That roadmap is looking juicy, can’t wait for 1.1!
I really like that you are willing to also release the new toys for players who do not wish to engage with cycles and starting over every single time, and I think the proposed solution is a smart way to reward and give a unique experience to cycle players. It reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy XIV, where everyone gets the new casual content day 1, but “pinnacle” challenges ship 2 weeks later.

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Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more content.

Personally I don’t care about gating content from other players. If some offline player wants to push the IWIN button that gives him full BiS gear and one-shot every boss it doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

Love the dodge roll, it would be even cooler with WASD movement (a topic I understand a lot of people are passionate about, so don’t take me too seriously).


I expect greatness from this company and they exceed my expectations each time. Thank you so much for this roadmap. The future looks amazing for this game. I have played ARPGs to some degree for ages and your game is already better than all of them.


Of course they didn’t

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Hype Hype Hype