Last Epoch Roadmap

Roadmap good.

No new story chapters until 1.2? :frowning:

I would prefer no delay in content released to any realm. We all pay the same for the game so why penalize the way we play? Someone on offline or non-season beating new content does not affect the play of others other than ego and e-peen


Which would put that right with in the 3-4 momth cycle time frame. Which is the current plan

1.1 isnt delayed. Theres a high likely hood 1.1 will launch in june which june 21st would be 4 months after release feb 21st. Cycle 2 will start in june sometime

probably earlier june or in july. current poe league started at the end of march and probably new league will launch at the end of june. I doubt EHG plan the new cycle against new poe league.

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This is a wild take. Dodge roll that will be copy pasted to each character is interesting and varied but actual skills that do movement in very different ways are “mostly the same”.

We’re happy to see all the discussion regarding the new Evade mechanic we’re planning to include in 1.1. We have noticed that discussions can be hard to have without the full details about this new mechanic. As such, we’re posting a breakdown of the current implementation that we are internally testing here to help with the discussion.


Evade is a new universal movement ability for characters from level 1. This is a new tool to add onto your existing tool belt. We expect this to be a fun new mechanic that opens up new build opportunities and spices up combat.



  • No damage immunity (no i-frames).
  • New action button: Space by default
    • Controller Button: B on Xbox, O on PlayStation, Button 3 on generic
    • Does not use one of your 5 action bar slots
  • Cooldown:
    • 4s with 2 Charges
    • 0.5% increased cooldown recovery speed per level
    • It is affected by the Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed stat.
    • This cooldown is independent and is not shared with traversal skills.
    • Charges recharge sequentially, not simultaneously
  • No skill tree
  • Evade may have triggers or other mechanics tied to them through items, other skill/passive trees, and possibly new sources in the future, too.
  • Increased travel speed (but not distance) with increased move speed stat.
    • Haste does affect this.
  • Distance is roughly 80% of Rogue’s dash.


Design Intention:

We are constantly working to improve the underlying gameplay systems. This is a feature that we have considered for years. In the past, we’ve gone so far as to prototype it, but the game wasn’t quite ready for it yet. Our intention with this version is focused around fun and feel. Evade brings a bump in battlefield mobility that enables new playstyles to flourish. With this mix of cooldown duration, charges, speed and “need to use”, we feel that Evade is usually available when you want it and you aren’t just using it on cooldown.

One of the goals of this new Evade ability is to make traversal skills feel like less of a necessity and more of a build decision. We expect that the majority of builds will continue to use traversal ability alongside Evade. This new option will open up some new builds that were previously too clunky to shine due to the limited battlefield repositioning you could do. For example, pure summoning builds or maybe a shapeshift form that needs a little extra mobility.

We also want to have the freedom to design harder and more dynamic boss encounters. Some new boss mechanics could heavily benefit from being able to get out of danger quickly. In the past, most players take a traversal ability, however not all do. This means that we have not been able to design encounters with abilities that too strongly encourage a movement burst, as it would force players to take a traversal ability in their limited ability loadout. Adding Evade allows us to design encounters knowing that all characters have access to move out of danger quickly. This does not mean that every fight will exclusively focus on fast-reaction one-shot mechanics. This is another tool that we can use to make new styles of boss fights. The degree to which Evade is encouraged to be used in boss fights will be varied to fit the mechanics of that individual fight.

While we’re finding many previously designed encounters that do benefit from this new mechanic, we will continue to update previous encounters with slight mechanic updates that may benefit from the use of evade if it fits with that particular boss encounter.


Its hard to tell from your example footage, but I hope that this does slow you down overall, so it is not incentiviced to use it as a movement tool and only gives you a short burst of speed but overall is slower for traversing.

I personally would prefer this do have a short 1-2 shared cooldown with other traversal abilities, so you are punished for just spamming other traversal abilities.

It sure sounds like you’re planning on leaving us older gamers without ninja reflexes in the dust. Even more so than we already are.


Thats not what they ment by proper.

They where saying EHG wants a proper offline experience aka TRUE offline experience.

Tbh no the Pinnacle boss shouldnt be released for offline at the same time. U can easily beat it by using a lvl 100 character as well as edit ur characters in offline mode


Sounds like the opposite.

Nah, I was talking between the classes, I’m saying a dodge does something different depending on the build. Those two things were not related.

Tbh this is sorta old school design in some aspects. currently you can use jav banner → move to banner with other movement skills. So there is double movement on sentinel.

For how short this is, I think it instantly loses its ability as a “Move quickly out of danger” if it shares cd with other movements. Not all movement skills function as movements out of danger. So should sentinels just never spec lunge offensively because now they cant lunge and quickly get out of the mistake they just got themselves into?

The way its currently implemented looks way better then I dooming myself about. This looks actually pretty reasonable. There is already quite a bit of movement creep that has happened in terms of access to haste effect and haste. You can get so much more movement speed then before.

I think giving it global cooldown with other travel skills just makes travel skills go from being a “ugh I need to take this to dodge and move around” to “oh that useless crap? I dont need it if its on your bar your a noob”

I think I’m in the please-no-mini-dash-that-looks-like-dodge-roll camp. I was really hoping to see improvement and balancing of traversal skills and movement speed across the classes, not this step toward homogenization of combat. The way different classes move in combat is currently unique. Why not lean harder into that instead of pulling away?

If you need a movement option to scale with level for encounter design at different tiers of play, just scale movement speed. Traversal skills could then still become a build choice as you want, while avoiding the addition of arbitrary quick-time events.

Let’s say I don’t use traversal skills and can’t fit move speed into the build. To what extent will I then be required to use the mini-dash to succeed? If it’s more than never, it will feel bad and be a clear crutch in the design. I feel the same way about this coming to PoE2.


There is no offline cycle.

Cycle is one mode which resets offline and legacy dont

If ur playing offline or in legacy ur not playing cycles cycles here are seasons or leagues

100% agree with this here.

If you wanted each player to have their own dodge, why not integrate the class’s traversal skills into the spacebar, not have them take up a skill slot so it’s still 5 + 1 (if that’s the route you guys decided on). Firmly think the homogenization of movement is a big step backwards to what LE had going for it.

Also concerned with design going forward - I don’t want to be forced to have very high APM to play LE efficiently. POE is too zoomy for me, is LE going this direction too? That’s going to turn me off.


I love LE so much precisely because it is a slower paced, more relaxed gameplay style, that still rewards progression and understanding certain mechanics from time to time. Evade sounds like what another user mentioned called QTE or quick time events, and those are
the types of things where if there’s a lot of them in a game or they’re a main feature of a game, I can’t play that game (unless it gives me the option of turning them off). I have anxiety issues/am disabled irl and adrenaline rushes brought about by such things give me panic attacks. But I understand many like these types of features, and regardless it’s up to the devs. But as yet another user said, I’m concerned about the direction, and I’m concerned whether high APM boss fights are going to appear and become the norm, not the exception.


Massive W

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Great stuff!


I’m sad to read that a generic evade/roll is going to be added to LE. It was a silly gimmick in D4 and I’ll stay open to having my mind changed but I can’t see it being anything else here either. On the other hand, maybe designing more bosses around having a dodge available will keep more of the people who cry constantly that they can’t stand still and face tank everything away, and that would be a good thing.

Everything else though, yeeha, let’s go!


I’ll say I was not a believer in dodge roll (evade) before the team prototyped it and we got to play with it. It feels good and we believe people will agree when they get their hands on it.

No we’re not going to make regular Epoch content require lighting fast reflexes because of this addition. Maybe the pinnacle boss? We’ll see as we’re still balancing the fight.

Just another note - I want to emphasize how much the roadmap leaves out. Look at any of our other major patch notes and consider we’re only getting faster and adding more team members.