LE-65 error even after full release. Any word from Devs on this?

So I, like a lot of people, get an LE-65 error when trying to play online, and the only workaround is to connect via a VPN. This has been the case since Early Access.
It has been a month since the game has been fully released and there has been no resolution on this.
Devs, is there any information people who are experiencing this issue can provide to help you resolve this issue? ISP names? IP addresses? Logs? Whatever it is, I’m sure we’d love to provide.
Is there a roadmap as to when this issue will be fixed? If not, will people affected by this be entitled to a refund?



I have had this same issue and all the suggestions they give do not help whatsoever. I’ve tried asking in discord only to be yelled at by everyone that doesn’t have this issue. I would love to have a better answer than just using a VPN.

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They don’t care, I’ve tried everything in my power. To get in touch and aid them. Nothing.

I’m sure this one is related.


Keeping this thread alive. Seriously, developers. Why is it that some people who paid full price for your game are kept from playing online without needing a VPN?


You’re telling us you’re problems are routing, not server related, if using a VPN solves your connection issue…that isn’t anything they can control as a dev.

Same sht, different game, lay blame where it shouldn’t be because you don’t understand how networking works.

Well, Limited to play this wonderful game only offline and being unable to play with my friends sucks … playing HC with the lag using a VPN is just annoying . A lot of my friends in Egypt also really want to buy the game but only if the online LE-65 issue here gets fix first :frowning:

Trust me, I know how networking works. But thx for your masterfull input. I’m sure it works for you.

It’s at their end “.”

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If it’s a routing issue, how come I’ve never had an issue with any other game? Why is it only this game?

If you have any tips on fixing this, please let me know.

This Discord thread contains a list of things to try for players having Connection or Server Stability issues - Discord

Here’s the copy/paste for those without a Discord account -

  • Changing your Server on the Log-in screen
  • Using a VPN has proved helpful for many players. If you do not have the ability to purchase a VPN, Cloudflare Warp is a free VPN that has been tested by the community.
  • If Cloudflare Warp fails to work, some players a have reported success using Proton VPN instead.
  • Sometimes a VPN will block players from connecting, please turn your VPN off to see if this is the issue.
  • (Free) SG TCP Optimizer is a program that many players have also found helpful when experiencing these issues. This Youtube video can help you set it up if you need it.
  • (Free Trial) Exitlag has also helped some players
  • Contacting your ISP may also be a useful option as it has been found many providers have a block on certain items.
  • Adjust your DNS settings
  • Check to see if your Firewall has an exception for Last Epoch
  • Please use https://gcping.com/ to see if your IP is being affected by Google Cloud
  • Check ISP for local issues connecting to services

If none of the above prove helpful, please know that the team is still investigating the causes of this issue and others, and working on solutions. It may also be helpful to reach out to our Support Team as they may be able to provide further help.

Thank you, Averielle. I’ll try those options and update the Discord thread and reach out to the Support Team with my findings.

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I’m blown away this is actually a thing in the first place, over 30 years of PC gaming and never seen anything like this before. The fact that it hasn’t even been acknowledged, let alone resolved, has me questioning the company behind this game.


Still nothing… replying to keep post up i guess.

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I absolutely love that they tell me it’s possibly my ISP when everything was working fine at launch and it wasn’t till they went fuxing around with the game to fix disconnection issues that my game stopped being able to login. Now, I have been unable to play online for months. God I’ll be so Happy when Path of Exile 2 launches. I really liked LE but they are running me off quickly with this issue and their lack of response to it.