Last Epoch Roadmap

Good to hear from you guys, the roadmap is exciting, but what do you mean by Monolith of Faith Expansion ? Will you be expanding on the system or are you already planning to release a game expansion ?

ugh dodge roll, we don’t need another game with dodge roll


Regarding the questionnaire #4, competitive event organizers will simply choose a game mode and require anyone participating to use that mode. I don’t think EHG needs to be involved in this.

It all looks amazing! Here’s to hoping early classes get the attention they deserve. Spellblade and Sorc are just kinda awful compared to Runemaster and need various 2024+ dev design improvements.

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This looks great. Lots of really great stuff coming. Not crazy about the Dodge roll thing. Does this mean Dodge as an affix is going away? Seems weird to have two things like this. One everyone can do and one you have to spec into.

Stoked about primal era. been waiting to see that for a long time! On a trivial note, I wish transmogs was sooner.

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Evade is cool. That will help out tanks a lot in boss fights.

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To start with a positive: thank you for giving us a Roadmap.
As always, top notch communication. This is great.

Sadly, I don’t really like what I see on the road map… But that’s just me.

  • There is absolutely no need nor point for a Dodge Roll in the game as we know it. It feels like simply following the competitors, without seeing that it makes sense for them because they have different fighting patterns. Unless all the bosses get redesigned specifically to make the Dodge Roll useful… Maybe that’s the plan.

  • A story chapter set in Ancient Era is great news! BUT…: One story chapter only in 4 cycles makes me very sad (for the record, chapter 9 came out in 0.8.3, September 2021).

I wasn’t sure I would play 1.1, now I know I won’t. Might come back for 1.2 for one final run, not sure yet.


i’m seeing a distinct lack of the 100s of bug fixes related to skills/passives/items and class states in the road map.

i see that you are working on other things but considering the mass that all of these bugs take up i would expect to see it as it’s own slide (i’m not being sarcastic at all).

new content is nice but i’m going to be skipping until the majority of bugs are dealt with. i wasted so much time attacking training dummies because passives/skills/item don’t function as stated.


Just want to have a smooth experience online again… and be able to play with more than 2 people before the connection is so severe that it’s impossible to play. Good luck with content, catch you all whenever online becomes a thing and I can use my cosmetics again. Ciao.

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Please also include updating outdated/underwhelming/under-performing skills and unique items next cycle. Nobody’s gonna wait until 1.4 before Vengeance, Bash for example and many more to be even good.


Isn’t there a target dummy by the arena?

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is there also a plan to allow player to see some details around the damage their skills are doing? basically any kind of details few for, well everything :slight_smile:


While I am not really a fan of having a dodge roll, I think LE has exactly the kind of boss design where dodge rolls make sense, even with how bosses are design at the current state. Especially if the dodge roll gives you invulerability frames.

Basically all lethal attacks are telegraphed and can be rolled out of or dodged with i-frames.


Awesome! Looking forward to the new content!

The Poll is missing a few options.

Basically the way I see it, new content (bosses) shouldn’t be available under 2 conditions:

  • The boss has been defeated in the Cycle.
  • The allotted amount of time has passed.

While I would love to just be able to hop onto my geared out level 100 legacy character and test out new content, I see why I shouldn’t be able to. It’s like WoW releasing LFR day 1. It ruins the chase and the entire reason anyone would want to participate in the cycle.

However - unlike WoW - I don’t believe it should be locked behind a set amount of time if someone has already killed the boss in that cycle online mode (hardcore, softcore, etc). Set a time limit, but once a boss kill occurs and if there is more than 24-48 hours remaining on that clock, the clock should reset to 24-48 hours and unlock for the rest of that cycle mode’s legacy branch after that clock runs out.

1.1 and 1.2 look very underwhelming, kind of disappointed. Dodge roll sounds great though, and 1.3 + 1.4 look like a lot of fun.

1.1 just giving us monolith updates is like…I’ve already spent hours upon hours in the monolith I need something new to do in the game if I’m going to log back in.

Dodge roll might not be needed as this game has so many choices of movement skills to choose from. Unless there are some skills or passive that can synergy with dodge roll.


The new content sounds great.

I don’t think the road map was meant to show these but they’re saying they are clearly coming in 1.1.

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I found it hard to understand the last question in the survey. If you can elaborate to make it more clear what you are asking for, I’m sure it will make it easier for others to give their answer.