Iorek Byrnison - A Thorn Shield bear | Build Guide | 0.8.5

                 T H E       A R M O U R E D      B E A R

0. patch 0.8.5.c
We was buffed. Yes… the patch give us a 2 new catalist:
Sapphire Tome give 10% cast speed (BIS for dps)
Opulent Focus give 150% ward retention (best for defense)
The better? I don’t know, because i can’t find one lol

1. Summary

This build uses a pet to clear the screen and melt the boss, while we running with tens of thousands of effective health regenerating, resist, armour, dodge, etc.

2. Main Interactions
Thorn shield gives to our bear a lot (1800%) increased physical damage and (1800%) chance to bleed. And our bear retaliete every time someone touch him.

3. How to Play this build
Press Thorn shield button while you watching your movie on TV.

4. Build Planner
Beastmaster ward version (Good damage, Ultra-very-High survive, ward regen, my actual build)
Druid block/life version (High damage, High survive, Ultra-block defense, easy to gear)
Beastmaster Life version (Ultra-very-High damage, Good survive)
Itens and Passive ( I don’t have time to do a new build every patch, sorry).

5. Most Important Stats
Cast speed, Cast speed and cast speed

6. Gear
Do you have a wand, relic and catalist with Cast speed?
Ok, now you can play!
Do you wanna big damage numbers? Use DOUBLET OF ONOS TULL
Are you a rich man?

7. Defense
6.200 Ward pool (actual gears)
Berserker passive - 25% Less damage taken
Ursine Strenght - 16% Less damage taken
Aspect of Boar - 30% Less damage taken
Armour - Withou thorn shield buffs on boss fight, 71% Less hit damage taken, with buffs I cap it.
Critical avoid - 101%
Resist - 75%
Endurance - 59% (not important because we don’t have much life) (i will change to fire resist when i can)
Cold resist - more than 370%, because cold resist is WARD RETENTION

Effective HP: 48.479 without thorn shield buffs on me (normally i cast on bear)
Effective HP: 70.294 with thorn shield buffs on me

8. Videos and prints

I have only T5 cast speed on weapon and catalist, searching a T7 at corruption 370.

Julra T4

Monolith Corruption +300

9. History

Hi guys,
I like to think outside the box for builds. I played POE before and i know how strong is Double dipping mechanic. So i start to search and finnaly i found it in Last Epoch.

In Primalist > Spriggan form we have a skill called Thorn Shield. This skill cast a shield around your target. The node Barbed Thicket says:

Your allies gain, PER SHIELD:
+60% Increased Physical Damage
+60% Chance to bleed

The Bleed damage formula is:

BLEED TOTAL DAMAGE = Flat Bleed damage X Bleed effectiveness X Chance to bleed X (1+ % increased damage) X (1+increased Bleed duration) X (All more generic damage from skill or passive)

As Thorn shield gives us increased physical damage and chance to bleed, therefore casting speed is squared in the above formula. So, if we can stack cast speed, our damage does not grow linearly, but parabolically.

We only needs 1 affix from weapon, Relic and catalyst to do damage.
So, we have 3 affix left on these three items, in addition to the 4 affix in helmet, body, glove, boot and belt to build a solid defense:

Why bear?
Thorn shield gives the bonus only for allies.
Wolf need attack speed and he’s AOE is not big.
Bear don’t need minion cast speed of attack speed. Bear will retaliate with a big AOE bleed spell.

Why Beastmaster?
Because Natural Bond node. It, alone, give to bear 75% MODE damage. We already have increased. We need MORE damage.
A druid build with a mix of Bleed and critical and Entangle skill can be found HERE.

Why low life?
Berserker node give us 25% Less damage taken

Why Frostbite Shackles?
We lose cast speed to convert all cold resisat to Ward retention.
Without it, we can only get intelligence from 1 ring, glove and relic.
With it, we can get cold ressist from relic (implicit and affix), catalist, 1 ring, helmet (implicit and affix).
T7 inteligence gives 16 intelligence = 64 Ward retention.
T7 cold resist gives 75% ward retention with this glove.

Why not using druid and play werebear too?
At corruption +400, the monsters hurts… My bear can take more damage than me.

How are we casting Eterra?
From Blossoming Garden node in druid.


Very, very interesting!

Applause for your patience

The t4 Julra didn’t appear to take particularly long, the OP even made it look pretty easy…

Oops sorry, i meant the creativity and time to make it work. Its cool to see something new for primilist other than squirrels minion for this patch.

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And a lot of bonus points for calling him Iorek Byrnison.
Great books!

I must admit I had to search for it.
I’ve read the books several years ago, but I did not remember the name. Shame on me.

Also recently a very, very well made BBC series.
I recommend it.

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I heard so, but I don’t know how I can see it.
Maybe I’ll wait for a DVD version, a bit later.

I’m recording it…
Normally kill it faster. If Julra is in the center of room at the first laser beam - she die, because Bear take much damage (damage take = DPS).

Ah, I guess the BBC iPlayer works onlyin the UK… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, back to the subject:
Sometimes, I look at a build on the forum, and I think “Ah, one of these… OK, good build.”.
Some other times, much less often, I look at a build and think “Oh, Wow, this looks AMAZING! I would never have thought of that!”
This one is clearly in the second category. Great idea, Lorde_Comandante, and great job putting it all together! This build looks really, really good.
Thank you for sharing.

Looks like I am going to need yet another primalist. Oh well.

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…What kind of abomination have you created…

If i use Doublet of Onos Tull (life version) and wolf, i can easy do 3.700.000 DPS with bleed.
Bear damage can’t be see with dummy, because dummy dont attack my bear.

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I was watching you stack thorn shield on your bear for like an hour and all I was thinking was “he’s mad, he’s created something that shouldn’t exist”

Only Julra i need cast Thorn shield for 1 hour.
Other boss i run to boss then after i cast thorn shield.

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Would you level this build from level 1, or would you respec a levelled character?

I level it before patch.
You only need the bear and the node that give you 60% bleed for thorn shield.

So, LVL 6 on spriggan druid + some points in Beastmaster passive and you can ply it.

The history mode is too easy. Any build or NO build could make you to monolith

I dont suggest you leveling with this build. Why ?
Spriggan is very slow without the unique ring.
But, if you wanna try a low version build:

I will try your build, and I wondered if I could level it directly.
I don’t mind the pace of the Spriggan, it doesn’t bother me.
I’ll se what I can do, thansk! :slight_smile:

The Silvafrond unique ring gives you a teleport skill.
Legacy of quiet forest gives you unlimited rage.

WHat you must must looking for:

Staff, wand, catalist, relic with CAST SPEED

  1. Artor’s Loyalty - Beastmaster More damage
  2. Spirit Ward on druid passive - 5 points - So you can use Spriggan Skill
  3. The Chase - Beastmaster passive - Speed for bear
  4. Natural Bond - Beastmaster passive - More damage
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