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Iorek Byrnison - A Thorn Shield bear | Build Guide | 0.8.5

For early levelling I was thinking swipe + wolves, then spriggan form + wolves. With the Claw and Stormhide Paws it should be quick.
Then get the bear and move into the build once you have some points in beastmaster.
Haven’t tried yet, just an idea…

As the OP said, anything works for early levels.

Early games is toooooooo easy.
Don’t get health or resist. You only need DAMAGE

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I’m a bit bored with Swipe. I’ll probably use Ice Thorns, I’m one of the few who like this skill.
And of course, as you said, wolves with the Claw.

OK, I was not patient enough to start from scratch, so I respec’ed a Beastmaster.
Congratulations, your build is awesome! It melted Heorot in a few seconds.
Rather fun to play, simple, easy. Deep and rich, very well thought!

Ice thorn is really cool.
But they said they will REMOVE it in future patch.

So, i removed it from any of my builds.

A word: i’m dropping Last epoch, sorry. Will Lost Ark.

A good think abuot my build is: 80% uniques I use drop from the same time line. So, you can go a high corruption.

Thats is one of my bad opinion about this game. Corruption grows up very very slow. (+10, +12)


Yes, the damage is so high, is so high, I start to reduce it to make me more Tank.
At monolith +300 with 400 increased rarity i can do monolith WITHOU READ the damage affix or pay attention the game. I love watching tv so… I can see my animes while playing easy.

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I have tweaked your version with a life based build with slight changes. I’m also experimenting with some other slight tweaks, but so far, with 200% cast speed, the build is very powerful, thanks for the ideas.

After mothns playing Lost Ark, I’m back. That game is toooo pay to win.
Last Epoch is much better…

Welcome back.

I am still playing Lost Ark. I don’t mind if it is “pay to win”, I don’t expect to “win” or “lose” in a RPG (not even sure what that means).

That said, LE is lucky to have you back!

A game where you can only do a dungeon 2 times/day because… no because… is not my game.
Here if i cannot do Julra T4, it’s only my fault.

How did you get 200% increased cast speed?

I have t7 cast speed dragonhorn wand, knoble gloves, a relic, t5 sapphire catalyst, auras time glass, totemic fury shaman passive, and wind of the leaves druid passive.

I never found a t7 cast speed wand. Farming corruption 600. :cry: :sob: How did you farm yours?
Noble gloves is not good in ward version. Frostbite shackles gives me 3.300 ward alone.
Auras time is good. But at high corruption i need a lot of minion health. So change it for a rare with a lot resist.

How many effective HP do you have?
WHat is your actual corruption ?

You actually find better items just farming a few million gold and doing loot explosion lightless arb dungeon runs verses echo farming. I wasn’t terribly high on the beastmaster I slapped together, but I’m in the process of transferring over to a full shaman version, which will provide better build ehp, and utility profile. Ehp is very high with all the dr from bastion+ block effect blessing, 3k health, and 3k healing from mass totems, and max armor. Going shaman ill have even more hp, and only lose 36% more damage from companion by grabbing minion penetration node, grabbing physical shred blessing, and getting block effect on my rings. I’ve shared this build with lizard irl, and going life based shaman you are going to be one tanky dude, with free resistances. Being able to scale hp, and healing alot higher

Could you share the link of your build, please?

  • You gone a block version + block blessing
  • The minion penetratin node, a Beastmaster version get it too

Yeah ill show build planner later after work

Thank you,
I will add your version on build.

Can character’s skill specialization influence the ice thorns casted by bear ?