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Introduce yourselves

So while i am more engaged in the LE community since the last few months and i often see the same names, i sometimes wonder what type of people i am interacting with.

So i wanted to make an introduction to myself and would be glad if some people may also introduce themselves. But i understand if people don’t wanna share a wholelot of personal information, so feel free to say as little or as much as you want :stuck_out_tongue:

So i’ll do the start here.

My name is Heavy, i am 26 years old and from northern Germany (about 10-15 min away from the coast).
Already talked about my nickname in @MrFederico topic here, but here’s a rundwon anyway.

My nickname comes from a series of other nicknames i had over the past few years in the internet. It all started with HeavyMetalDeathMan, which was for the time being a badass and cool nickname, because that’s what little boys doing stuff on the internet wanna be, badass :smiley:

It slowly degraded into HeavyMetalMan and many people just called me Heavy and it stuck.

My main hobby is music. I’ll play E-Bass as my main instrument, but also can play drums and a bit of E-Guitar. Sadly this hobby is partialy on halt atm(concerts, festivals etc.). So i need to stick to making and listen to music at home.
I am mostly a Metal/Punk guy, but i do like and do respect all forms of music, if it’s made with passion and not just with $$$ in the eyes.

Besides that of course my second big hobby is Video Games. I mainly play and love ARPG’s and MOBA’s.

My very first “big” video game that i sunk hundreds of hours in was Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Which is and was till this day my most “joyful” online gaming experience.(probably a bit biased because it was my “first love” regarding video games)

My second big video game that i sunk thousands of hours in was Marvel Heroes (later known as Marvel Heroes Omega). This also was the first video game were is really got involved in some community work. Was doing whole lot of stuff on the forum and extensively gave feedback, especially on their “public test server”, which always released a few weeks before bigger patches.
That was one of the very few games were i saw that devs interacted meaningful with the community and their Communtiy Manager was one of the most passionate guys i ever met(over the internet). His name was Doomsaw and he reminds me alot of @Sarno and i mean that as a big compliement :stuck_out_tongue:
(I am actually not sure if Sarno is “community manger” or not, but at least he is very very active in the forum^^)

Besides that i played alot of Grim Dawn and Path of Exile.

Then the last big thing i played was Paragon (Epic’s 3rd Person moba), which was the first game i really played competitively. Even though “offical ranked” was never in the game, there were several fan made sites which had access to server data by epic, to calculate an “ELO”.

Depending on the site and ELO algorithm i was Diamond, within the top 1-1,5% of all people.

Well, then Paragon got closed and now i am in big heart ache and waiting for some of the spiritual successors of Paragon to rise from it’s ashes (mainly Ethereal: Clash of Souls)

Also one of the games im eager to wait for and really hoping it succeeds is Amazon’s New World MMO. But i really watch this one cautiously and downshifted the hype 2 gears.

IRL i have 2 completed vocational trainings as an car mechanic(that was my first one) and as an IT specialist for systemintergration/hardware.
Since 5 years already I am working as an IT Field Service Engineer. I mainly doing warranty repairs for several Manufacturer(E.g. Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Lexmark, HP, Oki etc.). My main qualifications are Clients(Desktop, Notebooks) and Printers. But i also have basic and advanced enterprise qualifications (Network and Servers).


My name is to the left. I’m a 36 year old electrician in Canada (southern Ontario) while also having a Computer Programming Analyst diploma before that. Honestly, it was more fun to program things for myself than for others and I really lost interest in it. Being an electrician has been much more satisfying for me.

I played a lot of NES/SNES/Genesis/N64 growing up. Then moved to Dreamcast and Xbox before finally transitioning to be more a PC player. Played quite a bit of Diablo 2 during those college years. Since then I’ve really gotten into Demon/Dark Souls (and all the Souls-likes) while spending a lot of my recent play time in Grim Dawn. I’m definitely more of a casual gamer though my play time in GD probably says otherwise :sweat_smile:.

I do enjoy this game and I like helping people on the various forums for it (Steam, here, and sometimes in the Discord channel where I can).


Hello! Hello! Hello! :robot:

My name’s John and I’m originally from Scotland, though I no longer live there - nor have the accent, as is frequently pointed out to me. While Eleventh Hour Games got started in 2017, I joined at the very start of 2018 and I’ve been trolling the forum having fun ever since!

Online my first love was Freespace 2, and it’s still my favourite game of all time! Other games I’ve sank thousands of hours into include Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Path of Exile. Despite finding out I’ve never played Chrono Trigger, @Mox hasn’t fired me (yet).

When I spend a lot of time playing a game I’ll invariably drift towards its forum. I amassed a frighteningly large post history on Blizzard’s various forums, though that was lost when they migrated to Discourse. They kindly inducted me into their MVP program while I was actively posting there, and I’m forever grateful for all I learned through regularly chatting with their wonderful staff & attending a community summit they hosted in Versailles.

Offline I’ve been stuck at home a lot lately, so I’m occupying myself with various programming & web dev projects in my spare time. I like reading about technology in general - I’m interested in getting a new MBP but am wary of Apple’s impending move to ARM as I don’t want to be stuck on a legacy platform but I also don’t want to buy into the first generation of ARM-based Macs, I keep tabs on how various Linux distros are evolving, and I’m getting a WiFi 6-supporting router soon so I’ve been looking at a bunch of reviews for those.

Outside of technology I absolutely love animals - I like both cats and dogs (I slightly prefer cats), and for the last year or so I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a pet hedgehog.

I’m the kind of person that always has music playing in the background - whenever I get a new computer or reinstall an Operating System, Spotify is one of the first things I download. :smile:


No, I think your first one was probably correct…

I initially thought that mean Main Battle Phone, until I googled it & it said it was a Macbook pro…

Quite disappointing.

My name’s Paul, I’m an accountant, I’ve been gaming since the 80s, though I’d say my first favourite game was either Elite (on the Tatung Einstein) or Civilisation/UFO: Enemy Unknown/Dune 2 on the Amiga. Played quite a bit of Diablo 1 at uni & then D2 then discovered Sacred 1 in 2004 & eventually became a mod on Ascaron’s forums. I also played GW1 & 2 some, but got into SWTOR the most (& while my guild wasn’t world first by any means, we did manage to do all of the raids up to hard mode & a few bosses on nightmare until Bioware decided to stop putting out multiplayer content in their MMO).

Prefer cats, have a dog (Midnight, a Labrador/Border Collie, so she’s dumb as **** unless there’s food around, then she’s an evil genius). And married (for coming up to 19 years) with 3 kids.


Nice to see that in the end @Llama8 is still human (wasn’t 100% sure :rofl:).

I am a video game maniac from Germany and had my first experience with the Amiga 600. I played almost everything that is related to online games. During my first Online RPG love Guildwars I met a bunch of nice people like me and we raided many other games. Most time we spent with WoW an Rift. But also shooters like CoD, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2. We tried to be a fearsome team in Heroes of Newerth. I had a lot of passion but the lack of talent on my side lead to a huge amount of frustration and rage quits :exploding_head:. I also played Aion, SWTOR, Guildwars 2, Diablo 1-3, Blade and Soul, Warhammer online, Eve Online and a lot of Warframe and Rocket League (just to name the most important).

When I finished studying and got a job as a planning engineer my time to play got way shorter. Now I am 36, have 3 girls at home (including my wife) and 2 rabbits in the garden.

I am playing table tennis in a regional club. Also I am playing a bit acoustic guitar.

Contact with my online mates diverged (mainly my fault - sadly) when family life got more important. But at night, when the moon rises, I still turn into a video game nerd. I bang my keyboard while listening to rock music, mainly alternative rock, new metal and metalcore. (The “banging” part sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Whatever…)

My last 2 games I was hyped about were Anthem and Wolcen. These games failed badly. So you guys can all stay calm. LE will do it. It’s absolutely unlikely that LE as the third game in a row would also fail. Trust me on this…


My name is Will, and I’m a locksmith, working in Pennsylvania, US.

I’m pushing 40, have a wife, a kid, and a couple of dogs. Started gaming on a C64 back in the mid 80s and never kicked the habit. I’ve played so many games over so many years it’s tough to pick a favorite. Planescape, maybe.

I am also a musician, been playing piano for 30-some years, bass guitar for 20+, occasionally I pull vocal duties, depending on the group.

I also adore boardgames. My family has been playing Descent 2nd edition and my 12 year old has been doing great as the Overlord.

I occasionally pull out a telescope to do some amateur astronomy.


Hello my name is Matthew, I am 48 years old(an old fart!) single, no kids (at least none that I know of!) I’m an Industrial/commercial Electrician. I live in Nottingham, in the UK. In game name same as on the left!

Been playing games since the old Atari console from way back in the early 80s, were our level of gaming and graphics was Pong. To the younger ones that wasn’t a smelling game! Was based on Ping Pong table tennis! My first computer was a Spectrum +2, back then we thought it was awesome. We didn’t mind the 1 hour loading time, for a game you would play for 10 minutes :smiley:

Needless to say I enjoy gaming. I suppose out of all the games I played World of Warcraft was the longest one I played. Even got to be the guild leader of BSC (Arathor) for a few years, which I really enjoyed. Had to give the position up in the end due to personal reasons, and not being able to play as much, so wasn’t fair on the other guild members. Stopped playing Warcraft when they brought out Vanilla.

Played a lot of the RPG/ARPG games the past few years now. Diablo 2&3 (2 was better imo) PoE, GD, Guild wars 2 just to name a few! Played a lot pf MMO to STO, SWToR etc.

I am really enjoying playing Last Epoch. I love its concept with skills and crafting etc! I like to help people, so if you ask a question in game, and I know the answer I will help. Even if someone already beat me to it…that’s just because I ain’t as fast as I use to be, and I was still looking at my keyboard :smiley:

My other hobbies include reading books, going out for very long walks, eating…erm hence the long walks :smiley: . Also enjoy my hobby as a sound technician, for live performances and discos.


Hi folks,
My name is Joe. I am a Hearth Technician (Fireplace and grill guy) in Tennessee, USA.
I currently walking through the front door of 50 yrs old and married for 13yrs to my lovely wife. We have two boys 7 & 10. I’ve worked in the hearth industry for 25yrs now and have run my own business for the last 15yrs.

My gaming background is a little lack luster. I did have a C64 as a kid, but did not really do much with it. Spent most of my time outside as a kid. I loved riding my bike and going to the pool. As a kid the games I played were at the arcade. I loved to play Space Invaders, Pac Man, and any racing game. Mom never let me get a gaming console for the house, probably because she had to raise me as a single mom. She did great. My first gaming console was the PS2 and I played a lot of Tom Clancey games, until I was introduced to my first online PC game, WoW. Started playing WoW in the summer of 2008 during the tail end of The Burning Crusade expac. Needless to say I was hooked and played WoW for the next 8 yrs… I’ve also played Overwatch, Diablo 3, GW2, PoE, Wolcen, Destiny 2, ESO, and Skyforge just to name a few.

I don’t really have any hobbies other than playing PC games. If I had to pick my favorite game, it would have to be WoW WotLK expac hands down.

I’m always willing to chat with new people, even though it may take me a bit to open up to online communities.


Man, i feel so young again reading your posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 28 years old, living in munich, germany, home of the best beer in the world. Reha and personal trainer specialized in orthopedic clinical pictures. Still an active basketball player, sports enthusiast in general, keeps me mentaly and physically fit for doing long night video game sessions:) love music, was making own hip hop boom bap beats on an old akai mpc, even did a whole album for a german rapper, but most of the time i collaborated with american and french artists.
My video gaming carreer…man i play them since i was a kid, every genre. Started with a gameboy of course, first pc games when i was 6 years old were driver 1, worms armageddon and sims1. I was a really good quake 3 player when i was 10 years old, i sneaked in to my brothers room all the time to play some games, otherwise my mom would have beaten the hell out of me. Other game i played competitive in the first seasons was rocket league, managed to get an esl title there, so probably my biggest video gaming achievement. Favorite games are probably still, gta san andreas, zelda ocarina of time and d2.
2009 was the first time i played d2 and got basically introduced to the arpg scene. From that point on i played every arpg and fell in love with that genre. Torchlight, grim dawn, poe, d3 aswell even though i hate this game today and blizzard :wink: The reason i came to LE was the horrible launch of wolcen. I didn’t want to back up any early access game anymore because i thought its not worth it. The disappointment was too big, but LE and the community proved me wrong and im really glad i started playing this game:)


Suicide, bro - hush you’re gonna jinx it XD

I’m blighted, malvent, and one or two other call signs I’ve got floating around. Unplugged you can call me John. I’m a wayfaerer. A ronin. These are fancy titles I give myself to make me feel better about not having proper ambition, and to mask the crippling depression that permeates my conciousness.

I’m 30, white dude, death metal head, wanna-be musician but air guitar god, scribbler, gamer. I’ve been playing games since I can remember. First on the NES/Sega at a family friend’s, then SNES from my grandparents. Moved to Sony with the PS1 and stuck with the Playstation line. We were super broke growing up, I’m lucky to even have had those.

I’ve played just about any console game you can name from the NES era to PS3. A friend of mine had a computer when I was a bit younger, but his dad was always hogging it lol. He played a shit ton of D2 and we were always drooling over his shoulder. Finally built my first pc as a freshman in highschool. I can remember literally dreaming about having my own computer and the games that would come with it for years before that.

I think baldur’s gate dark alliance on ps2 was my first straight up arpg (didn’t know Diablo 1 was on ps1 at the time). I’ve always loved rpgs in general and it’s always been about the theory-crafting and the sweet, sweet loot.

Since building that first pc my consumption of games exponentially increased. I’ve played everything except most puzzlers, point and clicks and some sports titles. Guild Wars was my first mmo. I participated in closed beta sessions for it and it just blew my mind. Nothing I had played before then had such a feeling of discovery and freedom. I had heard about EQ but it wasn’t generating many waves by the time I got into pc gaming. Later on I played a bunch of EvE, Lineage II and ofc WoW.

As I said at the beginning, I am a wayfaerer. A traveler. A lost soul. As much as I loved Guild Wars I only spent a few months on it - I’m too easily distracted by all the other shiny games. Probably why I couldn’t settle down with my ex-wife either. I have logged some rediculous hours into Champions/D3/Grim Dawn/Titan Quest and assorted rogue-ish titles though.

You might see me on in-game chat periodically as blighted - answering questions and such. Feel free to chat, especially if it’s about LE/games/death metal. Seems many of us were into Guild Wars. It’s still up you know…


Hey all, Boardman here and yes that’s my real last name, i’m almost 30 but the downhill of getting old started almost 9 years ago. Damn hangovers. You’ve probably seen me around i’m here and there just helping when i can and trying to share my experience in LE with everyone who would like help.

I work in a lumber mill for a living doing various things but the end result is the same, i am part of team that makes lumber that you would use for home projects or building a home in general. Its loud, its tedious, hopefully it doesn’t turn into a 30 year career.

When i’m not gaming and working i’m with my daughter who i have full time and occasion with a the girlfriend who has 2 kids of her own. i’m usually a very hands on person, Check out what i built just last summer :slight_smile:

Yes that’s made of wood from my work.

i love sports playing and watching all sports, though i’m really starting to get out of shape.

I started playing LE in may of 2019 and have amassed quite a few hours into it already, hopefully multiplayer will be out soon and we can play together!


Michael. NC USA. only really been an avid video gamer for about six years but I’ve been playing table top rpgs since the last century.

By trade I’m a Filmmaker.

I’ve been playing LE since alpha and have been really enjoying watching the game progress.


Jerle. 36 year old Singaporean. I’ve been using the gaming handle for close to 20 years now so very comfortable to have my close gaming friends call me that. :slight_smile:

I’ve been in love with online ARPG the first time I experienced battlenet on the original Diablo. Still remember the days duping Godly Plate of the Whale and King’s Sword of Heaven/Haste in Tristram. xD

I almost exclusively play POE and LE now. And so have dumped quite abit of my disposable cash into the games. It was a huge gamble pledging what I did for LE Kickstarter but I love exclusive custom contents in my favourite games, and the passion of the devs shine through their KS demo and my early interactions with them (Judd mostly back then).

LE still has a long way to go but the current development already assured me my “investment” is not likely to be in vain (just waiting on multiplayer now :stuck_out_tongue:). I am looking forward to play LE for a long time to come!


Hi, I’m Oli, 46 years old. I am currently living in beautiful Vienna, Austria.
My first game is probably known only by very few people here. It was Donkey Kong (1982). The device was a kind of handheld from Nintendo (Game & Watch). See:

In the late 90s I was quite successful in Quake 3 Arena. Apart from that I’m playing almost only Hack’n’Slay games at the moment. My all time favorite is Diablo 2, but I also like to play Grim Dawn and other current titles.

What I like about LE is that you can feel how the developers give everything for a great game. Even though it still has a long way to go, I am optimistic that it will be absolutely great.

I’m also very active in the TTRPG scene and run a popular German blog on the subject. From time to time we also write something about video games. So we were probably one of the first German speaking media to introduce Last Epoch, see:


can delete this post, thanks


Nice, you have an appropriate surname for your work then…

You’d be surprised how that works (I didn’t intend to be an accountant, I just didn’t have a clue what to do).

Edit: I also remember the first pc my parents bought me was an ex-rental from Radio Rentals 486SX-25 which promptly got upgraded to an AMD 486DX4 100. Amusingly, when I came to upgrade again (probably to a pentium), I didn’t realise that those plastic things I got with the motherboard were supposed to separate the powered board from the metal case… Additionally, never try to force a power cable into a socket when you can’t actually see either & manage to offset the pins then turn the power on & wonder where all the smoke is coming from…
Everything still worked afterwards.


Hi, i am Matthew, am almost 49 years old , born and raised in Belgium and live in lovely Rethymno, Greece.
Am also married and we have a 7 year old girl.
My main job was fixing computers and selling them but the last 10 years it have become a second job and now i am a receptionist in a nice hotel.

I remember me playing games from the moment i got my first pc (8086 with 20 mb hdisk ) when i was a student,
i am mostly into space strategy games, rpg’s and arpg’s , some of the games that i remember are Moo1 and Moo2, X series from Egosoft, Sins of a solar empire Rebellion who i continue to play when mods are updated, Starpoint Gemini 2 & Warlords, Drox operative I and now II, Kings Bounty series, Heroes of might and magic series, Warcraft 1 & 2, space pirates and zombies II, Guild wars I & II, WoW i even played that in 2018 again for 6-7 months, Kotor series, SwTor , STO, Total War Warhammer I & II, Starcraft, PoE , Titan quest , Grim dawn and many many others.

I like in all my games to explore all the classes and usually i try to be active in chats and forums trying to help me and other players understand the game better and trying to have fun.


Honestly D3’s combat is/was fun as hell due to that Blizzard polish they still manage to keep. Especially on launch when inferno was hard as balls. It just plays so smooth.

Damn son, can I borrow some of that luck? On my second or third pc build, can’t remember, I forgot to apply thermal paste to the cpu and was using a stock cooler. You can imagine…

Anyway I don’t mean to derail, I’m enjoying reading everyone’s auto.


Thanks for all the replies so far, really enjoying reading all those stories!

@TriKster and @RawSuicide i feel like im haunted by German Wraith’s now :smiley: both of you are also from germany while having the same profile pic :smiley:
(I have to admit that at the beginning when i was reading some of yours posts i sometimes confused you both because of that profile pic, even though your names are very different)

But now reading that you are actually both from germany freaks me out ^^

Cheers all and keep the stories comin’ !


Germans are everywhere :joy: and yeah rawsuicide and i have a deep connection #nohomo i just like him. I think one of us needs to change the profile pic, OR, OR… i upgrade my supporter pack which i actually want to do when rogue comes out and i like it. No pressure @Sarno :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: