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Introduce yourself - season 2

This topic is now closed, but I felt it could be nice to open a new one for new people here.

I am Fred, 51 years old, French, married, two children, published writer, working as an IT security manager, and messing around with computers since 1984. I started with a rented Commodore Vic 20 then, when I was 16, I got an Amstrad CPC 6128 for my birthday.

Among all the games I play(ed) are the whole Age of Empires series, Might and Magic Heroes, StarCraft, WarCraft, Diablo 3 (I strongly dislike D1 and D2), Civilization 1 and 4, Overwatch. The vast majority of my gaming time is solo, with few exceptions: Overwatch, StarCraft 2 coop, Diablo 3 and the late Might and Magic Heroes Kingdom. But I’m curious about multiplayer in Last Epoch and sure I will play it.

Apart from video games, I read a lot (novels, short stories, comic books, graphic novels), I listen to music (almost all kinds of music, I have no preferred genre, what I like is “what I like”), I used to practise Martial Arts (I practised Naginata so it was funny for me to see some naginatas in the game), I am part of a novel publisher, I wrote several books (sci fi, fantasy, stories with a plot twist, and several other genres), I failed at doing 3D illustrations and making music. Overall I do my best. ^^


Okay then, I’ll introduce myself as well:

I’m Sarah, 36 years old, married, mom of three (7yo, 4yo and almost 2yo) and I’m a nurse. I am from Germany, so English isn’t my native language - so I’m sorry if I may write something that isn’t understandable the way I phrase it.
I started gaming very early in life, considering I was born in the 80s and being a girl (back then that really was more a “boy-thing”). My dad owned a DOS 3.1 PC and I started to play his adventure games on it as well, when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Stuff like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Simon the Sorcerer…
When I turned 14 I got my first PC, playing through the whole Tomb Raider series, The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher and a lot of other games, and I finally found my way to online gaming when I was 20. I played Guild Wars 1 and 2 (still my absolute favourite MMORPG), Diablo 2 and 3 (2 was great, 3 is rubbish), Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars Online and for many many years PoE. And now I am here, very excited to see a game develop from the very early stages into something hopefully great!

Except drom gaming, I do not have much time left for other hobbies, considering the fact that I have three little kids and a job that includes working on shifts. I like to paint and read, and I’m totally into anything fantasy related, so that’s mostly what I chose to read or watch on TV.


Thank you @Shtrak for reviving this topic.

I was already thinking about doing it myself, since i really enjoyed reading all the stories in my original thread.

It is so fascinating to hear stories from people you already interacted with on the forum or just stories of new members of the community.

Also welcome to the LE Community @Sirimael.
I can’t even imagine how it’s working on shift, having kids and trying to play video games :dizzy_face:

There is really quite a German community around here ;o

Challenging, that it is :crazy_face: but on the other hand, I’m already raising the next generation of gaming nerds. My oldest son (7 years old) already is totally into it, he bought Super Mario 3D World recently with his allowance, he already has his own Guild Wars 2 character on my account and knows more youtube streamers than I do :sweat_smile:

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If you ever are in nothern germany, tell me and we can have a beer :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one!

I already find it very cool, “how” kids play video games.
Sometimes it seems as if they see the game in a total different view than adults.


The same here. They are 25 and 20 years old, both gamers but with very different kind of games.
The daughter plays Slay the Spire, Armello, Age of Empires while the son plays Doom, Hollow Knight, Ghostrunner, Assassin’s Creed. Different persons, different games… what is important is that they play! :slight_smile:

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If you ever are in southern germany, tell me and we can have some REAL beer. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Okay, I seem to live right in the middle - middle-west Germany to be exact, a few kilometers away from the French border. In a sweet little Kuhkaff in Saarland :star_struck:
And even without Corona, I usually have no bussiness that brings me to northern Germany. In the south, it depends. I sometimes visit friends in Freiburg or Stuttgart, and my brother in law lives near Nürnberg (my hubby is from there, too, and he would tell you guys, that the only real beer in existence is from Franken :crazy_face:)

Wow, there are German people everywhere and I don’t even speak the language.
Puedo hablar Español and posso parlare piccolo Italiano but I can speak maybe five sentences in German, no more. I feel ashamed. :sweat_smile:

I guess we all are doing quite good in English :wink: but if it helps, I speak French as well (had 9 years at school and began to refreshen my French skills recently because it would be a shame if they went to waste completely) and Portuguese.

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Kein Problem, wir bringen dir das schon bei!

(No worries, we’ll teach you)

Nice, we got germany totally covered… almost.
I think @RawSuicide is the closest to you then.

Me and @TriKster cover the flanks xD

Mittig von euch liegt ja dann Hessen, da sitzt noch einer… :house_with_garden:

Hi there! I’m Turinqui (most people call me Turi, pronounced like ‘too-reeeeee’ :slight_smile: ). I’m a young at heart female from Australia and I’ve enjoyed video games ever since I played Alex Kidd with my Dad on the Sega Master System :rofl: I purchased Last Epoch 2 years ago, played a lot when I first bought it and then took a break until recently.

My background is in Psychology and Learning and Development, however these days I’m a stay at home type of person - which means lots of free time for games! I’m also very fond of music - it’s very rare to find me not listening to music in the background, and I’ve been so excited by the return of live music this year, spent many nights at gigs. Fiction is another one of my hobbies, I love curling up with a good fantasy book and a hot chocolate - currently re-reading Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.

I love meeting new friends with common interests. I hang out in the official Discord quite a bit, come say hi!


my name is Sebastiano, but you can call me Fox.
I’m 24 years old, from Italy, and I’m a Web Developer.
I love playing this type of games, I’m a 5 years experienced player from PoE , and I want to start streaming this game (darkheavenitalia) and to learning the more I can.
Enjoy guys! See you in game!!



Greetings from Finland. My name is Jonatan and i’m 27 yrs old. I’m working as System Specialist in big IT company.

I was testing different Arpg games after i finished Dark Souls video game series. So there i was browsing steam and Last Epoch popped out in ”Recommended for you” -thingy :smile: Probably because i recently played Wolcen, PoE, Grim Dawn these games were good but something didn’t ’click’.

I was instantly sold when i saw Classes and Skill tree system in Last Epoch. I bought the game and here i am now, probably 300hrs played and still i have so much to do even on current content. Looking forward for more content and future of this game.

And this is my first game where i joined to forums and want to experience game from every aspect.

PS. Sorry for my english typing. Its not my native language so i’ll do my best atleast.


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