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Introduce yourself - Season 3

So i had this topic over a year ago:

Then @Shtrak revieved this topic after the initial thread got closed:

But that thread also got closed.

Since i already see a lot of new names here in the forums i wanted to do it again.
And potentiall with the next patch being very close to release, we might see a lot more new players joining the LE Community.

So now to the topic:

For me, nothing changed compared to my first introduction, except I got older and I am not working in a big Medical Manufacturing Company as 2nd and 3rd Level IT Support.

But in case you are not reading the previous topics here is a summary:

  • Me 28 years old (soon 29)
  • From Northern Germany, close the the Baltic Sea
  • Biggest Hobby and Lifestyle: Music, mostly Punk and Metal (hopefully we can all enjoy Concerts and Festivals soon again)
  • Playing Bass (can also play drums and guitar, but Bass is my main instrument)
  • Favorite thing to do in most complex video games: Understanding every single mechanic and trying to help and explain it to other player, so they can enjoy the game the same as i do
  • Me mostly playing Hipster Builds, that are not “meta”, but still trying to min-max them, even though they are not “competetive” most of the time.
  • Streaming Last Epoch since December '20: Heavy_GamingTV - Twitch

Hopefully we have more people joining here and talkign a little bit about their background.

I do understand if people don’t want to give too much personaly details, so feel free to give as many or few informations that you feel comfortable with.

Looking forward to more replies!


while i love the idea of knowing more about my fellow community companions i must say that i am maybe too insecure to share that much personal info online, so i would do a shorter and not too detailed introduction:

Age: 23

  • Why i have that IGN? totote97 comes from my childhood nickname tote since i born on 98 i just remove one age and thats it is just a deformation of my nickname and my date of birth.

  • Hobbies: mainly play videogames, play Tabletop Rpg (mainly Pathfinder 1e), read comics, mangas and anime.

  • About my “gamer” experience: I play games since i was 7 years old, being a fan of a lot of classic games like AoE II, WC III, RTCW, NWN games, C&C Red Alert, D2, M&B Warband, Crash Bandicoot and other old but good games i also played a lot of modern ones like Saints Row 3/4, Skyrim, Borderlands 2, DoS II, Terraria, Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel too, but as the time pass, every year i found less interest on announced games from big companies that promise the skies just to underdeliver and dissapoint so normally i only bought games that have at least 3 years old since launch or indie ones that i really follow for a long time.

  • Favorite games: Skyrim, WC III, D2, DoS II, Monster Lab, Terraria, Uncharted saga, FO 4, Warframe, and others i cant remember right now.

  • Something about me: I am latinoamerican so i am not a native english speaker, but a spanish one, i want to be a good game journalist/reviewer in the future and be different to all the big media that gives 5/5 and 10/10 to almost every game that come for a big and powerful game company even if is a bad remaster, a copy is the same game of last year or that really does not add anything new to the gameplay that is already on all the other companies.

  • I also love min-maxing not always to powerlevel but since i love pathfinder 1e, i like to try to follow my character concept as close as i can to my skills can do so i am always trying to learn about mechanics, builds, new spells and things, i love to costumize my character mechanically in that matter.

  • About games in the genre: i love D2 Lod, Grim Dawn and Torchlight I and II, i played PoE sometimes but i could not stick to keep playing because looked reaaally complex to keep being a “competent player” i hate Diablo 3 as a succesor or Diablo 2 and 1, but not as a game, i feel that D3 feels empty too much arcade to be on the same genre and being simply too easy and not having enough meaningful choices for the build on the skills and stats, that said i think is a very fun game (thx to Reaper of Souls EXP) that i enjoyed a lot with more casual friends but i did a very few runs because of the very low replayability value, for that reason i think is a terrible Diablo game, being GD, series and PoE more similar than a game that share the name and franchise of the previous ones.

PD: i hope you find interesting this and meet your expectations Heavy and one other that read this.


Good topic. I’m fairly new here but sadly I post a lot so I guess I should throw out there a little info.

I’m 51 (yes gamers do sometimes live that long) and in the UK.
I’ve done various things for a career in the past. I was an FX Dealer (like a stockbroker), then an Accountant (boring). I then emigrated to the US and after some more accounting, I became a Controller, then a CFO, then a General Manager. I worked in the Automotive sector, but with an emphasis on CNC machine building for part manufacture. I then came back to the UK and was a partner in a building company. I’m now retired due to back problems (they suck).

In Geek terms, I’ve dabbled a lot in a lot of fields. I’ve torn apart Windows many times, made websites in html, php, phpBB. Done databases in MySql. Programmed/debugged custom CNC software in VB/DotNet. Played around in C++, even old Hex Code programming back when programmable EPROM’s were a kit hobby (you need to be old to remember those days). Played around designing some very bad apps in Android’s SDK.

In gaming terms, I am a dinosaur. I started out gaming at school with the old dice DnD. Later on I played a few LAN games with mates. With the arrival of the internet (yes, some of us existed pre-internet) I was hooked on SFC and some early communities & servers we set up to play that. I played WoW & EvE for many years. Way too many mmo’s to count. I also did quite a few FPS: BF1942, BF2&3, Project Reality, Planetside, and more. I was in a few guilds and GM for a couple of them. I set up forums for them, and also Teamspeak/Discord servers. I took part in raids, ran raids, organised loot pools etc etc.

In recent years with my last guild dieing of natural causes (only exists on facebook now) I played a lot of Elite Dangerous, RDR2, IL2CoD, Secret World, Stalker Anomoly, and of course PoE since Harbinger league.

I like lots of aspects of gaming, but I particularly like theorycrafting and the geekier aspcts of it. This was why I originally fell in love with PoE. However, like a lot of relationships we parted ways due to going in different directions.

Other hobbies, before my back changed things I used to play a lot of Football (soccer), Field Hockey, Pool, Snooker, and the occasional beer or 5.

These days I’m enjoying LE and hanging out in here. I tend not to go out & party as much as I did in years gone by, but it’s not as easy to do that any more especially in the UK. Plus I’m a miserable old git now :wink:


I have a feeling you would get along with @Llama8 just fine… you both even use the same forum avatar :wink:


Hey there… Somehow missed season 2 introductions and dont like to put private stuff online, but what the hell…

Married, Stay-at-Home Dad (17g 14b), 48y, Rare Jock/Nerd Hybrid Character. Live in South Africa. Practically Pessimistic. Hopefully Optimistic. Jack of All Trades by necessity, Master of none. Dont drink (anymore), dont smoke (never).

I could build you a gaming PC, raspberry pi cluster, office network or arduino security system, captain the hockey side or join a powerlifting team. I could build you a new roof, fix the plumbing or guide you down white water rapids in a kayak or on camel along the edge of a desert. I could design you a corporate logo, develop a website or create a pencil portrait of your favourite pet. I could make you a beef wellington or recite my favourite parts of The Silmarillion while kneading bread…

Been playing games since I was about 10, when my mother got me a Commodore 64 & later dumped some salvaged parts for a Intel 80286 on the dining room table and said “Build it”. Love RPGs & Strategies. Hate First Person Shooters.


I think this topic is really interesting, and shows how a community can really be global, and from all walks of life.

  • lady gamer in my early 40’s.
  • I’m from northern Canada, and live on the north shore of Lake Superior
  • Wide range of hobbies. I’m a bit of a tech nerd, and have built both mine and my husbands systems, as we both love gaming. Being outdoors is right up there as well (even in winter)
  • My gaming began with a Coleco vision, and a bit later with Nintendo (BC Quest for tires and Excite Bike respectively haha). I’ll play ARPG’s (began with D1) , MMO’s (EQ to start) and the odd shooter, to help keep those reflexes sharp :slight_smile:
  • During the day, I mange for an industrial distribution company.

Thanks already to everyone for being interested in sharing some of those details, it’s super interesting to me.

Haha, you don’t need to meet anyone’s expectations here.

This is a really critical subject for a lot of people and I totally understand if people don’t want to share any personal information at all.

But I am genuinely happy about anything that is and was shared among all of those threads.

Haha I just was about to say the same thing.

Same forum avatar, UK based and accountant.
This is Llama8’s evil twin Llama8 it seems xD

Well, that didn’t take much persuasion to throw your principles over board and start sharing personal Infos :smiley:

That sounds… Superior :smiling_imp:

Does it feel awesome to literally live in a “superior” region haha I love it… Sorry xD

  • I’m almost 53, living in Connecticut all my life.
  • Degree and career in computer science, specifically client-server/web-based software development.
  • Gamer since 7th grade where I bought my 1st video game called “Pong”. It hooked up to your TV. Also bought my 1st computer - an Apple II +, with cassette drive.
  • Big-time D&D player and DM (still do, to this day).
  • Loved MMOs before I “got a life”, but now prefer the bite-sized play sessions of ARPGs. :slight_smile:
  • Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and Master Fencer in the S.C.A. (called a “Don”).
  • My Twitch and Youtube channels are in my profile.

That should do it. :slight_smile:


There’s nowt wrong with being an accountant or an grumpy/old git. Ideally both.


I don’t need an evil twin. I am my own evil twin.

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About me

  • Name: Nate boardman
  1. Fun Fact: my username has been my gamertag since I was 21.
  2. I am a man who works in a lumbermill making boards.
  • Age: 30
  • Social Security Number: ###-##-####
  • Kids: One daughter age 12, 2 steps daughters age 4/5
  • Location: Oregon US
  • Hobby: Basketball, golfing, ultimate frisbee, flag football, video content creation, streaming, hiking, fishing.
  • Favorite Build: Hammerdin PALA/Smite VK

I Enjoy Last Epoch very much, currently been playing now for over two years and have amassed a couple of hours into it. Maybe too many. All steam does is tell me to stop now.

Have a good day Travelers!

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Yes, I like this type of thread, it provides a little more “connection” to people.

I have to point out that I am a happy EX-Accountant. While I enjoyed logically solving numerical problems, the day to day used to send me to sleep. I did 7 years as a “regular” accountant, then I moved into forensic accounting overseas which was much more interesting. After 10+ years in the trade though, I got out and discovered more fun jobs.

almost 12k :joy: you are nuts…

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Great idea!
Hello everyone, I’m 49 and have been a gamer all my life.

  • Nationality: Danish
  • Location: Currently Denmark. But I have lived in England for a very very long time.
  • Occupation: I make video games for a living
  • Fav genres: ARPG, RPG, Action/Adventure. But I will generally try everything. I have played D2 relentlessly ofc.
  • First console: Atari 2600
  • Latest console: PS5 waiting list

I have just migrated from POE and I really like how refreshing LE feels.


It’s nice to have such a topic back! Happy to “meet” everyone! :slight_smile:

  • 27 years old
  • From São Paulo, Brazil
  • Hobbies: tauromaquia, flamenco, playing ARPG, going out at night, having fun, studying and working
  • Favorite thing to do in most complex video games: playing in HC, helping players, contributing positively to the community and playing hard builds that other people wouldn’t play (off-meta)

I go by the name Lord Hades, I am 49, and I have been running guilds for 25 years. I recently stepped aside from the guild I founded in 1995 in order to hand the baton over to the next generation, and I’ve started a new gaming community called the Boomer Strike Force. Boomer Strike Force is focused on older gamers.

I have been published in gaming magazines and have been a speaker at the Austin Game Developers Conference. I’ve done community management, official game testing, and game consulting to mmo developers over a lot of my gaming career. I am redoing my stream, youtube, and other socials, and the links can be found below.

Lord Hades Twitter
Boomer Strike Force Twitch
Boomer Strike Force Community - Guilded

I look forward to gaming with everyone, and I’ll be streaming Last Epoch soon.


man, you are needed to be at 1.5 years of play time to be considered obsessed. There is room for improvement. You are at 1.37 years of time in game.

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Really cool to know more about the community ! Thank you all !

  • my name is ******, 31 yo
  • I work in the medical field
  • I like music, my friends, my family, but above all the color red
  • I’m french, but I’m not from Paris, so I’m not an a**hole (kidding of course, I know a few people from paris, they’re nice^^)
  • My english is bad
  • My tailor is rich
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We are many, here!
DIscrets, mais nombreux. :wink: