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Fire Shield

Since most of the spells have a branch that lets you change it to another element. Maybe have branches that make it ice or lightening shields and each enhances that element someone. Maybe chances to chill and shock and encreased dmg for that element.

I do agree that fire Shield for me also feels the most less intriguing to skill - where other skills have Basic premises in play-style once you go this or that path, fire Shield doesnt FEEL that way too much. It`s not intriguing enough, skill-tree-choices-wise in their effectiveness! Right now the choices are and FEEL too PASSIVE! One could enlive a passiv skill (that is just “there” like auras, shields etc.).

Possible improvements:

A) Left-upper side: more frequent and stronger fireballs - I would add a KEY note at the END of that tree, making it spawn 2 or 3 fireballs either at 2-3 different enemies nearby at once, or in a cascade toward one enemy (2 or 3 balls) or just 2-3 at once at one enemy! Can come with Damage reduction, e.g. “1 additional FIREBALL in a line toward the enemy - but 20% reduced dmg”… 2 FIREBALL / 40%… max of 2-3 balls or something.

Would make it a more varied playstyle in the END. And since you Need to get hit to procc it, which is not something a fire mage would do too voluntarily, to also SEE it increase in the end of a build - hitting not just harder but HARDER - also for the eye - visually - would be awesome.

ALSO: Key-note: “Upon activation of the Shield, shoot fireballs towards X nearby enemys”… “shoot a cascade of fireballs towards the nearest enemys”… “empowers you for 5 seconds - every fire skill you use additionally fires 1 FIREBALL at a nearby enemy for the Duration - adds a 15 second cooldown to the skill”.

Something like that, possibly!

B) Right side Corner of skill tree - AoE --> add a last KEY note - e.g. “enemys hit within the area of the flame-circle have x% higher Chance to get stunned per allocated Point with fire skills”. OR “every 3rd hit (with fire skill) has a 30%-50%-70-90% Chance to stun the enemy for 0.8 seconds” or something. Making it a more close-up viable choice and makes it more interesting and DIFFERENT to PLAY in the END.

C) The left-down tree where ward and defense gets upped - add KEY note at the end with high requirements (e.g. 4-6 Points in Prior node to unlock etc.) - “when below 15% Health, you are immune to Damage for 2 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds” and another keynot, decreasing cooldown 10% each Point up to 40% (4/4) or something. Or something similiar - be creative! This would make Investment actually FEEL and PLAY more intriguing and effective - such as other skills provide to a high Degree already!

Having Ice ward already, i think Ice wouldnt fit that good for fire Shield - but Lightning Maybe would. Something that turns it into light (with the other nodes simply turning fire damage to light, and Animation from FIREBALL to Lightning strike would be very sweet)… for light-oriented builds. Could be a total Investment of 1-10 Points that would make it a viable Lightning-build-choice! Would be awesome :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the feedback.

We share your concerns, and we plan to replace Fire Shield in the future.


@Sarno as in a revamp of what it does and it tree kindnof thing or just something different altogether?

hope you wont touch to the retaliation fire ball, it is really cool !

I like Fire shield so I hope it isn’t just gone. I would just like to be able to change its elements. I want a lightening shield crackeling around me and shocking stuff that comes to close or something.

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It should probably be a base skill like Elemental Nova - a neutral shield that can be specialized into any direction, and thus be versatile.

You could envision it like this;
(defensive, melee) Frost Shield: Temporarily adds high Ward, Armor and freezes attackers.
(offensive, caster) Fire Shield: Temporarily increases spell damage and damages attackers.
(defensive, caster) Lightning Shield: Temporarily adds high Ward, Spell Armor and stuns attackers.

As for the skill tree itself, it can be a trade-off between offensive and defensive stats, depending on play-style; E.g. reduce ward generation in exchange for more damage, or remove the freeze/stun effect in exchange for increased cast speed.

The issue with a shield spell is that is hard not to make it feel passive. You could look at the mechanic used for the Sentinel’s rive attack, which changes after 3 casts. The shield could be “turn on” on initial cast" and “explode” on second cast, or something similar. It could accumulate damage from incoming attacks and then blast those back out.

Don’t remove the idea though, mages need a mage-shield.

Or a bit like what is planned for companions. It is active as passive and has a second effect when you use it with a cooldown?

Since the Fire Shield rework became a subject for actual discussion, and rework itself was deemed as needed, I’ve decided to suggest a functionality, which could be interesting, tactical and not ruining current skill’s merits (in my opinion of course) :blush:.

P.S. I don’t like such skills like “teleport” as it is veeery utilitarian. And yes, it’s very useful, it grants mobility, grants speed… so why not to combine it with our Fire Shield? :sunglasses:

Skill: Fire Shield
Rename to: Charged barrier

Lore: Skillful mages are always prepared for everything, accumulating great force to create all kinds of barriers, to relocate themselves across the battlefield or to convert it into powerful fire bursts when and where the mage could wish that.

Description: “Charged barrier” passively grants 50 elemental protection. But it can be used to move its caster a short distance in chosen direction, and then bursts with flame, damaging all enemies around.


  • passive effect is applied to the caster right after the spell was set to skill panel.
  • caster’s relocation is not a teleport but a very fast movement and uses same passing as character: it can’t be used to reach visible but unreachable areas and it’s not possible to pass through walls and doors with it. Also if relocation path is blocked by anything, character won’t be able to get round that obstacle and will stop before it. This relocation can’t be prevented by enemies and small objects though.
  • caster moves to a chosen point, so relocation distance is limited but not constant.
  • relocation speed can’t be decreased by any slow effects, though relocation distance is decreased by those effects with the half of their power (50% slow decreases distance by 25%).
  • skill can be used, while its caster is rooted. In this case he won’t relocate, but only burst with fire. Also any effect that occurs after relocation - still occurs.
  • caster is still vulnerable to any damage while relocating.

Visuals: caster turns into a fiery silhouette and rapidly moves forward, like fireball, with short blazing trail behind. When relocation is finished the caster transforms back and releases a burst of flame, covering significant area. Burst sound should be harsh, even explosive, but it shouldn’t be a sound of explosion completely.

Categories: spell, fire, move.

Active part parameters (relocation and burst):
Cooldown: 5 seconds.
Cost: 20 mana.
Relocation distance: average.
Relocation speed: +300% caster’s movement speed.
Burst area: less than average.
Burst damage: average.

Specialization nodes :

All below nodes scheme :

Runic strengthening: [5 levels]
Increases character’s elemental protection by 6% per node level. Note: This bonus is very equipment dependent. Though it also increases this skill’s base bonus.

Adapting defense: [5 levels, requires Runic strengthening 1]
Every enemy hit grants stackable buff for 3 seconds which increases caster’s elemental protection by 15 up to a maximum of 100. Every next node level increases protection bonus by 5 and increases bonus maximum by 50. Note: every bonus stack has is own duration, so to get and maintain maximum bonus of 300, caster needs to be hit 300 / 35 ~ 9 times every 3 seconds.

Force barrier: [1 level, requires Adapting defense 2]
This skill’s base bonus and its nodes’ bonuses to elemental protection are also applied to armor.

Counter burst: [3 levels, requires Force barrier 1]
When caster is hit there’s a 20% chance to create a cone of flame at hitter’s direction which deals 75% of burst damage. Cone’s angle is 30 degrees, and its radius equals 30% of full burst’s radius. Per each node level after first, chance to create a cone additionally increases by 10% and its damage increases by 30%.

Revenger’s zeal: [5 levels, requires Counter burst 3]
Increases stun avoidance by 30 per node level. Also randomly increases counter cone’s radius part by additional 3-9% per node level (so at max it’s 30% + 15% ~ 45% = 45% - 75% of full burst’s radius). Note: it’s not random increase with each node level up, but a random empower of every single counter. Some counters’ radius will be 45% of max, some others - 75%, or 60% etc…

Crashing retaliation: [4 levels, requires Revenger’s zeal 1]
Counter burst’s stun chance and stun duration increase by 25% per node level.

Skillful leaps: [3 levels]
Increases relocation distance by 10% per node level, relocation speed bonus by additional 50% per node level, and decreases this skill usage cost by 3 mana per node level.

Prudent moves: [10 levels, requires Skillful leaps 1]
After relocation caster gains ward in amount of 10% of his maximum health.

Ward support: [5 levels, requires Prudent moves 3]
Increases caster’s ward retention by 20% per node level. Note: it’s very useful with multiple ward sources available.

Mana shielding: [1 level, requires Ward support 2]
Increases cost of all caster’s spells by 20%, but when they’re used, 50% of mana spent is converted to ward.

Trailblazer: [1 level, requires Skillful leaps 3]
Caster deals moderate fire damage to all enemies in relocation path, and now it is possible to use this skill for additional relocation for next 2.5 seconds and with no mana cost. Also caster leaves behind a blazing trail which exists 5 seconds and deals small fire damage to all enemies standing on it. Note: Any this skill’s effects except “Trailblazer” won’t appear after second relocation. Skill’s cooldown starts after first relocation, but it’s not visible until second relocation is used (skill’s icon switching would be very handy).

Dazzling rush: [4 levels, requires Trailblazer 1]
Every enemy affected by trailblazer’s relocation damage has 25% chance per node level to be blinded for 3 seconds. Also duration of trails increases by 1.5 seconds per node level.

Meteor’s flight: [7 levels, requires Dazzling rush 2]
Trailblazer’s relocation damage increases by 15% per node level and its stun chance additionally increases by 30% per node level.

Lightning fury: [1 level, requires Meteor’s flight 3]
Every damage caused by this skill and its effects become lightning. After relocation caster gains 100% bonus to attack, cast and movement speed. This bonus lasts 1.5 second. Note: skill loses its “fire” category and gains “lightning”. All damage is dealt as lightning, though all nodes keeps their functionality, even those like “Overheat” or “Trailblazer”. Visuals of the spell and its nodes are also changed, filled with lightning, but give an understanding, that skill’s fiery origin is not lost. Lightning effects are red and dark. Their look and sound should feel more dangerous and destructive then original.

Thunder strike: [3 levels, requires Lightning fury 1]
All enemies affected by this skill’s burst have 34% chance to be shocked for 3 seconds.

Soul of storm: [4 levels, requires Thunder strike 3]
While under effect of “Lightning fury”, caster has mana efficiency increased by 25% per each node level for all lightning skills.

Reckless assault: [1 level]
Caster won’t benefit from any barrier’s protection bonuses (base bonus included) for 1.5 seconds after relocation. Though the burst area is increased by 40%, and all enemies, affected by the burst, are terrified for 2 seconds.

Explosions mastery: [10 levels, requires Reckless assault 1]
Increases this skill’s burst damage by 10% per node level and increases its area of effect by 5% per node level.

Bomb voyage: [1 level, requires Explosions mastery 4]
When caster gets fatal blow, he bursts, dealing 50% increased damage in twice larger area. His health is restored to 10% of max, but next 2 seconds caster remains stunned. This effect can occur only once every 30 seconds. Note: this node’s burst won’t start any after-burst effects, like “Overheat”. Though all burst modifiers keep working, like “Reckless assault” (this also means lowered protection bonus).

Suicide tactics: [5 levels, requires Bomb voyage 1]
Reduces “Bomb voyage” cooldown by 3 seconds per node level and grants 20% of caster’s maximum health as ward every time “Bomb voyage” effect occurs.

Overheat: [7 levels]
When caster bursts, flame continues to blaze for 2 seconds dealing damage every second to all enemies around. Radius of blaze equals 70% of full burst’s radius and its every second damage equals 8% of full burst’s damage. Every next node levels increases blaze damage by additional 2% and blaze time - by 0.5 second.

Residual burst: [4 levels, requires Overheat 1]
When “Overheat” effect ends, a lesser burst appears and deals 15% of full burst’s damage per node level. Area of this effect is the same as “Overheat” node has.

Stronger heat: [5 levels, requires Residual burst 4]
Part of “Overheat” effect radius increases by 6% per node level (so it’s 100% at max). Also, while caster is under effect of “Overheat”, duration of chill and freeze effects on caster are reduced by 10% per node level.

Fire and Ice: [1 level, requires Stronger heat 2]
“Overheat” and “Residual burst” damage is increased by 50% against chilled or frozen enemies. Also all enemies affected by Overheat gain 25% more damage from caster’s cold skills.

Molten armor: [5 levels, requires Overheat 1]
While under effect of “Overheat” node, any effects, that reduce caster’s armor or reduce attack, cast and movement speed, are weakened by 10% per node level.

Irrepressible leaper: [1 level, requires Molten armor 3]
Now relocation distance can’t be reduced by slow effects. Also caster is able to relocate even being rooted. In this case relocation distance reduces by 40%.

Legendary item example :
Item type: boots
Item name: Voidcharger hooves.

Note: named after those void, bulllike monsters preparing their charge ability.

Description :
Fury Leap (primalist) and Fire Shield (mage) are empowered by Voidcharger’s essence. Area of all their effects is increased by 20%. Also it’s now possible to increase their power, preparing their activation for up to 1.5 seconds and increasing their landing / burst damage by 4% for every 0.1 second of preparation (up to a max of 60%).

Visuals :
Boots are pretty heavy, made of dark violet and very rough leather. There’s a lot of cracked bone outgrowths, especially near the toe and heel where they form a hoof-like. Bone cracks slightly glows a violet.

When empowered skills are preparing, purple energy starts to pile up under character’s feet. And upon skill activation a short purple flash appears.

Functionality :

  1. Skill’s preparing starts when player HOLDs skill button.
  2. Skill activates when player releases skill button or preparation time’s up.
  3. Skill’s cooldown starts after its activation.
  4. While preparing player is able to move mouse pointer freely, and so last pointer’s location will be used as target location.
  5. Preparation of Fire Shield can’t be initiated if it’s switched to a Trailblazer’s additional usage.

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