Beta 0.9g Patch Notes

Edit: 0.9g2 has been released to fix a save data bug for Offline mode.


  • Fixed a bug which caused “rubberbanding” (being moved backwards) when using movement abilities or the Temporal Shift ability in the Temporal Sanctum.
  • Significantly reduced instances of Lunge and similar abilities getting stuck in their animation, which prevented movement until another ability was used.
  • Players can now respawn at the end of a Dungeon boss fight without being kicked out of the dungeon when the boss is defeated by other party members.
  • Players can now choose to Abandon a dungeon or arena run if they don’t want to wait until they can respawn.
  • Fixed a bug where the main combat floor entrances in Soulfire Bastion had invisible reverse transitions. If you walked backwards into them it would reload the zone (ending your dungeon run).
  • Fixed a bug where your character model was sometimes duplicated after transitioning to a new zone. The camera would remain locked on the copy, while the other one could move.
  • Fixed a bug where Spires could attack players that were in Echo of a World.
  • Fixed a bug where the western moon fragment altar in the Moonlit Shrine could sometimes become uninteractable.
  • Fixed quest objective pulses not updating properly in The Fall of Ledria.
  • Fixed some Osprix Vanguard enemies using an incorrect ability.
  • Fixed the “Initializing” screen showing after login even when the queue system isn’t active. This makes getting to character select slightly faster.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leave Game button took you back to Login rather than Character Select.
  • Fixed another rare server bug which could cause save data loss. We are monitoring telemetry to find any other causes that need to be addressed.


  • Thorn Shield now has a slight priority for targeting players over minions and mobile minions over immobile minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Shift’s Deadly Ambush and Braskula’s Hesitation nodes were applying to all non-channelled attacks, not just the next non-channelled attack after Shift.
  • Fixed a bug where Meteor’s Cycle of Fire only granted its ward and mana for 4 seconds after gaining Craterborn, rather than for the full 6 second duration of Craterborn.
  • Fixed a bug where Teleport’s Comet Rush did not refresh the duration of an existing Haste.
  • Fixed a bug where your Vengeance tree sometimes affected an ally’s versions of Riposte and Iron Blade instead of yours.
  • Fixed a bug where the Fulminating Caw node on the Storm Crow tree sometimes caused an ally’s increased lightning damage to apply to your crows instead of your increased lightning damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the nodes on the Ballista tree that caused your stats to apply to your ballistae sometimes caused an ally’s stats to apply to your ballistae instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the on-use sounds for some instant cast abilities would not play on the client of the player using the skill.
  • Fixed the trails behind Acid Flasks, Hammer Throw hammers, and Axe Thrower axes in mid-air stretching incorrectly.
  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Chat & Social

  • Fixed a bug where chat channel selection could be reset in some situations. This could cause chat to turn back on after it’s been turned off.
  • Fixed gameplay messages that are shown in the chat window (i.e. Loot Filter Disabled) being hidden when Chat is disabled.
  • Fixed commands for replying to your last whisper (/r) and changing channels (i.e. /party) not working.
  • Added a /lfg command to switch to the Looking For Group channel.
  • Fixed a bug where Whisper and Party chat messages could sometimes appear to be from the wrong channel.
  • Fixed new chat messages sometimes being cut off halfway vertically.
  • Added a sound effect for receiving direct messages.
  • Fixed the friends list scroll view being shorter than intended, causing fewer friends to be visible at once.
  • The Add Friend and Block Player pop-ups now auto-select the input box so you can type right away.
  • Fixed sections in the friends list re-opening when they should remain collapsed.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a friend could cause an existing friend to disappear from the list for a while.
  • Made a few small improvements to the visuals of the friends list.


  • Cindersong now also grants +1 to Fire Spells. Also improved the clarity of its tooltip.
  • Unused dungeon keys are now returned back to your inventory when closing the dungeon entrance window (if you have space).


  • Fixed a bug where the water in Ritual Lake echoes would cause visual effects to become invisible.
  • Reduced the overall brightness of Imperial Metropolis and Snowbound City echoes to make it easier to see.
  • Updated the visuals for Drain Life’s poison explosion.
  • Updated the visuals for abilities used by Profane Flesh.
  • Fixed the visuals and damage for Profane Flesh sometimes not lining up with its animations.
  • Fixed Profane Flesh snapping to face new targets rather than turning.
  • Fixed Ruby Nagasa not animating properly on death.
  • Fixed Infernal Husks not animating properly.
  • Fixed Apophis sliding at the beginning of the cutscene in Maj’Elka Upper District.
  • Fixed Liath having glitchy animations in Island Battlefield.
  • Fixed the Timeline Conduit in the Shade of Orobyss’ arena having a red outline.


  • Fixed a bug causing memory usage to go up on the client over time, particularly in Monolith. We tested the fix by playing through 10 campaign zones and 10 echos, and found that the fix reduced memory usage by more than 1 GB at the end of the test.
    • The visual assets for enemies were not being properly unloaded when moving to different zones.
    • RAM usage definitely still goes up over time, and we are currently investigating this further.
  • Replaced several lightning visual effects with new ones which are much more performant.
  • Improved the performance of death visual effects for various enemies.
  • The ice projectile ability used by Ice Elementals is now pooled, which mitigates FPS drops caused by this enemy.
  • Updated the Wengari Axe Throw ability’s visuals to be more performant.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause unnecessarily large patch downloads. Unfortunately, the fix can’t help the download size of this patch, just future ones.


Thank you for continuing to make bug reports! We are still focused on bug fixes, server and service stability, performance, and polish. We plan to continue releasing updates but at a more consistent pace with fewer, larger patches. We will still hotfix any critical issues that come up.

Some particular bug fixes that we’re currently working on include:

  • Deleting stash categories causes items to go missing (we’ve confirmed that no items are being deleted)
  • Players sometimes being unable to enter dungeons (this doesn’t affect everyone evenly which makes it harder to track down)
  • Changing left mouse button behavior (i.e. move to attack)
  • Re-ordering skills while transformed
  • Abomination “forgetting” what minions it consumed after moving to a new zone

Great job!

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


thank god daddy!

Somewhat offtopic, but I dont want to create a separate thread:
Is it possible to create a back-up for offline saves?

I lost all my progression and items… twice. So, needless to say, I aint touching online play any time soon.
But, as I heard, you could still lose progression even in offline mode. So is there a way to (periodically) back-up my saves without breaking TOS?

Since the saves are physically on your computer (:\Users\X\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves) you can just copy them somewhere else
Also, Steam cloud saves. But if the loss happens ingame they might overwite anyway, so it’s not the most reliable for this case.

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So no Beastmaster buffs? Half of our tree is useless since you gutted poison. Half the pets aren’t worth using and our attacking skills are so lackluster.

Help us Beastmaster mains out man, damn…

Good stuff EHG keep them coming <3


Shaman is tabled for a rework soon, maybe BM will be looked at also?
(And 90% of Shaman is useless or is done better by Druid lol)

What is Shaman? hehe
Actually Marksman, despite rogue being the last class released, is in a miserable state.


Dying for my bb marksman to get some buffs <3

Yeah Marksman got dumpstered by the crit vuln changes
Most things that had ailments in them probably need looking at, tbh. Anything that wasn’t turbobroken before the nerf are just outright worse than stuff that didn’t rely on ailments.

Still a visual bug where skills don’t actually show you the proper number or when a skill is increased it doesn’t tell you it is. For instance, if a skill is at 24 points, it might only show the cap at 20.

Is this something that is noted by the team?

Awesome to see another patch.

I see that it fixes some of the rubberbanding stuff with movement skills but as I have not been able to look at it yet, does that also fix Acuity from Arcane Ascendance from desyncing mage players?

(as mentioned in this thread: Massive often desync, rubberbanding, skill+animation delays. Game unplayable - #7 by Battlehunter)

when will you fix the servers to play with friends? Too big freezes and delays?

To bad no fixes to skill behaviors, still can’t lunge to friends and baby scrops spawn (need to check it with new patch, but not mentioned in this log) :smiling_face_with_tear: Good job anyway, keep it up

Thank you! The worst QoL issue for me since launch has been how badly +to skill items break the correct reporting of which skills can be updated and with how many points. Apart from that it’s really good

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Any updates in relation to having an option to hide the account name above the in-game characters, or even to be able to swap it to the character name? This is really breaking immersion for me.

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Remember, folks; bug fixes and optimizations first, class balance adjustments later. We want a functional game with as few issues as possible at launch. It’s on their radar, just a lower priority.

Sanctum isn’t fixed for me, still switching back to original timeline

Edit: I’ve done a full sancrum run and found a workaround. If I stand still or at least unpress left mouse while using Temporal Shift, no rubberbanding occurs. Hope this info will help other frustrated players, and devs to finally fix this.
Should I upload my 85 MB log file?

Also congratulate me on my first T4 Jurla, who dropped nothing useful

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