Beta 0.9g2 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in Beta 0.9g which caused save data loss in Offline. If you returned to Login/Character Select by using the Leave Game button and then loaded any offline character, any updates to that character or the stash during that session would not be saved.

Unfortunately, if you were affected by this problem there is no way to recover the lost progress as it was never saved, and all gameplay for Offline happens locally on your computer.

If you experience any data loss in Offline while playing on 0.9g2 (i.e. after you have downloaded the update and have played for some time, not if you notice data loss from playing 0.9g), please make a bug report with as much information about what you did and what happened.

We sincerely apologize for this oversight and we will review our test procedures to prevent this happening in the future.

Similarly, we remain vigilant for any save data problems in Online mode. We are proactively looking for any cases of this, but if you experience save data loss in Online, you can help us track down the problem quicker by making a bug report with the approximate time you last played the character before the data loss, and the name of the character. This makes it faster for us to start investigating, and will let us know if there are problems that our telemetry isn’t catching yet.


Nice and quick response to the issue. Keep up the good work.


Dear developers, do you even know that after the release of multiplayer, you just broke the damn game for melee classes?
Your fix about accidentally opening chests and the need to repeatedly click the mouse button on objects completely broke the character’s auto-attack in melee.
The character does not go to the next target if you do not release and press the attack again. Are you out of your mind at all? Am I playing a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: clicker?
I can’t even count how many times I’ve already died on bosses and ordinary monsters due to the fact that I have to release the attack and click again on each mob because the character stupidly stands still and waves the weapon at idle without moving to the target, somehow I have the shift clamped.
And yes, your setup in the options does not work. If you turn it off there at all, then the character stops going to the goal at all.
It is also impossible to put a totem if you don’t let go of the main attack for at least a second. Any release of the attack if you play through the theft of health leads to the death of the character.
Does your game not support more than one single button click?

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I can play my melee characters fine. I had to readjust for a while but it’s possible.

But to answer your question, yes, they are aware of it. They acknowledged it on several occasions already, including the v0.9g patch notes.


Well , I 'm just in case . It will not be superfluous to remind them of this again :slight_smile:
I will also add a post about the problem with the totem.

From a programmer - Thank you for the quick fix! You guys rock

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Relax. Developers are people. They can nake mistakes. Just rude.


-1 . offtopic


The amount of crying and entitlement this past week has been off the charts, its gross.

Nice response time on the fix, didnt affect me at all, but great nonetheless.


I switched to offline because I lost all items and progression in online play twice. Freakin twice.
And now this.

Member when devs said: Multi is out when it’s ready.
Well, that was a f***ing lie.

It’s full on hyperbolic as hell too, one dude was comparing a few hour rollback to a car breaking down due to design flaw.


I caught the tail end of that convo, I stayed far away because unlike some of you, my threshold for stupid is very low. I like not being banned :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not as bad as you think…

Forgot to post yesterday as was busy but Julra isnt dropping any guaranteed uniques

I killed her on multiple tiers to test and she dropped no unique at all

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#bug-reports? I assume they aren’t being hidden by a loot filter?

No filter issues as I dont hide uniques at all, someone else also posted in chat prior to my kills Julra dropped nothing and I checked Perrys stream who was also doing Julra after I did and no drop

Also the desync timewarp bug still exists where if you are using/autoing another skill when using timewarp it sends you right back

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Yes this bug sending you back when using timewarp still exists. This is soo annoying…

for when the next patch¿?¿

God its refreshing to see devs who are committed to fixing issues and due so in a timely fashion.

When it’s done.