Beta 0.8c Patch Notes

Note: Last Epoch requires a Last Epoch account for all users.

If you are a new user since the release of Beta 0.8 you will now need to register an account with Beta 0.8c. You will be presented a registration screen upon entering the game after the update. This will not affect any saved data.

Social Features


Lethal Mirage

  • Sundering Blows now grants 2% more damage per stack of bleed per point, and has a maximum effect of 30% more damage per point.


  • Clarified the description of Barrage of Pain to specify that it adds on to Bow Mastery, using the same buff icon.
  • Shadow Cacade’s tags now correctly update to add Throwing and/or remove Melee depending on the nodes taken.
  • Shift (and its nodes) no longer states that it leaves a smoke trail. This mechanic was removed during development.
  • The Blade Shield node for Shurikens no longer states that the effect stacks. Stacking was removed during development due to power concerns.


  • Several uniques added in Beta 0.8 can now be obtained. They were disabled from dropping by mistake.
  • The Chance to Summon Bees with Acid Flask idol affix now only summons a single bee at a time and has reduced values.

User Interface

  • The “basic attack DPS” entry in the character sheet is now calculated using Bow stats when you have a bow equipped.


  • Updated Holy Aura visuals.
  • Updated Forge Strike visuals.
  • Updated blood visuals for Blood Chimeras, Blood Scorpions and others.


  • The Rogue says her “skill on cooldown” voice line less often.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed objectives spawning out of bounds in the Volcanic City Monolith layout.
  • Fixed the minimap in Volcanic City not matching the layout of the level.
  • Fixed a bug preventing any nodes from being taken on Snap Freeze. Players will receive a free respec for Snap Freeze due to the fix.
  • Fixed a bug where Synchronized Strike’s Shadow Infusion node was increasing radius per Shadow consumed, rather than increasing area as intended. This will make the overall area of effect of the skill with this node much smaller.
  • Fixed a bug where Hail of Arrows could apply damaging ailments to allies in some situations.
  • Fixed the Rogue passive Lethal Cadence not scaling with points allocated.
  • Fixed some node connections on the Lethal Mirage tree only working in one direction.
  • Added a failsafe to prevent items getting deleted when switching a bow for another type of weapon with a full inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where Dancing Strikes’ 3rd hit could not proc any on hit effects, such as applying ailments.
  • Fixed a bug preventing movement across a vine bridge in The Ancient Cavern.
  • Fixed music not changing in the Tomb of Morditas.
  • Fixed the animations for Moss Trolls being timed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the dropdowns for various graphics settings did not load properly the first time the game was started.
  • Fixed graphical issues related to setting Reflections to Very Low.
  • Fixed class names not fitting on one line in the Ladder window.
  • Fixed the chance to slow on bow hit affix having an incorrect name.
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes.

This update is currently available on Steam and will be released to Standalone within an hour or two. EDIT: 0.8c is now available on Standalone.

If you opted-in to testing Beta 0.8b, you will need to switch back to the default version of the game to receive this update.

Right click on Last Epoch in your Steam library, then navigate to Properties -> Betas and select “default” from the dropdown.


Great… Thanks EHG… :+1: :smiley: Downloading now

oooohhhh ballista bow hype :slight_smile: thanks guys great work as always <3

Awesome, finally!

That’s my main thing i like to do, building around uniques and i was so sad, that some uniques weren’t obtainable.

Let’s GO!


Special Thanks Guys. WOOP WOOP Balista Bow farming Time!

As always quick to fix problems and continue to improve visuals! Love this game, its my current #1 arpg recommended to my community, keep up the great work!

Any chance you are going to fix mourningstar boots to work with bow attacks? Or are they suppose to not add damage to bows like it does other weapons and spells?

I’m checking the back end and it is set up to work with bow attacks already.

well it doesn’t work in game. my damage doesn’t change when I equip them. I have a video showing it in bug forum but can make a better video showing how it changes flurry’s damage with a sword and not when using a bow if needed?

Actually, I just found the bug, it’s not working for throwing either. Fixed for next patch.


thank you very much. Appreciate the response.

Yes great let’s download it

That didn’t take long. lol

Was hoping to try it out this weekend. Ah shucks. :wink:

Bought the game on Steam, Registered on your site, but still won’t let me into the game. Writes that I do not have a license, error le24. How to link steam version?

Sorry about that! Could you please contact support so we can look into this? We prefer not to discuss account or purchase related issues in public in case there’s any sensitive information involved.


Same issue here. Just contacted support. Guess I won’t be able to game tonight.

Yeah, same issue. LE-24 error license not found. New player who bought the game on Steam during 0.8 when no account was required.

Made new account, cant login to game anymore because no license, apparently. Already made a support ticket about it.

Thank you

Would be appreciated if this could be turned off completely as an option, I have voices on 0 volume to avoid them saying it, still have PTSD from Grim Dawn having skills on autocast with the character saying ‘I CANT DO THAT YET’ every 8 seconds and leaving the voices on for some reason