Account needed?

Does everyone need to create another account to play Last Epoch now? Previously, I opened the game up in Steam and I was good to go, today, it asks me to register an account or I can’t play. Is this a feature/bug currently or do I really need this account that I now created?

The login server has been having a few issues this evening. If you access LE via steam then you don’t need an account.

Ah, this is not accurate. See below:

Social Features (account login/creation, chat, cosmetics, ladder, etc) were disabled in Patch 0.8 which is why people who purchased the game during that time didn’t have to create a Last Epoch account. However, the Steam store page has always stated that a Last Epoch account is necessary:

This was certainly overlooked by many who purchased the game on Steam and have now been asked to create a Last Epoch account when starting the game since Patch 0.8c released, which restored all Social Features.

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