Beta 0.8 Patch Notes

Beta 0.8 is now available on all platforms for Steam! Windows Standalone is also available, with other platforms coming soon.

A Patch Overview video by Game Director Judd Cobler.


Table of Contents
 1. The Rogue
 2. Rogue Skills
 3. Dual Wielding
 4. Campaign
 5. Social Features
 6. Skill Balance
 7. Mechanics
 8. Passives
 9. End Game
10. Items
11. Uniques
12. Enemies
13. Visuals
14. User Interface
15. Sound
16. Optimization
17. Bug Fixes


The Rogue

The 5th base class for Last Epoch is now available! Highlights include:

  • 2 mastery classes: Bladedancer and Marksman
  • 17 skills and specialization trees
  • 46 class-specific affixes for body armour and helmets and 50 Idol affixes
  • Unique character model, animations and voice acting


Rogue Skills

Base Class

  • Flurry - A bow or melee attack that performs 3 rapid strikes. The last strike can be cancelled by moving. Unlocked at character level 1.
  • Shurikens - A throwing attack that launches 3 shurikens in a cone in front of you. Can be repeated by Shadows. Unlocked at character level 2.
  • Shift - A short, fixed-distance dash with a 3 second cooldown and quick animation. Unlocked at character level 3.
  • Acid Flask - Throw a flask of acid that explodes on impact, poisoning enemies and shredding their armor. Unlocked at character level 4.
  • Puncture - An extended melee stab or piercing bow attack that has a 30% chance to inflict bleed on hit. Bleeds inflicted by Puncture have 30% increased duration. Unlocked at character level 5.
  • Cinder Strike - Melee or bow combo with three attacks. The first attack creates a large fiery explosion, followed by two rapid smaller attacks. Unlocked at character level 10.
  • Smoke Bomb - Drop a Smoke Bomb at your feet that blinds enemies and grants you haste while you remain inside it. The Cloud of Smoke lasts 4 seconds and grows in size over its duration. Unlocked at 5 points into Rogue passives.
  • Decoy - Throw a device to create a decoy that taunts enemies around it for 3 seconds before exploding. Unlocked at 10 points into Rogue passives.
  • Ballista - Summons a ballista that fires bolts at nearby enemies. Ballistae have 1000 base health, last 10 seconds by default, and are poor at drawing enemy aggro. Unlocked at 15 points into Rogue passives.



  • Dancing Strikes - A combo of 4 different melee strikes that move you forward as you use them. Requires dual wielding. Unlocked by selecting Bladedancer as your Mastery Class.
  • Shadow Cascade - A large circular melee attack that’s also repeated by your Shadows. Requires dual wielding. Unlocked at 5 points into Bladedancer passives.
  • Synchronized Strike - Jump forward and strike in an area in front of you while Shadows appear and simultaneously strike on either side of you, then persist afterwards. Requires a melee weapon. Unlocked at 10 points into Bladedancer passives.
  • Lethal Mirage - Leap forward and disappear for a duration, becoming invulnerable while mirages rapidly strike nearby targets. Unlocked at 30 points into Bladedancer passives.



  • Detonating Arrow - Fires a lightning arrow that embeds itself in a target then explodes after a short duration. All added bow damage is converted to lightning. Unlocked by selecting Marksman as your Mastery Class.
  • Multishot - A bow attack that fires a cone of 5 arrows in the target direction. Aiming the cursor further from your character reduces the spread. Unlocked at 5 points into Marksman passives.
  • Dark Quiver - Summons 7 Black Arrows that rain from the sky around you over 4 seconds, retrieving one grants 100% increased damage to your next bow attack. Unlocked at 10 points into Marksman passives.
  • Hail of Arrows - Launch a hail of arrows into the sky that rain down on the target location over 3.5 seconds, dealing damage over time. Unlocked at 30 points into Marksman passives.


Dual Wielding

  • Dual wielding can now be enabled for multiple classes by taking a passive node which allows you to equip specific kinds of weapons in your offhand. You can still equip any weapon you like in your main hand. Read the devblog about this system here.
  • Primalists can wield axes or swords in their offhand after taking a passive node.
  • Rogues can wield daggers or swords in their offhand after taking a passive node.
  • Sentinels can wield swords in their offhand after taking a passive node.
  • Spellblades can wield swords in their offhand after taking a passive node.



Chapter 3

  • Completely overhauled the 3 ruined era temple zones: The Temple of Eterra, The Lotus Halls, and The Sanctum Bastille.
  • Each temple zone has a brand new layout, visuals, and quests.


Other Changes

  • There is now a notification at the top of the screen whenever a new chapter starts.
  • Upgraded visuals in the zones adjacent to the Temple of Eterra: The Courtyard and The Outcast Camp.
  • Removed the cinematic camera movement in The Council Chambers.


Social Features

These improvements will be coming in a small patch shortly after 0.8 is released. Social features are currently disabled.


  • Improved stability.
  • You can now whisper players by typing “/w [username]”, and reply to whispers sent to you by typing “/r”.
  • You can now choose to display All messages or only Whispers by clicking on a dropdown at the top of the chat box.
  • Right clicking on a username in chat allows you to whisper, friend, or block that player.



  • Improved stability.
  • The Social window (H) allows you to manage or view your friend list, set and view status messages, and block players.
  • You now receive a notification on the left side of the screen when a friend request is received. This can be disabled in the Social tab of the Settings window.



  • Selecting “Remember Me” on the Login screen allows you to login without re-entering your password for subsequent sessions on the Standalone client.


Skill Balance

Aura of Decay

  • Absence of Life heals for 3% of missing health (from 2%).
  • Inoculation grants 5% less poison damage taken (from 2%), but can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Respite grants 50% increased health regen on deactivation (from 40%) and now also grants 15% poison resistance while in Aura of Decay.


Bone Curse

  • Illusion of Pain’s crit and damage bonuses now only apply to instances of Bone Curse applied directly by the Bone Curse spell, and not to instances applied by other skills via the Cursed Limbs node.


Hungering Souls

  • Initial hit deals 25% more damage.


Summon Frenzy Totem

  • Summon Frenzy Totem now has a cooldown of 6 seconds (from 6.2 seconds).
  • Frenzy Totems have 100 base health (from 60) and gain 5 health per attunement and character level (from 3).


Summon Storm Totem

  • Summon Storm Totem now has a 3 second cooldown (from 8 seconds).
  • Storm Totems have 100 base health (from 60 stated, 80 actual) and gain 5 health per attunement and level (from 4).


Summon Thorn Totem

  • Characters with Thorn Totem specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Summon Thorn Totem no longer has a cooldown.
  • Rotten Core now creates a burst that poisons on hit, rather than a poison cloud that lingers.
  • Rotten Core now grants 100% chance (from 25%), but can have 1 point allocated (from 4) and requires 3 points in Lasting Affliction (from 1).
  • Lasting Affliction can have 4 points allocated (from 3) and requires 2 points in Venom Tipped Thorns (from 3).
  • Forested Expanse no longer grants an additional charge, but only increases mana cost by 25% (from 40%), and can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Grove Mind no longer increases cooldown duration, reduces charges, or reduces summoning speed, but it now reduces maximum totems by 1 and adds 15 to mana cost per additional totem summoned.
  • Frenetic Attunement increases summoning speed by 10% (from 17%).
  • Eternal Forest now also grants totems 15% more health, but only increases duration by 1 second (from 3) and requires 2 points in Forested Expanse (from 1).
  • Totemic Wisdom grants 15% mana efficiency (from 35%).
  • Switched the positions of Totemic Wisdom and Memories of Eterra.
  • Memories of Eterra no longer increases cooldown recovery speed, but instead grants mana when a totem dies. It can have 3 points allocated (from 5).
  • Fixed a bug where Frost Attunement did not increase freeze rate per point of attunement.



  • Glancing Blow now reduces damage taken by 35% (from 50%).
  • Levelling up now fully restores your health and mana.




  • Primalists will receive a free respec for their passive tree.
  • Added a node that allows you to dual wield by equipping an axe or sword in your offhand
  • Tempestborn and Thorn Bond have been replaced by a new node that increases physical, cold, and lightning damage and whose effect is doubled while you have an active minion.
  • Hunter’s Restoration now restores 8 health (from 6) and also grants 2% increased health.
  • Berserker reduces damage taken on low health by 5% per point (from 6%).



  • Added a node that allows you to dual wield by equipping a sword in your offhand
  • Removed Retaliation (increased damage, doubled if blocked recently)
  • Iron Mastery can have 8 points allocated (from 5)
  • Fixed a bug where Iron Mastery granted on kill was more powerful than Iron Mastery granted when hit.



  • Added a Spellblade-exclusive node that allows you to dual wield by equipping a sword in your off hand.


End Game

Monolith of Fate

  • Bosses in non-quest echoes deal 10% more damage and have 12% more health.
  • Husk of Elder Pannion no longer uses teleports or dashes in the Monolith of Fate. This is to resolve a bug where he could get stuck in walls, making the Echo impossible to complete.



  • Added Golden Arena Keys, which allow you to start the Arena at wave 80.
    • Dropped instead of a regular Arena Key from the Arena Reward Chest when you abandon a run after 80+ waves.
    • Occasionally dropped from rare enemies in level 90+ timelines if you have conquered at least 15 echoes in that run.
  • The chance of getting an arena key from the Arena Reward Chest when abandoning a run now scales with the number of waves completed. You always get a key if you completed at least 65 waves.
  • The maximum pack size multiplier has been reduced by 10%.
  • The maximum movement speed multiplier has been increased by 8%.
  • Improved loading times.
  • The Arena now starts with a random arena zone, rather than always starting with the Woodland Arena.
  • Can no longer have the same enemy type spawn for two waves in a row.
  • Zone changes every 10 waves (from every 15).
  • Can no longer have the same layout twice in a row.
  • Now plays a random music track from a pool rather than a fixed track in each arena zone.



New Items Types

* Added Daggers as an item type, with 11 subtypes. * Added Bows as an item type, with 11 subtypes. Bows are currently Rogue-specific. * Added Quivers as an item type for use as an off-hand with bows. 8 subtypes exist.



  • Some non-class specific item types are now more common for certain classes. This does not affect uniques or affect the total number of items dropped.
    • Bows and Quivers very rarely drop for non-Rogue classes, as they can only be equipped by Rogues.
    • Catalysts rarely drop for Primalists, Sentinels, and Rogues.
    • Two Handed Maces and Axes are now as common as other item types for Primalists and Sentinels, but half as common for other classes (from being 25% less common than other item types for all classes).
    • Daggers are half as common as other item types for Primalists and Sentinels.



  • Reduced the implicit block effectiveness of all shields.
  • Reduced the value of the block effectiveness affix (especially below T6).
  • Reduced block chance of the Heater Shield, Tower Shield, and Kite Shield.


Ailment Retaliation Affixes

These have generally felt underwhelming, show up too often and feel like they're just taking space away from defensive affixes you do want, such as health and resistances.
  • Chance to Chill Attackers no longer rolls on body armour, helmets, or gloves (it now only rolls on shields and catalysts), and its values are about 80% higher.
  • Chance to Slow Attackers no longer rolls on rings, belts, or boots (it now only rolls on shields and catalysts), and its values are about 80% higher.
  • Chance to Shock Attackers no longer rolls on relics (it now only rolls on shields and catalysts), and its values are about 20% higher.


Other Affix Changes

  • Most class specific affixes now spawn on helmets and body armour 80% more frequently.
  • Most affixes on two handed weapons are 19% more powerful (with the exception of all attributes and less damage taken from crits).
  • Most affixes on one handed weapons are 17% more powerful.
  • Most affixes on catalysts and shields are 17% more powerful (with the exception of shield specific affixes, such as block chance).
  • Added melee void damage has lower values than before at T1 to T4, but higher values at T6 and T7.
  • Other added melee damage affix values are higher, but not as much higher as other affixes on weapons, before T6 and T7 (for which they have a similar increase to other affixes).
  • Hybrid affixes that previously reduced mana cost by a fixed amount now have greater mana cost reduction at T6 and T7
  • The Acolyte’s Insatiable idol affix now grants a chance to cast Marrow Shards after using Transplant, rather than a chance to use Soul Feast. This benefits from your Marrow Shards tree (it did not benefit from your Soul Feast tree).
  • Added a new affix for Acolyte body armour and helmets with the same effect as the above.
  • Slightly increased the value of increased stun chance and increased melee stun chance affixes.
  • Increased stun chance can now also roll on gloves, but it is rarer on gloves than it is on weapons.
  • Slightly increased the power of bleed chance, ignite chance, slow chance, blind chance, chill chance, poison chance and shock chance affixes.
  • Shock chance now rolls more frequently on sceptres and staves (to match its heightened frequency on wands).



New Items

  • Added 8 new unique items.
  • Added a new 3-piece set.


Eye of Reen

  • Now grants 75% to 100% chance to gain a stack of Reen’s Ire on melee crit (chance above 100% has no effect), instead of always granting a stack per Eye of Reen equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where the roll for melee fire damage and melee ignite chance was always the same (e.g. if you had max melee fire damage you would also have max melee ignite chance).



Item Drops

  • Rare enemies now always drop at least one rare item.
  • Increased item drop rate from rarity can now also increase the number of items dropped. Previously if an enemy type already had a high chance to drop items, the number of items it dropped on average would not be increased as much from it being a magic or rare enemy.
  • Slightly reduced the default item drop chance of enemies.


Rare Enemy Scaling

  • Rare enemies no longer get a universal multiplier to their maximum health. The health of rare enemies with lower base health is now increased more than the health of rare enemies with higher base health.
  • Reduced how much rare enemy health scaling increases with area level.
  • Rare enemies deal slightly more damage.
  • The aim of these changes is to avoid rares that are killed too quickly for their modifiers to have any effect, while also avoiding rares that take far too long to kill.


Magic Enemy Scaling

  • Magic enemies no longer get a universal multiplier to their maximum health. The health of magic enemies with lower base health is now increased more than the health of magic enemies with higher base health. This results in most magic enemies having more health than before.


Chapter 3 Enemies

  • Increased Void Cultist health by 55%.
  • Increased Silent Disciple health by 59%.
  • Increased Void Prophet health by 61%.
  • Increased Bloated Husk health by 71%.
  • Reduced Voidwing Nest health by 22%.
  • Archyreans now always spawn as rare enemies.


Primeval Dragon

  • Roar now shreds fire resistance.
  • 11% less health.
  • 15% increased melee attack speed.
  • 25% more fire damage.
  • 25% less delay between preparing and releasing fire breath.


Void Amalgamation

  • Reduced the duration of lightning areas on the ground to 35 seconds (from 65 seconds).
  • Increased lightning beam damage by 15%.


Other Changes

  • Enemies above level 60 now deal slightly more damage, up to 6.4% at level 100.



Screen Shake

* Fixed a serious bug where if a screen shake effect was in progress any new screen shake effects would increase its remaining duration, but not change its intensity or start a new screen shake effect. * New screen shake effects will replace existing ones if the new effect is of higher intensity, or wait until the current effect has ended if it is of lower intensity. The new event will have the same end time in either situation. * The intensity of screen shake has been increased to help make combat feel more impactful now that bugs with the system have been resolved.


Other Changes

  • Added a new tier of armor models for Acolytes. Existing items have been updated to use the new visuals.
  • Updated the Acolyte’s appearance on the character select screen to use the new set of armor models.
  • Updated the visuals for Holy Aura.
  • Added a new ground crack effect to Shield Rush.


User Interface

  • Updated the game’s logo.
  • The range for implicits on items is now shown in the Loot Filter.
  • Implemented tooltips to explain when Masteries are unlocked in the Passives window.
  • Substantially updated the design of item tooltips.
  • Updated the design for skill and passive tooltips.
  • Improved elements and backgrounds for many different pieces of the user interface.
  • Fixed many cases of poor quality / jagged images in the user interface, particularly items.
  • Health bars above the heads of the player, minions and enemies now have a glow at the end of them. The experience bar also has a similar glow.
  • Claw Totems now share a single icon in the top left of the screen rather than having an icon for each totem.



  • Added 2 new music tracks for the Temple of Eterra.
  • Updated sounds for selecting a class on the character creation screen.
  • Added a new sound for Abyssal Sundering.
  • The sound effects for Soul Spear and Seeking Soul now follow the projectile, rather than emanating from where the skill was cast.
  • Updated sounds for the Temple Guardian.
  • Improved sound timing for the melee attacks of Devoured Husks.



  • Optimized shadows. This achieved a 6 FPS average gain across the game.
    • There are now shadows present on the Very Low setting as they have minimal performance impact now.
  • Added a “Detail Shadows” option, which can be unticked for further performance improvements if desired.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed various targeting/control issues
    • Targeting a wall with Warpath now makes you spin towards the wall rather than spin on the spot.
    • Targeting off the edge of a map with no floor with Warpath now makes you spin towards the cursor.
    • Targeting other skills off the edge of a map with no floor now targets the cursor at the height of the player.
    • These bugs were particularly prevalent in the Lagon boss fight.
  • Fixed a bug where minimap progress was not saved when re-entering a zone.
  • Fixed Shock not having less effect against players.



  • Fixed a bug where ailment chances granted from places outside of a skill’s tree would not apply to sub-skills it created (i.e. ignite chance on a wand did not apply to Volcanic Orb’s Shrapnel).
  • Fixed a bug where skills that inherently modified ailments (such as Serpent Strike’s increased poison duration) did not modify ailments granted from outside their skill trees.
  • Fixed a bug where skills that were supposed to be unable to apply specific ailments could apply those ailments if you had a stat that gave you a chance to apply them.
  • Fixed a bug where the cooldown for a skill would not be shown when viewing its tooltip in the skills panel unless you had equipped it.
  • Fixed a bug where Arcane Ascendance’s duration was refreshed each time you cast a spell with the Acuity node taken.
  • Fixed a bug where Enchant Weapon’s Conduit node would not work unless Thundering was also taken, and triggered less often than intended when Thundering was taken.
  • Fixed a bug where Eterra’s Blessing’s Embolden node did not increase the damage of your next spell.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Ward’s Infusion and Through Flames nodes did not apply their damage bonus to the Fire Aura created by Flame Ward.
  • Fixed a bug where Firebrand’s Exothermic and Hypothermic nodes doubled the effects of Incineration, causing a greater damage buff than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Rebuke’s Burst of Speed node did not increase attack or cast speed (it did increase movement speed and still does).
  • Fixed Rive’s Assassin’s Sustenance node granting 0.5% health leech per point instead of the intended 5% health leech per point.
  • Fixed a bug where Shatter Strike’s Cold Steel node did not apply when a two-handed sword was equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeleton Pyromancers had double the intended cast speed with fireball.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeleton Pyromancers could not receive extra projectiles from the Splintered Dominion node.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Plague’s Enfeeblement node did not cause Spirit Plague to apply any Frailty.



  • Fixed a bug where the Implicit values for items in the gambler could be shown before purchase by using the compare function.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sentinel’s affixes that relied on having a certain weapon equipped (such as “Melee Physical Damage If Wielding A Sword”) did not display correctly until you switched weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mage’s affixes for Increased Fire Aura Damage did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where the tidal waves from Alluvion would shoot out at odd angles based on cursor position.
  • Fixed the display name of the Primalist Totem Cast Speed affix.



  • Fixed a bug where the Husk of Elder Pannion’s cold dash ability could leave him in an inaccessible location in The Lower District.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.7.10 where enemies with natural resistances had much higher resistance values than intended. This did not affect resistance monster suffixes.
  • Fixed the damage indicator for delayed void novas from Voidfire Maggots, Void Cultists, and Otra’Ek The Survivor disappearing before the damage was dealt.
  • Possibly fixed a bug where twinned enemies could create an immortal twin if a single instance of damage took them from above 50% health to below 0%.



  • Fixed multiple cases of items dropping out of bounds in Imperial Welryn and Ruined Welryn
  • Fixed projectiles failing in Erza’s Library.
  • Fixed a bug preventing projectiles from being used at the end of The Nomad Camp.
  • Fixed the quest pulse for finding alternate paths in the Ending the Storm timeline pointing to the wrong location.
  • Starting the Immortal Empire’s End quest after failing it previously now skips the Soul Repository step. This bypasses a bug where quest pulses did not show up properly.
  • Fixed a bug where you could walk through a fence in Traveler’s Camp.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the scenery in The Lower Sewer would flicker.
  • Fixed a graphical error with a tree in Etendell.



  • Fixed a bug where the visuals of the Character Select screen would break if you changed graphics settings before entering the game.
  • Fixed a bug where bloom was disabled for some users.
  • Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s activation visual would play a second time if the skill’s duration was increased.
  • Fixed a bug where Void Husks would not use walking animations after teleporting.
  • Fixed a bug where the Enrage visual could appear on dead enemies.
  • Fixed at least one source of a bug where the Stun visual effect would appear over dead enemies.

HOLY *%$^. Amazing.

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Patch hype. time to pew pew and swoosh swoosh with a new Waifu!

Thanks. Have fun everyone !

Sooooooo much better than Wolcen! Thank you for this!


What a company - great patch and progress - hats off.

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This looks great Thankyou!!

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Is it only me or the new chat is not working?

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@Gilavar it’s disabled until they push the patch for it:

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about 2 hours ago :slight_smile:
standalone client had some issues and will be coming when they fix it

You sure about that? When I start the game through steam, rogue is missing and it’s still on the last patch.

100% sure. you may need to go to the downloads page and manually push the update to the front of the queue. steam tends to queue things up so all your updates don’t download back-to-back and suck up your connection for an extended period. you can change LE to always update first by going into the Properties menu, on the Updates tab, if you want to make sure it’s prioritized over other things.

I have “Always keep this game up to date” set and there is no update queued. I’m thinking maybe only some regions have the update so far. So I’ll just wait a bit longer.

Edit: Looks like the patch is out for NA as of 4PM

you may be right. i don’t know how steam handles distributing updates to other regions. i would expect it to already have had time to spread out to everyone by this point though. sorry to hear it’s giving you trouble. maybe you should restart steam and/or your computer?

btw, “always keep this game up to date” is the default behavior, but there is another setting you can choose to prioritize the game. someone posted that their update was queued for december 16th, until they pushed it to the front manually. choosing the priority option would prevent that from happening (unless you choose it for every game, i guess)

By the way, what do those turquoise colored ‘A30’ , ‘A60’ etc near the mini-map in the upper-right corner of the screen mean?