Opt-In Testing For Patch 0.8b Social Features

We have recently been working on very significant changes to our infrastructure. On Sunday we released Patch 0.8b which enabled some social features (e.g. chat, leaderboards) which rely on this new infrastructure, however we subsequently pulled the update after issues were uncovered. Since then, we have been identifying and resolving a number of these problems.

Naturally we wish to avoid a similar situation occuring in future, and so we are making an updated version of Patch 0.8b available on an opt-in basis. If you are interested in helping us test this update, please see the following post for instructions on how to access it. This testing currently only involves a Windows client available through Steam.

If you do opt-into this testing, please report any issues you encounter here in this thread. Thank you to everyone who chooses to help us with this testing, we very much appreciate it.


How to Opt-In to Patch 0.8b

Right-click Last Epoch in Steam and click Properties:


Open the BETAS tab, enter the code ShiCiCeanDEvItat and click CHECK CODE:


Select ‘socialfeatures’ from the betas dropdown. It should look like this:


You should see the beta reflected in your Steam Library once it’s finished downloading.


You can return to the publicly available version of the game at any time by selecting ‘default’ from the beta branch dropdown.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues! We will be monitoring this thread and our systems very closely.


i won’t be able to play for a while but i’ll jump in at some point tonight. :slight_smile:

Small potential bug. I have a duplicate whisper chat.
Actions take before bug:

  1. Accepted friend request from recipient
  2. Right-click added user in chat to send message
  3. Clicked ‘All’ to see chat selections and saw 2 instances of added user.


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I didn’t notice any glaring issues, but I also didn’t experience any issues with the original 0.8b patch.

Only minor issue I saw was that the Ladder window’s width may need to be expanded a bit to properly fit some of the Character & Class names.

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A friend and me didn’t have any issues with the original patch, either.

Will try to test tomorrow night, though! Cheers for letting us participate and asking our opinion; much appreciated!

so far i’ve only had two issues with the new system

it’s invisible until i activate it to start typing or at least disappears very quickly before i have time to notice new chat popping up…

sometimes the chat box seems to suddenly lose focus while i’m typing, causing my keystrokes to serve their normal functions (opening menus, using skills, etc.)

i wrote this hours ago and kept the page open to keep further notes but i haven’t found any other issues to speak of and mentioned both of these to hack in chat… just posting it for the purpose of having a record of it in case it’s needed. i’ll keep my eyes peeled for more issues!

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You sure don’t have to worry about anyone accidently running the beta version :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this is because I opted into this patch, but every so often Dancing Strike will break and only perform the first attack in sequence regardless of how long you hold the attack key. That is to say it will continuously only attack with the first strike over and over. Leaving the game and then restarting seems to fix it when this happen, so not a big issue. Just thought I should mention it.

Also it stops attacking all together. It seems like the character gets stuck inside the enemy model as it tries to “dance” around. Moving the cursor off the enemy can sometimes fix this. Other times moving away is required before the character will begin attacking again.

No, that’s not related to 0.8b

Clicking ‘X’ to toggle the Loot Filter, there is a ‘Loot Filter enabled’ message in the chat. When stop pressing the key, the message now shows as ‘Loot Filter disabled’.

Unless there is something I’m missing, shouldn’t that be the other way around? ie. we click ‘X’ to disable the loot filter and see every item on the floor.

An update but basically nothing to report. I played last night and was logged in for one continuous session for a few hours and went afk many times leveling a marksman and tested chat and checked it a few times by pressing enter and there was chat activity

I dont really talk much ingame therefore dont whisper people/have friends so my testing of that function will be pretty non existent - but overall seems more stable since prior chat would disabled and not return until I relogged in sometimes - I play on a controller and using chat while in a monolith is pretty awkward

Thanks everyone for testing! We’ve now released 0.8c, which re-enables the Social Features, addresses some feedback from the test, and makes other fixes. Read the patch notes here.

If you opted-in to testing Beta 0.8b, you will need to switch back to the default version of the game to receive the 0.8c update.

Right click on Last Epoch in your Steam library, then navigate to Properties → Betas and select “default” from the dropdown.

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