Beta 0.8 Patch Notes

The A relates to the chapter, A = chapter 1, B = chapter 2, C = chapter 3, etc.

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If you know an update has been released but your steam hasn’t pulled it for you, restart steam.

Was base movement speed increased at all? Started out with a fresh cultist and she seems to be moving super fast! Could just be she has a much higher base speed than primalist/sentinel.

To all the people who have / had patch issues with steam:

It was solved for me by resetting the download cache in the steam settings (thanks to somebody who gave that hint on the LE Discord). Before the patch wouldn’t download (steam didn’t even recognize that there is a patch).

So this helped instantly and from the responses of others this was the solution for this problem for man people.

Looks awesome!

Very nice update!

But are there plans to add more “game” to the game? I feel you have a very nice progression and loot engine but far too few items and variety. Also the game doesn’t really feel like a game, it’s not very immersive. It could be though, the characters and gameplay is great but the world feels pretty dead, the story is super linear. No factions, not much side quests etc. Is all that coming?

Where 's the new website shown on 02:00 in the video in the first post of this topic? Maybe it 's gonna be released later?

We’ve temporarily rollbacked to the previous one to do some additional QA.

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So… pretty much no… not before release at least?

No, there are 3 end game systems still to be added, plus Lost Memories & chapter 9.

All the new weapons still don’t have throwing damage/speed affixes? It feels kinda weird equiping +melee damage weapons and using only throwing attacks…

Or are there any nodes which can convert it (at least for rogue)?

unfortunately this is always the issue with throwing attacks as they currently exist in the game. weapon damage means nothing to them, making your weapon into a pure stat stick. you have to seek out sources of flat damage for throwing attacks from skill trees, mostly. you can get flat phys damage and mana reduction from a single affix on rings, and flat fire damage and increased fire damage taken from an affix on rings and amulet.

this generally means throwing attacks are stronger as ailment builds, since it’s much harder to make hit damage viable with so few sources of flat damage.

rogue seems to have pretty good support for throwing attacks, enough that i want to make a pure throwing build (probably after i’m satisfied with my bladedancer and archer). i’d love to see more ways to scale throwing damage, though. maybe let weapon damage apply to throwing attacks at 25% effectiveness or something.

Thanks for your reply! I didn’t have much time to examinate the trees. I’ve tried out the chakram a bit but the flat damage is meh even with some pieces for phys. damage. Like you said it’s probably better with ailments like bleed etc. But looks like I gonna switch it to “normal” melee build and just play more generic bladedancer for now