Beta 0.8b Patch Notes


  • Re-enabled multiple social systems that had been temporarily disabled alongside the release of Patch 0.8, such as our new chat system & the leaderboards.
    • This may result in needing to accept the Terms of Use, link a Last Epoch account to your Steam account, or log into your Last Epoch account again.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing God Hunter Argentus from spawning in the Monolith of Fate.
  • We have resolved the issue of cosmetic pets being unavailable for the majority of players.

Known Issues

  • The overlay map opacity might have been adjusted for users.
    • Changes to this setting should work as normal.
  • If you attempt to drag and equip a non-bow weapon to replace your bow when you have a bow and quiver equipped, the item may be deleted. This will also be resolved in Patch 0.8c.
  • The See Supporter Packs button in the game menu is currently not functioning correctly, and opens a file explorer window instead of going to the website.

First. Awesome. Good, Fast work!

Yay!! Now we can push ladder!!

Edit: says Sarno’s last post was 2 years ago lol :laughing:

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Speed, Wolcen needs to take some tips from Eleventh Hour Games! Nice Work!

Too late, I’m already #2.

Where is the Loot Filter bug fix ???

Thats ok I will surpass the terror of that build

They still have more hotfixes coming

Nothing will surpass the terror of this build…

@Sarno FYI… Seems like people on the Steam discussion groups are saying they cannot login or have to recreate their accounts after the b patch… You may want to chip in and put up a how to fix this message before it gets out of hand…

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Yep. Totally.

Bought the game 2 days ago on steam and after the 0.8b update i’m getting the “no license found” error and a lot of people like me. What should we do?

Hi all!

We’ve been monitoring the situation since Patch 0.8b was deployed, and we have made the decision to pull this update to perform additional QA.

Your client being reverted to Patch 0.8 when it is once again available will resolve the various issues seen this evening. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.