Arena Champions

They could do as they did with the Shade of Orobyss. There would be some randomization, and they could have tiers of difficulty with some associations.

Yeah Shade is either a walk in the park or complete hell.

If the rewards are good, devs probalby want some control over at what stage of progression/power/knowladge a player gets to benefit from those rewards.

Again I am just assuming since they chose to go the Tier route, what i think is completly pointless but im bored AF haha

It’s coming down to the wire, we’ll see what happens in the hotfixes.


Haha, avalanche champion. You guys just couldn’t help yourselves. Boy oh boy.

That’s right, the ladder system is unchanged, you just have some more options when entering the arena now. Those earlier tiers are not included in the ladder and the infinite mode doesn’t have various difficulties.


I think that is a fantastic idea and one we have considered. A build that is fun to play and a build that is fun to play against are quite often very different things. That doesn’t mean that we can’t modify the build slightly to make it “fair” so to speak. It would be a new type of reward and I think it would be really cool. Like how awesome would it be to have as a reward for being the top build of each class. Becoming the arena champion boss for the next cycle.

I have no idea if it’s possible yet but I love the idea.

I think it would likely be done as a competition reward rather than a backer tier. Partially because I love the thought of competing for top spot and partially because we could only sell a few each cycle and I’m not sure of a fair way to pick which one gets it without making it so crazy expensive that almost nobody could afford it or just holding a lottery. I don’t think either of those would feel great in general.


How can we know which dummy has what setup?

It is displayed at the top of the screen below their health bar where a monster mod would normally be. It’s pretty clear once you get there.


Do bosses drop exclusive unique items?

Most boss unique drops are exclusive to that boss and by the sounds of it, there working on it for the champions and possible for each tier to each champion.

wait… Training Dummies… yay…

sorry if I missed anything else from this update. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello there. I can’t access to the Arena of Champions area. Is it necessary to achieve the story game before being allowed? Thanks.

Hey there… Welcome…

You need to have finished enough of the campaign to have access to the following areas:

Thx. I have finished enough yes, but in Kolheim Pass, i can’t enter in Champion’s Gate (no enlighted pass between two area like others).

Just check - it was late when I explored to find it, but I think I recall that there was a closed door on the map that did nothing, exploring farther north there was another working door… Think it was for the Arena…

Thanks a lot that’s it! Not intuitive but i find it!

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