0.9 Launch Update and Upcoming Hotfixes

Hello Travelers!

We are overwhelmed by your excitement to join us for the release of Last Epoch: Convergence and humbled by your patience and encouragement as we work through launch issues. We are now seeing our backend services and servers stabilize and supporting our highest concurrent user count ever, by a large margin (Over 30,000!).

Since launch we have been monitoring issues that have cropped up very closely and have an initial list of targets we’ll be looking to address in upcoming hotfixes. While we’ve decided not to release a hotfix today so that stability is not risked as we head into the weekend we do have a number of targets and fixes already lined up. This is NOT a comprehensive list and there will certainly be more additions.

Next Week Bugfix Patch

  • Fury Leap fails to cast, locks movement in some cases
  • Lunge cannot target breakables
  • Sometimes failing to display gear and display name ( ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ) after a zone transition.
  • Channelled Skill constant recasting (Causes them to be very loud)
  • Sometimes players die while in a loading screen because the grace period is not long enough
  • Temporary Minions appear on the minimap for party members
  • If a player defeats the end boss for a chapter but doesn’t move to the next scene before logging out, they aren’t able to reach that chapter.
  • Skill tooltip incorrectly displayed when opening a skill tree
  • Swarmblade Locusts not animating
  • Coagulated Blood: Area not scaling
  • Travelers Backpack not displaying on character model
    We will also announce when the Traveler’s backpack is available for all pre-0.9 accounts
  • Lunge consuming multiple charges on single use

Stretch Goals we are hopeful we can get in next week

  • Skill tree damage type icons don’t work in the skills panel
  • Death Screen does not say what ability killed you
  • Attempting to respawn on top of a waypoint opens worldmap UI instead
  • Left Mouse Button can not be remapped to actions other than movement
  • Skills cannot be equipped by dragging from the skills panel
  • Hardcore characters dying causes their character type to be listed incorrectly in multiple places
  • No Return Portals in a couple of towns
  • Speaking to Alric in The Dreadnoughts Deck and then using the Town Portal will cause an inability to progress
  • Druid Transformation Forms are changing the abilities on the Action Bar after transitioning scenes
  • Warpath getting stuck in ability use
  • Flame Reave - Rhythm of Fire node

We are also investigating

  • Skills that move the Player have visual rubberbanding issues
  • Some Scenes Have Pre-Explored Mini Map Areas
  • Fog of war improvements
  • Adding tooltips instructing how to slot skills to the hotbar and make a party
  • Investigate Ability lag potentially unrelated to latency
  • Adding Limited attempt mechanic to Monolith Timeline bosses
  • Rare reports of data loss
    This is something that we take very seriously and will be the number one priority for us to investigate and address. There are already additional measures being taken that we believe will drastically reduce any potentials of this occurring.

There are dozens of other smaller issues we’re tracking related to quests ,skills, and UI that we’ll be working on in parallel.

Between 0.9 and 0.9.1 we will also be looking to include slightly larger features such as

  • Item Linking in chat
  • Ability to promote other party leaders
  • Town Hubs - these areas will be populated with many other random players that you will encounter

Servers, Services, and Queues

Both Matchmaking and Server Reliability are above 98% and steadily climbing. Our goal is to maintain 99.99% which we are working towards. This means that the vast majority of players across all regions are successfully connecting and playing Last Epoch with one another!

The Queue System is steadily ferrying players into Eterra but the queue position across ALL connectable regions can be misleading depending on if you have left and rejoined the queue. When you join the queue you get an accurate position but if you leave and rejoin you will see a new queue position while actually retaining the previous position.

It is best if you stay in the queue for two reasons:

  1. You will be able to track your actual number in line.
  2. If you leave the queue when your actual position is being processed you will not be able to enter the game until requeuing and resetting your real position

Offline Mode
While Offline mode was temporarily affected and unavailable today this is now available and should not be impacted by online services.

Bug Reporting
The best place to report bugs is at Bug Reports - Last Epoch Forums or at support.lastepoch.com if it is account related. We appreciate you all taking the time to do so and helping us create the best experience we can provide.

Thank you all and see you in Eterra!


Whats this mean exactly


No Rhythm of Fire fix? Sadge.

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Let’s Go!!

I would like to note that Lunge is not the only traversal skill with multiple charges being consumed per use. Void Cleave with the traversal node consumes both charges when using the Darkstride unique boots

No fix for Polish ISP that got “blocked” when you migrated to new provider, it was problem in MP tests and got fixed somehow and now is there again.
We just can’t play at all and its not even on list :frowning:


Thanks for the hard work ya’ll are putting in.

Thanks for the hard work! And congratulations on the resounding success!


i was giving yall the benefit of the doubt with the bad launch thinking itd be fixed quick but now we have to wait all weekend for a single patch? the amount of bugs in the game right now is insane and some of them are genuinely just gamebreaking and keeping characters from being able to progress. kinda disappointed


I still get a LE-52 login error. So I still can’t login offline even.
I opened a ticket and got an answer. I was told to restart my router but it didn’t work.
This started to happen after 9.0 launch. Before was fine.

thx for the notes on the hotfix and goodluck with future updates !

Sorry for wrong reply btw. it was meant for the team.

Oh should the bug fixing elves work through the weekend and not see their families so you can enjoy a more polished BETA gaming experience?


Guessing they are gonna make it so you can’t keep trying by simply farming 30-40 stability. Interesting.

About the queue, it’s strange because I entered and there were 627 people, after 2 hours there were 627 and after about 20min the number go up to 687, so I closed the game, opened it again and entered, so clearly the number in the queue does not match reality, in addition why are some people (from the same region) managing to log in while some are queuing up? That makes no sense.
Another thing, the game insists on connecting me to the US server (180+ ms), and my server should be SA (10/30ms), I’m in Brazil. And I saw several other people complaining about the same problem, some from Asia being connected in the US. (I’m not using vpn, so it’s not the game thinking I’m in the US because of the vpn)
I understand that there will be a lot of problems for being a beta, but choosing which server you want to connect should be a basic thing that had already been implemented.

I hope the issue with druid transformation and action bar will be included in next week fixes. This is really annoying.

Between this and the animation of the locusts … as a swarmblade player … give me my action bar!!!

Are you serious? Sorry the magical bug fairy isn’t waving their wand fast enough.


This one is actually fixed internally but wasn’t added to the post list. There’s quite a lot of smaller fixes ready for deployment that are not listed, though I’ve gone ahead and added Rhythym of Fire in an edit


Oh, that’s nice. Thank you!

Still stuck #0 in the queue for a while now. I don’t think that number is quite right…

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