Xp on death

instead of having a xp penalty on death i recommend a dark souls type of way where you need to pick the xp back up but you only get a some back but more then you lose with the ridiculous amount of xp taken out.

There isn’t an xp penalty on death though…


their is once you get further in the game

No, there isn’t any exp penalty as of right now.

It was planned to get implemented at some point, but this information is very outdated and probably no longer the current plan anyway.

The only penalties that are currently in the game, are just losing potential bonuses, like Timeline Stability or Echo Rewards.
So you don’t actually “lose” anything that you already have worked for, but you simply get less rewards.


bro did you not just heard what i said lol further in the game end game at atlas their is a huge penalty for death when im running maps theirs not a penalty though the regular campaign but end game is what im talking about. I’m a solo player and its hard to level up when some bs hits you quick.

“Atlas”, “Maps”… you sure you got the correct game forum? There’s no XP penalty in Last Epoch, however there is in Path of Exile.

When you die in Echoes, you lose the reward for that Echo. Are you talking about losing out on the Tomes of Experience rewards when you die in a specific Echo?

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You know, you are here in the Official Last Epoch Forum?

We are not talking about a different game, do we?

Just to make it crystal clear: Last Epoch, as of right now (May 8th, 2022; Patch 0.8.5F) does not have any experience penalty whatsoever


yeah might be in the wrong forum sorry bois i tho
this was path of exile

Lol not sure if trolling or really lost.

I got a laugh either way, good job OP.

See you on league start and hopefully in multiplayer launch for this game too!


Good opportunity to ask what you guys think about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got frustrated many times in PoE because of this xp penalty, but when I finally managed to reach 100 it was such a great feeling (especially in SSF)!
I think I would like something in Last Epoch to make reaching level 100 more meaningful than just time spent, and a xp penalty on death is a simple and effective way to achieve that.

Other points of view, travelers?

I think the grind to 100 could be made more impactful, but I dont really like specifically that one line.

more meaningful than just time spent

This is basically all level cap really is in any game, and thats how it should be. Level cap should be a reference to your dedication not exactly your raw skill. Not everything in the game needs to be attached to “1337 gamer” status. Defeating high corruption, t4 bosses, and almost everything else late end game comes down to gear, and skill. its okay for the level 100 badge to be about grinding rather then not dying imo.

The devs seem to agree, they seem pretty much certain a death penalty isnt the answer. what is most likely the answer is creating whatever the soft cap they want say 90, after 90 each level requires 2x the exp or some outlandish requirement. that way actually hitting level 100 is a huge goal that you must make progress towards rather then one you lose progress towards by making a mistake.

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I already answered that a looong time ago, so here are a few of my previous posts for a detailed answer:

Also there is another thread discussing this:


I think a healthy death penalty for exp can achieve good things.
It makes achieving maximum level more meaningful and also gives combat another new dynamic.

Most important though is, that it doesn’t gate any builds.
So a good scaling of that death penalty over the level curve is very important.

The last few levels should really just be for min-maxing and it should feel like required to achieve these last few level ups.

EDIT: Another thing that is also pretty important, that Mike on the Dev stream also recently touched on:
People need to realize, that it’s not necessarily expected to reach level 100.
It is OK to not be max level. And he said that they might possibly even stretch out lvl 100 further, so that it takes even longer to reach.

This is not an MMO, where a big chunk of content is locked behind some arbitrary level number.
The last levels are and should be an achievement.

I remember all those discussions… including the ones about how dull and anticlimactic it felt (and probably still does) dinging level 100 on your first char…

suppose its been long enough for these topics to cycle back around again… :wink:

I hear bell-bottom jeans are making a comeback again too… :wink:

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As long as Heavy doesn’t get to set the death penalties, I hear he’d want to have everybody slapped 1 time (cumulative) for each death.

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I know, it is crazy!
I even saw someone referencing Mad Max recently in another thread. Took me waaaayyy back!

(Yes, I am aware there has been a “recent” one, but if I hear Mad Max, I still get mental pictures of the first one. Dog food from a can, anyone?)

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the mad max comment was me (community item design)… sorry to tweak the grey hairs… :wink: cult status of the first ones… for me the memory is the kid getting run over… I think I watched it in the early 90s as a teenager and I have never forgotten it.

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As long as the XP grind to the next level is not something ridiculous, it hardly matters because you refarm it within reasonable time. The issue is where the next level is so far away that players avoid content for days, just so they never die.

But that’s the trick. The point of penalties, is to make death have a drawback, and make people rethink ‘zerg’ strategies. However, players either: a) complain about it, until it’s removed, b) figure out way to cheese them (ex: waiting until right after level-up to attempt harder content, so they are capped at the xp they can potentially lose), or c) just ignore it, because it’s too insignificant to be a drawback.

There haven’t been too many games out there that have been able to find that magical balance point regarding death penalties. In fact, I can’t think of any of them off the top of my head.

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