I've seen a couple posts about making the game harder / removing some QOL. Why do people want this?

I’ve seen a few people wanting a death penalty even though hardcore already exists. I play casual ARPG’s bc it doesnt really affect anything if you die. Life is busy and sometimes you need to get up and help a family member or answer the phone. It would completely destroy the game for people like me. Also because of a birth defect I lack fine motor control skills which are integral to gaming. I die a lot in games simply because i am physically incapable of reacting in time. As for QOL, why would you want to remove being able to craft anywhere? Why make the game a little bit more tedious?

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Not sure how many requests there are to Prevent crafting be done from everywhere. Havn’t heard of that request that much.

But for the death Penalty i already heard that request alot and i personally thinks thats a good Thing. It doesn’t have to be drastic and it can be very small in the early/mid game but can be increasingly punishing at higher Levels.

Losing a certain amount of exp and/or gold for dying brings a whole new dynamic to the gameplay. The way you think about approaching a big mob group or just rushing in the middle of a room before knowing which enemies are there is a important thing i think.
Such Penalty incentivises a little bit of cautioness gameplay, especially for “glasscannon” type of builds.

If i remeber correctly the devs already confirmed that they have plans for death Penalty and im really curious what they have in mind. Especially with the economy in mind some Gold penatly could at least make Gold alot more valueable. In most game(especially arpg’s) Gold can become useless/obsolete really quick and with a mix of death penatly and Gold being valueable for crafting/trading i think it is a good idea.

Exp Penalty on the other Hand can feel really punishing on higher level, when you basiclly get thrown back 30 mins of exp grind, so i think a gold penatly would be much more fitting.
Maybe some % value of your current gold, so when you just play casual and don’t have REALLY big amounts of Money it doesn’t even bother you.

Maybe they could also add some options when you died. Ressurrect where you died for a high price, ressurecting at the last checkpoint for a small/medium Price or respawning in town for a very small or now price.

Then gold has another purpose -> convenience!

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Yes they have confirmed that there will be a penalty they just arent sure what yet. As for gold ive alreay spent like 600k on shattering runes, I dont think gold is going to obsolete any times soon.

Yeah that’s true. But i think additional things can make gold even more valueable.

We have to see how the trading will work out and how much good items really will be worth, but runes of shattering alone won’t make gold valueable.

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As @Heavy said, penalties make making progress meaningful.

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Well sir. Thats some summarizing skills there :smiley:

You did say what i said in like 1/10th of the words xD


For me, it’s about things making sense. It doesn’t make sense if you could craft anywhere on the fly. Same way how accessing the stash shouldn’t be possible anywhere. The game has to adhere to some kind of logic, else it’s just a garbled mess.

Death penalties in order to encourage proper and careful gameplay has always been a thing in games like these. If I am not mistaken, the lead dev loves D2. That has experience loss on death and I am glad they’ll implement something here.


That’s a great argument for my crafting forge thread:

I’m fine with both being able to craft anywhere or it being limited to towns. But if it can be done anywhere why even have the crafting forges in town?

Pretty much this.

Going back to town to craft stuff seems sensible to me. Being able to craft anywhere should only be possible if we (the player character) makes use of something like the Horadric Cube. If the devs implement something like the cube then I am fine with it. Otherwise we should leave the crafting to the Blacksmith (or in this case the Forge).

I’m in favor of a death penalty in SC. Having a setback upon death provides incentive for good play. However, I believe the penalty should NOT be overly punitive. Perhaps you lose some gold, or a small amount of EXP.

As OP brings up, accessibility is an important topic, and players should not be alienated by this penalty (e.g. again it should not be overly harsh). Perhaps more importantly than the harshness of the penalty, however, is the necessity for good game balance prior to the penalty’s implementation. As the game stands now in 0.7.3c, there are far too many ways to die from one-shots from unseen enemies, or from reacting just a fraction of a second too slowly. I believe that game balancing is something that is (and should be) continually in progress, but any sort of penalties should be held off until balance is in a better state than present.

As for town only crafting, I don’t think limiting playstyle options in this fashion is a good idea. Most people will likely craft in town only anyway, but I don’t see any reason to limit people who would choose to craft elsewhere.

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In this game you travel through time shrug. Things like craftin anywhere or having access to the complete stash in every hub is just QoL to prevent backtracking even when your stash is the same no matter if you are thousands of years away from the period where you put items in.

It’s just a game and to much logic hurts games ^^.

On top of that i want to say that death peneltys are no incentive for good play but for different builds and a meta shift. With a death penelty only the meta will change and nothing else. I realy want to see said “good players” who play the game with a 100 hp and 0 resi build to show of their good skills that prevent them from dieing. A death penelty only hurts people who play without thinking that much about what they do, everyone who builds healty tanky builds will never die against opponents in the story mode… so what?

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I bet this is insead of clicking on the “Masochist” challenge.

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