Death penalty

I would like so much to see Death penalty (not on HC) on a game like this. It makes you play more seriously. Exemple, if you die, your XP go back to 0 for your current level. So if you want to level up, you need to not die. OR, equipment have endurance that can’t be repaired and when dying, they lose endurance and eventually get destroyed forcing you to farm for another pieces of equipment.

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Implementing a death penality is on our to-do list. :slight_smile:

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cool thanks. Finally something new to this type of game ^^ I hope the death penalty will be worth it to make us play safe :smiley:

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That’s a little harsh. I’m personally not a fan of PoE’s current death penalty system where at high levels a death can wipe out hours of grind. It discourages taking risks if you actually want to level up at a reasonable rate.

I’m not against the idea of a death penalty, but maybe something other than strictly an experience penalty? I’m in the alpha test for Torchlight Frontiers and that game charges you a variable amount of gold depending on the relative convenience of resurrection - for example, you can rez where you died for a higher relative cost, resurrect at the last checkpoint (usually the nearest zone line) for a middle cost, or back in town for the least cost.

Maybe some kind of hybrid approach, like rez where you died in exchange for X% of your current level’s EXP, or rez at the End of Time for an amount of gold, with other options in between? Convenience is a factor that merits consideration, in my opinion. Would you rather run all the way back (and in the current iteration, that would mean potentially re-clearing the zone, at least in the Campaign) or sacrifice some EXP for an easier rez?


I think this is topic to take a closer look at. First of all, sure there should be a death penalty to restrict rekless builds but it’s always the question what kind of penalty. Like die once loose 10% of your money and be rezzed at the last waypoint or loose 10% of your current XP.

Stuff like this makes people build a bit differently and could be seen as another balancing tool. Should it hurt to die? Well in the normal SC not that much. This should be tied to gamemodes I think. Leave something out there for people who want to casualy cruise through the game and implement penaltys to SSF, Masochist or whatever gamemodes that are out there.

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TBH I kinda liked the Diablo 2 approach, xp loss, but regained if you grabbed your corpse with your equiped items at that time, (but your corpse would be in town if you logged out only to get your items back, not xp) although iirc you only got a portion of xp this way, wouldn’t mind a full refund.


A good number of classes aren’t even out yet and won’t be until one of the last phases before release. Forcing people into cookie cutter builds before the game is even released is a disaster waiting to happen. We’re in beta with many skills being experimented and ideas flowing - don’t cut off people’s progress by constructing artificial hoops that people have to jump through because they dared trying something outside the mold.

Besides, the testers are providing constant feedback on poorly telegraphed high damage abilities from enemies. To get killed by something you barely saw, and get penalized for that? That will drive people away faster than the phrase “Diablo on mobile.” Second aside, not everybody has access to machinery that gets the game to 60 FPS (I’d love to further test out the game, but my specs put the game at 5-10 FPS); games that penalize people for getting hit by big damage spikes will devastate those players who don’t have the hardware to move out of the way in time.


Big true

You’ll always have hoops tp jump through. Max resis, min x ammount of HP to not get oneshot and even more if you want to play HC. At least x ammount of glancing blow and dodge and block and as much as possible dmg for fast clears.
Each and every ARPG works this way. Get your numbers traight or perish and outside of that not much skill is involved. There will be a meta, there will be and there are already cookie cutter buildes. Yes it’s sad but that’s the way such games work untill there is a shift into another meta.
Yeah optimisation is in a bad state and I still don’t get why because LE right now looks like the ugly duckling of upcoming ARPG’s, but that’s another topic ^^.

as someone who plays casual games only. I do not like the stress of having to worry about death penalties. If you want a penalty go play HC. Please leave us casuals alone.


I think we can ease up on the negative attitude re: LE. It IS beta and things are getting sorted out. As a smaller dev company I think EHG is doing commendably. Critique specific mechanics but let them give us the best game they can. Let’s make LH development a hate free zone (except the Void Clerics- that’s where I draw the line! :wink: )!

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His post doesnt sound negative to me. I think it is fairly reasonable to to compare graphics/performance against other games in the genre because regardless, there will be a significant portion of the community who cares about this aspect and the devs should know what we feel about it.

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There are issues and problems in the game and I’m noone who sugarcoates that stuff. I’m german too so maybe people think I’m rude because I’m used to say what crosses my mind. LE is basicly a great game but a lot of patches agor I was able to play on high settings when I turned the grass off, now my PC almost dies the heat death when I play the game with everything on low or off. I’m not negative aout it, I smile a bit and hope for the best but without shoving the fact aside that things got worse in some departments.

I hope that makes everything clear and we can get back to topic ;).

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I do not like death penalties in SC mode. If I lose progress, it will stop me from experimenting next time.

If I want a playstyle where every decision matters, I go HC.

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I second this. If people want to be masochist add it to the according possible setups in char generation.

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First and foremost, i am a big advocate of a death penalty.

But i have to agree that you are absolutely right that devs first needs to optimize at least to the degree that low-spec/average spec machines can run the game smoothly AND at the current state fo the game we still need some better telegraphed enemy abilities.

I think that’s a bit harsh statement. If devs will add a death penalty you don’t need a cookie cutter build, i agree that people might think twice before trying stuff out but if a death penalty in some way or the other is planned it is good that the devs will add it during major parts of the “testing out phase” because it will be present in the final game so people should make builds that have those stuff in mind.

For example if you are running a full glasscannon build that will die every now and then but you don’t care because there is no penalty yet but your clear speed is just that fast that you don’t mind dying every now and then.

That build wouldn’t make much sense in the “final product” so testing it out might give not really valueable Feedback about that build

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Welcome Ulkesh by the way. :slight_smile: And I don’t like it as well, as @Katalaeia mentioned, it’s a horrible system at later levels, was one of the reasons I stopped playing PoE (had characters in the mid-80’s). I am strictly speaking XP loss btw, if you want to reset the map when dying or something similar then I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it. But a death could set you back a whole day of grinding, and if you have harsh difficulty spikes or can get one-shotted pretty easily (and there are performance issues or lag as well to think of as @Irrelevant mentioned, even it this particular game will get better at this hopefully) it just sucks all the fun out of playing and discourages you from experimenting with your build imo.
And HC is a thing, so why not play that if you want to get penalized upon death. Some people want choices to be “more meaningful” when talking about death penalties in SC. I’d suggest playing HC, it’s a whole game mode centered around that fact.

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While i really get your point as many other already stated that there is the alternative if playing HC, there is a big difference i think between slight penalty and losing your character completly(or getting transfered to default sc character).

I think SOME penlty is healthy for the overall gameplay dynamic.

As i already stated i really understand people disliking losing exp(possible worth hours of playtime)

I think this is a really hot topic as it seems peoples opinions split pretty hard on this one.

But i think this is those kind of topics where devs need alot of feedback when they try to implement this mechanic the first time, it may need a lot of tuning until the majority of the playerbase is happy.

I think one of the big factors is how it scales with level, so lets say the first 10-20 Levels there is NO Penalty and then it gets increasingly more impactful.


Perhaps we should first make it clear, why someone might want a penalty in the game.

If it’s just to make the player feel punished, I don’t really understand that. To me, that would make me lose interest in the game. I’m not playing a game to feel bad…

If it’s to prevent using deaths as a brute force method - I rather like @Colfari’s idea: On death, simply reset the map / the encouter / whatever.

The only reason people don’t like the death penalty in PoE is because they cant build their characters properly. Don’t like it? Sorry, its the truth. I like the idea of rewarding people who know what they are doing (either know how to build properly or have quick reactions) instead of casuals who lack either.

The monolith reset on death is pretty good by the way. It is frustrating enough to make you try building your character as good as possible without being too much anger inducing.

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