Xp on death

how many players leaved poe cos of death penality ?
does EHG want to make the same mistake ?
they need to grind players …

Just found this gem of a thread.
I honestly can’t stop lolling :smile:

Personaly I know noone. How many are there? It seems like you have some numbers and know what you are talk about. Hopefully I don’t understand this wrong and if you don’t know it sorry I’m no native speaker.

Death having a drawback is exactly the issue though. Death already has a drawback, when you die in a mono you lose those rewards, this can be “nothing” to some people, or others go “Dang no exalted body armors!” etc.

When you die in a dungeon you lose progress for the entire dungeon AND the key. And if you die during some story bosses it resets the progress there too.

So when you add an xp penalty to death you are essentially double punishing death, you lose progress on multiple fronts.

I think death penalties that are in the game are the correct ones, because like you said, if not we just run baby content. Trying to get 100 is extremely lame if the goal is “run 100 corruption till you ding so you never are at risk!”

This game honestly already has more penalty then say PoE when you die, you lose your “map” (Echo) rewards, you lose your dungeon, etc. Its like if all poe content had one portal.

I really dont think an XP penalty is right for LE as they would have to lighten the other systems of penalty or have a really punishing game which gets us back to square one where everyone just plays the most meta op builds to try and never die to save resources including xp.

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Arena and Dungeon death penalty is very “final”, it just ends your run.

The penalty in MoF is very varying though. You will only care heavily about a few echoes, but for most echoes you don’t really care that much, just because of how the system works.

I absolutely agree that the death penalty for Echoes like Exalted or Specific Unique/Set Items is in a pretty good spot.

But overall, the death penalty in MoF is not enough, to make you really think about about not dying all the time.
And that would actually be, what I would like from such a death penalty.

I like when it really matters if you die a lot or very infrequent or not at all over a large amount of playtime.
Right now you only think about it from time to time, when you do specific echoes or have particularly nasty mods.

All of this is obviously a very “softcore thing”, but there a is a humongous difference between the “all or nothing” penalty on hardcore or this penalty, which just gives combat just a lot more weight and meaning.

if you die all the time you dont make progress or any sizeable progress on your mono either.

For example dying every other map in PoE basically does not matter if you hit level 95 and are done scaling your build.

But in LE if you die every other mono you are getting insanely slow mono progression as well as much less unique rewards.

I think this mostly comes down to a problem with mindset on why level cap has to be special. In MMOs level cap isnt special, except for when it is? For example in Maplestory or many older grind based games level cap was extremely hard to obtain and took months or years to get.

The idea that “level cap being easy is an mmo thing” is sorta not really true, its just on the mind set of the game on whether or not the games goal is to be as a grinder, or if the game is more interested in having the player min max gameplay and gear etc.

on that topic Maplestory handles XP very interestingly. You used to lose 10% of your current levels XP on death, pretty standard. But you do not lose exp if you die during a boss encounter. This means if for whatever reason you die while normal grinding that would be your fault, but if you die to a boss, well you messed up a hard encounter and lost the encounter. its good enough punishment that you have to start over that boss encounter.

They actually recently rework the XP penalty to no longer exist, what happens instead is that if you die, you are issues an XP rate penalty, think its 80% or so for X amount of time. This means dying on accident does not restrict you moving forward, you simply most likely are going to take a break to wait out the xp penalty or are going to just play at a lowered exp rate.

I think my main point is that progress should never be lost. if a player who dies all the time only gains 20% of the total exp of someone who never dies, They basically are not obtaining exp anyways. But it means if they play enough they eventually hit it.

I think being “softlocked” on exp is really bad for the game, and I myself basically quit PoE every single league around 97-98, because this is when my rate of exp equals my death rate. I die maybe once every 20-30 maps, and only casually do alch and goes. So eventually Im getting blind sided by a random pop death here and htere and im hard stuck exp wise. since I can no longer progress my characters I simply stop playing them.

And I dont think im alone in that regard, loss aversion is huge for most people in general. it feels much worse to lose 10% exp on death rather then take a 80% exp penalty.

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I get where you are coming from, I just don;t agree with it.
My opinion is that current softcore death penalties are fine, and just about right. They’re an inconvenience without causing anyone to rage quit, or slam their keyboards against the wall.

The alternative is obviously a Hardcore mode where death has the ultimate consequence, and maybe perhaps a semi-hardcore mode where you have strict penalties and a “death counter” or maybe up to 3-5 lives? idk.

Anyway, I play to chill out, not stress out, and I found personally that the PoE death penalty used to pi££ me off no end on levelling alts, especially as it was supposed to be “softcore”. That wasn’t my idea of fun, it was stressful.

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Exactly the same here. In 5 years I think I actually only managed to get 3 toons to 100 in “softcore”, and it was stupidly annoying. Having to do 30-40 juiced maps @ level 99 just to get back to where you once were was soul destroying. In the end for the last 2 level 99’s I was running those maps white for the most part to try and avoid the annoying random invisible ground effect death, porcupines, or some other non boss daft one shot death mechanic.

Plus then, to add insult to injury when the league ended, all that hard work ended up getting dumped into the abyss that is Standard, never to be played again.


I would be very surprised if anyone employs a “zerg strategy” in LE after the campaign (and I thought that even the campaign bosses reset their hp on your death.

That was more historically speaking…I forgot to add that part, one of the drawbacks of sneaking in forum time at work. LE is fairly unique in its one attempt design.

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I am one of those. The death penalty past level 95, plus the lack of SSF balance, plus the incredible grind to just see parts of the content. As a FTP game, PoE has the vast majority of players give up after 2 weeks each season and never reach levels 90+.

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