Unannounced patch?

I was lucky enough to be able to still use entangling roots as a shaman (yes yes, it was a bug), but noticed as of today that’s no longer possible. Is it just me or has there been a quiet patch and if so, what else got changed?

With the Eternal Legends patch back in december, primalist, especially the druid mastery received a huge overhaul. They changed Entangling Roots to be a druid exclusive skill.

Thanks Trikster, but I knew that indeed. I should perhaps have clarified this, but something somewhere got bugged which allowed me to still use the skill right up to yesterday (as a shaman). I was rather surprised though to see this fixed in an unannounced patch.

There hasn’t been a patch recently. If your character had the skill specialised/on your bar before the patch that changed the requirements then you’d still be able to use it until you de-specialised it or removed it from your bar.

You’d think so, but still… yesterday I could use it and had it on my bar, today I logged in and it was gone from my bar without an option to put it back.

True, but there haven’t been any patches since then.

sounds like steam autoupdated this. Do yo know what patch/hotfix you were on?

Not a 100% sure, but I believe I was on 0.8.5f. Also, doesn’t this steam database suggest constant small updates are being pushed?

Edit: for one thing, you can see (or so it seems) that some multiplayer related updates made its way unofficially.

That’s probably the devs updating their own beta/mp clients. The version we’re on doesn’t get daily updates. 0.8.5f was updated/released 19 days ago, hence my comment about LE not having been patched “recently”…

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