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Beta 0.8.5f Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which resulted in your character being locked to an idle pose when trying to both move and use an ability that was on cooldown close to the end of an ability animation.


  • The ward gain effect for Ashes of Mortality can now have a 13%-19% chance to proc (from a static roll of 6%), grants 2 ward per ignite or damned stack on the target (from 2 to 3), and now also has a 1 second cooldown.
  • If you have two Ashes of Mortality equipped the proc chances for the ward gain effect are added together, but the amount of ward gained is not (this was previously the other way around).
  • Monolith Echoes now always contain at least one enemy type that has medium to large packs. This should reduce the potential to have echoes with particularly low enemy density.
  • Enemies that lose aggro can go slightly further from their original position before losing aggro.

Good nerf since it no longer scales with density however it’s still busted when it comes to “per ignite/damned on you” I am able to sustain 20k ward against single target so it will still cheese bosses.

thanks for fixing the bugs.

For the change of Ashes of Mortality, it’s fine to balance it but I have seen too many “xxx has x second cooldown” - it becomes a cheap fix for everything. It results in making builds/unique less attractive


Yay! Glad to see this fixed!


i made a lots of tests pre-patch on my firebrand-ignite spellblade build to test different weapon and item combinations. Here is a link to the current build: Spellblade, Level 86 (LE Beta 0.8.5e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

As you can see i only have one ring. The reason is i wasn’t lucky enough in my 5 visits to soulfire bastion to get a second one.

Method of testing: hitting the dummy continuously with firebrand

Test results:

Test with no Ashes of Mortality, but with two Sunwreaths:

  • i get like 3k ward reliably

Test pre-patch with one ashes of mortality:

  • 3.5k - 5k ward. As you can see we have range now. Because ashes of mortality has a chance and does not build up ward reliably

Test post-patch with one ashes of mortality:

  • 3.7k - 5k ward, so pretty similar


  • One ring adds like 700 to 2k ward for my build
  • It requires build up time. It’s not magically there. I need to hit things first to get the stacks. So it is an unreliable defense mechanism with huge investment.
  • Other items i tested were eye of reen, chronostasis and wing guards, but they did not improve the build.
  • I wanted to show the ring’s performance in a less optimized setting with only 6 uniques, 2 legendaries and 3 exalted from someone who is not climbing leader boards like FoE.

Thanks for that, that made me laugh. Especially the “only” bit. :grin:
With the miserable weather today, I needed a good laugh at breakfast to lift my spirits!
Well done!


What would need to be done in your opinion to make it not busted at the top end for self ignite/damned? Numbers tweek? Cap on how much ward generated per proc? Other?

I’m really happy this change moves the ring in the direction of consistent but under control.

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If the goal were to only affect top end, then the best route would be to change “Ward per Ignite and Damned on You” to have a combined cap of 15 or 20 this way you’d lose half of your ward generation, but you’d still generate 580 (if 20 stacks cap) just from the self-ignite/damned.

The cap wouldn’t really affect most builds


Or diminishing returns per stack.

How are you getting the stacks on yourself?

The main and most obvious things are two of the other uniques, that drop for the same boss.

But there are a couple more ways throughout the game.

Way to nerf it into the ground. Item is practically useless now even with 100s of stacks. It actually made the necromancer almost viable for T4.