The Tree You Helped Design: A Look at Summon Scorpion's Tree

You helped design it. You voted for it. And now, you get to see it!

A preview of Summon Scorpion’s specialization tree is now available. It allows you to increase its size, augment its activatable ability, and create a… few small problems for your foes.

We had a lot of fun reviewing and discussing your ideas, and we hope you enjoy using this skill in Patch 0.7.3 later this week! We’d like to thank you for coming up with so many great suggestions. Soon after we release Patch 0.7.3 we’ll begun discussing which specialization tree we’d like to invite the community to join us in designing. Until next time! :slight_smile:

Please be aware that there are a few minor issues with the tree due to it being a WIP. A few node connections are displaying incorrectly, and we’ll be changing some of the text.


Yes this is so cool! So much poison and DoT stuff, I love it. Baby Scorpos? That’s interesting :open_mouth:


Looks great to me and I am looking forward to trying the baby scorpions out to see if they are even worth having or if they die to fast. Not a fan of the lightening node since shock is such a bad effect as it is now. See Reimerhs spreed sheets if you have not already.

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The problems with shock are being treated. It was a pretty deep rabbit hole for us because the solution affects a lot of other systems too. Don’t worry, shock will be awesome.


those rabbits always make holes to deep dont they

yea, those jerks…

I bet a 40% bigger scorpion would take care of those hole digging rabbits

Another 30% just to the left of that too.

LOL yea i saw but you have to give me more then 20 points for that to fit. I am more interested in my scorpions chance to poison then I am even remotely concerned for its melee dmg at all.

So the baby scorpions what kind of stats do they spawn with?

Not quite ready to share yet (read: not finalized) but because they continue to spawn as you go, the goal is to have the numbers stay near max in most situations.

fair enough :slight_smile:

Also, I’m sure it’s something that will get changed a dozen times before full release.

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Whaaaaaaa who would suggest pet type improvements? :wink:

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But really who cares about shock. What really matters is that flat damage baby:) Trust me.
Looks like a very solid summon.
Hint: If you couldn’t tell from the first part. Get all the flat damage you can. ignore the poison;)
15 flat phys and 30(? if i remember correctly) flat lightning. Insane. If my theory crafting skills are correct this should beat the bear late game. Even with the bears minior more multipliers. Wolves and panther should still be better with their more multipliers and significant flat damage on the tree. Assuming youre making a proper minion build with lots of minion damage on gear.

I will say though that the beastmaster still lacks massively behind the necromancer as far as passives go. Especially minion focused passives. Mainly due to summon wraith but the passive nodes themselves are just so much stronger for necromancers. Its nice to have minion dodge and the resist massive aoe effects for beastmaster companions but they just feel weak in comparison.

This is of course related to the skill trees themselves but i can tell you from significant play testing that its just not possible to get even close to the damage output that a well geared necro can do compared with a well geared beastmaster. Even if you want the beastmaster to fight from melee range (which sort of defeats the purpose of minion builds especially for hardcore imo). Even with the added damage from a melee beast master build a summon wraith necro with skel archer support will completely out dps the beast master. I would hope you wont nerf the necro because i feel its fairly well balanced. The beastmaster needs some passive node buffs. Or some more “more” multipliers on the skill trees. The only down side for the necro is that your minons can be shredded by certain spawns. Monuments of ruin in monolith (which are completely op in general)/void mauls and similar enemies.

Please note the above post;)

TLDR: Beastmasters have significantly less damage output compared to necromancers. With very few advantages. This is compounded by the need to stand near fallen companions to revive them without the easy ability to resummon. Especially weak compared to the power of summon wraith. Beastmasters have a lot greater risk with little reward as far as damage goes. I suggest a passive tree buff for beastmasters focusing on minion bonuses and possibly melee surviveabilty for the character itself included in the minion passives.

We will occasionally rework and replace passives. At the risk of saying the wrong thing, Necromancer may be the biggest beneficiary of this in Patch 0.7.3 - but it isn’t the only class being looked at in this patch, and we’ll be touching up others in future patches.

I just noticed that they were automatically locked, so I’ve unlocked the threads we created for the community to suggest ideas for passives for each class. I’ve configured them not to be automatically locked again in future. Here are the links to each one;

Suggestions for mastery classes can be posted in the thread for their base class.

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This is really cool! Great work community! Can’t wait to check out the patch this weekend!!

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Hey there Sirris good stuff as always.

Thanks Sirris for that explanation. Will try that out soon