Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.3


Patch 0.7.3 forms part of Phase 1 of our Early Access Development Forecast.

This patch introduces a new chapter of story content, brings additional social functionality, features many skill trees (including the two Skeleton trees), and improves Quality of Life. We plan to release this patch at 2019-09-27T15:00:00Z (in your local time zone).


  • Patch 0.7.3 includes Chapter 6!
  • Buffs and debuffs on your character now have visual indicators. We have posted a preview of the system here, and shown some of the art created for it here.
  • This patch includes our respec changes for both specialization trees and class passives.
  • We can now grant free respecs for specialization trees and passives changed in a patch.
    • We will not be doing this every time. The decision on whether to offer a free respec will be made on a case-by-case basis, determined by how extensive the changes are.
  • Other Travelers can now be added to both Friends and Blocked lists.
  • You can now whisper other players using a variety of commands.
  • Hardcore characters are now converted to non-Hardcore characters upon death.
  • It is possible to abandon challenges (e.g. Solo, Masochist) on a per-character basis. These challenges cannot later be re-activated for those characters.
  • The following skills now have specialization trees;
    • Forge Strike
    • Frenzy Totem
    • Ring of Shields
    • Soul Feast
    • Spriggan Form
    • Summon Scorpion
    • Summon Skeleton
    • Summon Skeleton Mage
      • We are splitting Summon Skeleton into Summon Skeleton and Summon Skeleton Mage. Check out this post if you’d like to learn why we made this decision!
    • Tempest Strike (Preview posted here!)
  • We have added the following four Unique Items;
    (We’ve shown off Cinder Song and Hollow Finger here. Discover the others in-game!)
    • Cinder Song (Wand)
    • Hollow Finger (Ring)
    • Morditas’ Reach (Polearm)
    • Orian’s Eye (Amulet)
  • We have updated the log in screen and created new art for loading screens! We have posted previews of both in this thread, and posted some additional art here.

After This Patch

We had designed a specialization tree for Static, however during QA we decided that the tree did not meet our standards, and we have since begun redesigning this specialization tree. We will confirm closer to the release of 0.7.3 whether Static and its tree will be included.

We’ll be continuing to periodically create new art for our loading screens, and gradually phasing out the relatively old art they are currently using. We have been reviewing the mouse cursor in response to community feedback, and plan to update it sometime after Patch 0.7.3 has been released. Our next patch is tentatively planned for next month.

We would like to clarify that we posted our Early Access Forecast on the 30th of July, and that it was forward-looking (as you may expect of a ‘forecast’). We have seen some confusion, likely due to Last Epoch entering Steam Early Access on the 30th of April. Updates released between the 30th of April and 30th of July are not reflected on the forecast.


Can’t wait!


I actually can’t wait… Skellies and Tempest Strike, yeaaa!


Can’t wait to see frenzy totem tree!! And spriggan form!!

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Frenzy totem :D. Let’s hope the bear can make use of it in a meaningfull way.

Yay, new chapter. Excited about that one!

Ring of Shield and Forge Strike <3 We need now the Manifest Armor and Manifest Weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am excited about the skeleton warrior/mage split. This was one of the pet peeves in alpha and I am happy to see the devs explored other options.

I am curious what nodes ring of shields has as well.

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I hope some molten shell vibes from PoE but I hope they will also surprise us with cool mechanics :stuck_out_tongue:

Yipee yee haw! Tempest strike, skel’s and respecs, Oh My!

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Very nice. Even more looking forward to seeing the bug fixes:)

Nice , keep up the great work )

Thanks for the upcoming nice patch!

Awesome. I’m looking forward to better performance fixes. As the game is now, it’s virtually unplayable. The engine feels very clunky and slow to respond to commands.

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Hope to increase the sound effect of hitting monsters, so as to effectively enhance the hitting feel

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