The Travelers Backpack - Our gift to you!

Hello Travelers!

Yesterday we announced our 500,000 units sold milestone, and today we present to you a gift from the entire Last Epoch team!

Introducing, the Traveler’s Backpack.

This exclusive gift is our way of thanking you, and commemorating our shared journey with all of you who were with us from the start and those of you who are joining us just before we step into the world of Eterra together.

Spoiler Warning - Below is a list of each item on the backpack itself.


Starting in the Top Left, and going around clockwise!

    1. The Last Epoch Logo Patch - This was the first version of the Last Epoch logo revealed during our Kickstarter launch.
    1. The original Symbol of Eterra
    1. Bee-Mike - A wonderful momento from our Dev Mike and his Bee-Themed streams!
    1. In the map pocket on the right side - Map of Eterra
    1. The Bedroll on Top - Our first support pack playmat from our Kickstarter.
    1. Fools! Fools! - One of our favorite quotes from our resident disgruntled Mage.
    1. Rahyeh’s Reserve Hot Sauce - created for the 2022 April Fool’s Day by team member Wick, and showcased in a special hot wings episode on the Weekly Dev Stream.
    1. The Material of the backpack itself is 100% authentic grole hide. (All grole hide was ethically sourced from a series of ones and zeros.)
    1. Navigational Instruments - Every Traveler needs tools to read their maps.
    1. Zizaran Campaign Mug - from our earliest campaigns to support Last Epoch!
    1. Primalist Patch - The OG class icon to showcase the Primalist.
    1. A Skullen figurine - Remembering the early times of Last Epoch!
    1. Epog!
    1. Where would we be without the ever-present reminder of Multiplayer When?
    1. Orian’s Eye - Always watching you. Waiting. :slight_smile:

If you happened to notice either in the game or watching someone’s stream, we had a sneak peek at this item during our last 2 events.

The Travelers backpack back slot cosmetic will be given to ALL owners of Last Epoch who own a copy prior to the Multiplayer Beta Patch 0.9, coming on March 9th, so there is still time to get the game and the backpack!

If you are thinking about jumping into the world of Eterra there is still time to also get the original supporter packs, but those will be going away during our March 9th release, and a new set of supporter packs will become available. The price for Last Epoch will still remain the same, so you don’t need to worry about a price increase when the launch happens.

A note about current supporter packs and upgrading:

If you purchased the game through our website, and would like to upgrade your supporter pack, you can have this done through a support ticket to the link below.

If you purchased the game through Steam, or via a Steam Key, and you’d like to upgrade your supporter pack to a higher tier pack before 0.9, we can’t technically do an upgrade. However, since your purchase on Steam is already considered the Ardent Gladiator supporter pack, and you wish to upgrade to one of the other packages (only available until March 9th), we can offer an additional 350 cosmetic coins as we cannot refund Steam purchases in any way. We can do this for you by submitting a ticket to the link below after purchasing the desired pack.


Thank you to everyone who has helped us on this incredible journey and we look forward to seeing you all showing off your Backpack!

Thank You to everyone,
Last Epoch Team


Very cool easter egg filled item :smiley:

Any info about current vs new supporter packs?

That’s so cool! I love it! :heart:

Just to make sure, I understood this correctly. This will be a MTX/cosmetic for in-game? Will this be available in 0.9 already?
It is not clearly stated, that it is a MTX.

Will the new once be revealed before the old ones go away?
Will the new ones have the exact sime price categories?

Another question related to supporter packs.
Will those be shown in the forum again?
They are hidden since a couple of week.s

the pets from the supporters Pack have any function ?

Is this what you were looking for?

No, they just follow you

I must be lost is this only available through steam or is the backpack hidden in the stand alone version ?

I am almost certain this will be available in 0.9.

But its not clearly stated.

Thanks, great addition :slightly_smiling_face:

So this is an MTX and if I wear it I 'll have extra inventory space right ? :smiley: Jokes apart , thanks the devs! nice and lore-packed backpack :smiley:

No? What are the new supporter packs, compared to current ones.

This is a back slot cosmetic that will be available to all users who own a copy of Eterra prior to 0.9. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

But we only can get it when the 0.9 is released?

Ah ok is it automatically in the inventory or am I blind :slight_smile: and thank you for replying :slight_smile:

That is correct!

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There is a cosmetic tab in your inventory screen at the very top(where blessings are as well)

it would be nice of the “follow pets” could be changed to “Grabpets” :smiley: