The Fun builds keep getting worst

From content creators & community members apparently.

Far from a walking simulator, and again its not like the entire game would be like this it was literally 1 build .

Mmmmm, yes & no, we’re getting into semantics here. But the devs have also added in auto-cast nodes to one or two skills.

But IMO, apart from a bit of a stagger when DO was casting, it’d fit the role of a “walking simulator” type build. YMMV.

They also scrapped 2 very fun builds with one of them being extremly popular, other builds could be cool like an fire aura judgment but like i described the mechanic is annoying and nowhere.

That’s because the chances are extremely high that it is the software. Any decent cloud-hosting service has redundancy against server failure. It’s fundamental. If they didn’t they have no customers.

I seriously doubt Last Epoch cloud instances are capable of auto-scaling or auto-failover due to the nature of a video game (as opposed to a business website or application).

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When i chose a build it use to be ‘’ wich build looks the coolest and fun ‘’ now its slowly becoming ‘’ wich build is the less annoying to use ‘’ …

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No, it’s just a lazy argument. As lazy as saying having (or not) XYZ will kill the game. Or that auto looting shards removes the excitement of loot drops. Or that trade will make people “not play the game, and turn it into a bazaar simulator”.

A couple skills with an auto cast ability won’t turn the game into a “walking simulator”. Unless you’re conceding that auto cast on Maelstrom or Enchant Weapon have already done so.


Couldnt agree more.

I personally like relax builds where i dont need to click 3000 times or use 4-5 skills in order to make my main skill / build viable, and the devs seems to hate it.

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No, I’m pretty sure their aim for desired builds is to only have to click 2,924 times, so that should be acceptable to you. Plus some skills can be automated to a degree (such as Smite on throwing hit idols & the Axe Thrower passive).

Come on Llama, he is expressing a valid sentiment that many players share. Why else is spin2win a thing.


the smite on throwing dosent really change anything, smite could throw 1000 ninja stars with each cast and it still wouldnt change the point.

The adherence to this rule is why I stopped playing D3.

Rule #2 should be followed by:

Rule #3 No Plan (Testing) Survives First Contact With the Enemy.

I think considering your player base as “the enemy” is the first step towards a game failing.

Sometimes they do act like it.


If that’s your takeaway then…

Actually, maybe this will help.

As a longtime table top DM, I long ago learned that “no campaign every survived an encounter with the players.”

I was being tongue in cheek but apparently that couldn’t be discerned and it hurt some feelings.


No, it was obvious.

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I was being sarcastic. But, apparently that couldn’t be discerned, and it hurt some feelings.

…see? Works both ways.