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Looking for a build similar to Righteous Fire (RF)

Hello gamers! I come from the game called “The Path of Exile”. In that game, I enjoyed making Righteous Fire (RF) characters aka Walking Simulator. I run around with degen aura and all the mobs get destroyed. Is there any similar build here in Last Epoch?

The closest thing to this would be:


  • Mage with Fire Aura (can be Fire, Lightning or Cold damage)

The main difference between RF from PoE and Fire Aura of LE is: In LE it does not have a degen aspect and it’s stack based, every stack increases the intensity of the aura.
Here are all 3 Fire Aura conversation:

  • Acolyte with Aura Of Decay

This is a toggle skill, that has a degen aspect. It does apply poison stacks to yourself and all enemies within range. So you need to work around the self damage aspect with thigns like Health Regen, Heal every X second and generally reducing the incoming Poison damage as much as possible (there are several ways to achieve this)