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Some suggestions from a 600 hour player

First off, I love this game. I think you are doing a lot of things right. Some of these suggestions might already be in the works. If so, great.

Show debuffs on mobs. It would be really nice to see what debuffs and how many stacks are on mobs.

Give loot a chance. I know that everything is RNG. I don’t expect to see perfect items very often. But, it would be nice if loot that dropped had affixes that made sense. Maybe more affixes for the class that you are playing and not as many totally random affixes.

Along the same lines, exalted items that have affixes that make sense. I think in all my time playing I have seen 2 or 3.

I love the crafting system. However, either I am the most unlucky person in the world or the % for crafting just aren’t what they say they are. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to finally find a piece of gear that is usable only to have it fracture with and 80%+ chance to craft successfully and then it fractures. This happens very often. Again, in my case because I can only speak for myself, it seems I fracture Items 80% of the time when as described above it should happen 20% of the time.

Better set items. Most if not all are subpar to say the least. Set items should give you a great advantage and have affixes that make sense. Considering the stats you give up to wear them, this is definitely not the case at least IMHO.

Damage. It would be nice to see your own damage output including DOTs, crits, etc VS damage being done to you and what type of damage. Maybe color coding. For example, darker colors for the damage type being done to you. Red for base damage. Darker red for bleeds, dark green for poison, dark orange for fire, etc.

Placement of buffs debuffs. Instead of putting them down low so you have to look away from your screen to see them, put them on the screen. Maybe buffs in the upper left, debuffs in the upper right for example.

Give us the option to keybind skills to other mouse buttons.

Better unique item appearances. Uniques should each have their own look that corresponds to what the unique item does.

I see that this has been posted already but I think its worth repeating. Show what gear your character actually has on the character screen. It’s cool to look at your character and see the actual gear you have worked hours to grind for, gamble on or craft instead of being generic.

Character customization during creation. This might be a big ask I realize but it would be nice.

Lastly, I just want to reiterate that you are doing a lot of things right. You are well on your way to having the best ARPG out there. Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration.

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Great feedback, i just wanna point out some things that stood out to me.

This is already the case, since class-specific affixes are only present on specific slots (body and helmet).
You will drop way less class-specific gear for other classes. Also stuff like off-hand catalyst drops way less on sentinel and rogue for example.

I am not sure, what you exactly mean. uniques in LE are very niche and serve a very specific purpose. Also alot of uniques are only available very late into the game, especialyl the very strong ones.

This topic has come up dozens of times and the devs did literally run millions of simulations (Mike_Weicker to be specific). And the system works 100% as it should be.
There is just no bad luck streak protection or something similar in place currently, as it is in many other games with similar systems.

There is just a very hot topic about this running currently.

I really do like the position of current buffs/debuffs.

You can change keybindings already. Esc -> Settings -> Change Input Keys

There came news about this in this very moment. Just announced!

This was also a hot topic already. Devs did say this might be a thing for post-launch, but it has no priority at the moment.


Oh yes please! I think it was TL3 that attatched the debuff stacks to the enemys HP bar iirc and it was pretty good to see and to know.

And sometimes you “The Slab” 6 times in 10 minutes. At least for me that was the most frustrating unique chain drop ^^.

This was tested by millions of trys from the devs. it’s just psychology and you remember the fails more then the successes.

Yeah there is already a big thread about this topic. Visit it and give extra feedback there if you want to :).

Dmg Tooltips will be implemented in the near future but I’m pretty sure it will take more time untill we get all the functionality for them.

Nice feedback :slight_smile: keep it comin.

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My mistake. I will edit the post. I meant exalted items, purples :smiley:

I seriously have the worst luck then lol. I have fractured literally a dozen or more items just today with a success rate of over 80%. However thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know this has already been tested.

Thank you both for your replies!

It’s just a psychological thing, trust me^^

You already had plenty of crafts with like 50 or 60% chance that were successfull in a row.

And even if you craft an items, which is pretty frech, if you doing a craft with 95% chance, then another one with 90% chance and another one with 80% chance, the probababilty of succeeding all of them in a row is not THAT high. It’s just has alot to do with perception.

Trust me, you do not have more or less luck than other players. It all depends on the total number of crafts you did. It will all equal out.

EDIT: btw, you can quote multiple post in one reply, as i did.

If you mark any text on my post and press “quote” it will copy paste it onto the location of your reply.

This does not work for mouse buttons 4, 5, etc. I can probably reassign them through my mouse however.

For me it does work.

Are you using the dedicated “Mouse” section of the rebinds?

Here i show you my keybind menue


I do agree here, dropped items should favor, but not require, logical affix mixes.

I have no idea how I did not see this. Thank you lol

This depends on how the whole itemisation and crafting systems work.

We have a very deterministic crafting system in LE. An item with 2 useless affixed can be salvaged and you can use the useful affixes on another item. You can also use the crafting system to add certain stats to your items, that you think, are useful for your build.

With this system it would be overpowered if you then only allow matching affix combinations. For example it would just be too easy to obtain a high damage weapon if you would restrict things like damage over time and critical strike chance to roll on the same weapon.

The next big question is, what affix combinations should be restricted? Because even the weirdest combinations like critical strike chance and minion health can be useful on certain builds (Lich with Hungering Souls using 3 minions for more damage modifiers).

By restricting affix combinations you might hinder the creation of niche but interesting builds.

In a system like Anthem has, you’re absolutely right. You are solely relying on drop rolls in terms of affix combinations and value range. Theres no crafting system that let’s you alter your gear. There itemisation feels absolutely horrible. Most of the time you get bullshit affix combinations that aren’t useful for any builds (as there aren’t many different builds and the game has affixes that are useless no matter what build you use). And then if I got lucky and got a increased damage modifier that could roll from 1% to 250% with a roll like 10%, I tabbed out of the game. Because you have to live with the 10% roll, no way to increase that value. Worst gaming experience ever since the looting of items got invented.

So the game could work around that issue if 1) by decreasing the drop rate if gear while only allowing “useful” affix combinations. Honestly I don’t know if this would feel better in term of excitement. Less item drops but better items… could work. It’s just another formular. But maybe there need to be some more crafting restrictions to not become too mighty too soon.

And then theres still 2). And this is something I don’t want to happen.

I already shattered a lot of items I should have kept in my stash for future build ideas, just because they seemed useless of the first impression.

I don’t say every combination is useful. But there are more ok combinations than it seems.

But I defenitely have to agree on the exalted topic. I have barely found any usable exalted items. Because this is something very restrictive. That exalted stat can only be used on that particular item. If the rest of the affixes is not useful, theres nothing for you. You can shatter the item and get more starts from the exalted stat. But that’s not very exciting.

As long as theres no way to somehow transfer an exalted stat from one item to another, the exalted drops are less exciting for me, rather frustrating.

For example I have boots on my necro with a t6 minion dodge rating affix. That’s huge for my build. While the rest of these stats aren’t useless, I’d like to have increased movement speed and crit avoidance on my boots, but I haven’t.

So using these boots isnt an improvement of my gear, but a tradeoff. And sometimes I think there are too many tradeoffs in LE. Instead of empowering my char I have to make a choice. That’s ok on some key parts of the game. But sometimes it’s too much for my taste.

How would that work for hybrid builds? What’s logical for your caster would be pointless for my melee or Heavy’s Harvest Lich (since that’s all he plays). The game doesn’t have any way to determine what skills are on your skill bar, therefore it can’t “tailor” drops to your specific build.

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Right, that’s why I say “favor” rather than “restricted”, but I recognize the problems that you’re noting here.

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Yeah, plus “bad” mixes of affixes is just one of those types of items being crap (another would be good affixes on a lvl 1 base), and crap items are required for the search for loot. If every item that dropped had good affixes on a good base, loot would be boring & the only “progression” you’d have is when you can start dropping higher tiers of affixes & higher bases.

Sure, and I think that progression slows too early in the game as it is right now anyway.

I think of idols though, which you can’t shatter and can’t craft, dropping with a bow mod and a dagger mod.

Good points @FACEtheDUKE @Llama8

I honestly don’t have any solid ideas for improving the loot drop system - but in spite of my love for the game, I definitely think that is one of the places the game is weakest. Particularly if it is working with the premise that the “best” items should come from drops. It’s not so much the overall loot system, because the crafting does such a good job of giving you options (perhaps too many?), but the drops on their own are just so underwhelming. I experimented with and without the loot filter, but in the end I still found myself always doing the same thing, essentially just looking for one or two key words (for example Lightbringer) so I could harvest them and hopefully use the affixes later. But that’s a very different feel compared to actually being excited about the drop itself. In terms of drops, I’m more often than not just looking for white items that have the best core roll to craft on. It’s kind of counter-intuitive to the whole desire to get a “rare” item.

Again, I don’t know how to address this, but it’s definitely a feeling I’ve had. Nerfing the crafting system may make drops seem more relevant, but that’s not a great solution either. One thing I noticed while playing Chaosbane recently, though, is that I definitely look forward to rare drops in that game. The game may not do a lot of other things right, but somehow they have adjusted it so that a majority of the drops are an upgrade to what I’m currently using. I find I am upgrading on a very regular basis. Perhaps it’s because they make the items so specific to your class/level, and/or they have a lot less complexity in terms of possible affixes? I don’t know, but it might be something to consider in some limited fashion.

What if rares from drops could have 4-6 affixes but you can only craft up to 4 affixes &/or a minimum of 1 so you can always have some limited ability to “fix” an item with 1 crafted affix?

That definitely sounds interesting - I guess it would depend heavily on the pool of those core 4-6 affixes, like what percentage of them would be applicable to you at what percentage of drops…