So you're advertising your game as finished 21st February but 3 chapters of story missing on release

Nah, the recipe has bad instructions. “two cups of flour”. What cups? I have cups in different sizes. That’s like saying “put points in the Marksman skill tree”, but not how many in which node.

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The game is not finished, it just releases.
What even is this thread?

It’s about muffins.

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I hope you brought more butter. These muffins have lacked butter for to long just as this thread has been without merit for too long.

Aww you poor thing!

As someone who will enjoy the game and has no interest in drama or posting troll bait, I have to agree that it’s strange at some point of development any mention of the rest of the chapters being released stopped, and had no idea it was going to come out without all 12 chapters.
Heres two mentions implying that the whole campaign would get released before 1.0:

I think the developers should be more open and transparent about what is going on and what the future plans of the campaign are. Are we talking about one chapter per season? Per year? Are all chapters going to be released at once in like 3-4 years or in an expansion?

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What stuff? And to which film, I’m now slightly confused.

Depends what end of the scale you’re looking at.

Global scale hence we are competing in the pretty expensive one.

This is gold lol

If the game’s campaign is a work in progress, that should be pretty readily available information right on the storefront.

On the other hand, this game does not have any cutscenes or anything like that. This isn’t a story game and players don’t get to select “Campaign Mode.”

The OP asks “Where you draw the line?” and that’s where I’d draw it. I’m trying to literally answer that question.

This wold be like complaining about Witcher 3 being released without Gwent in a finished state. It’s a major element of the game, sure, but Witcher 3 isn’t a card game, it’s an RPG.

Last Epoch is a Diablo clone Action RPG where you create builds and level your characters and chase loot.

All that is 100% here. That’s why this game is at 1.0.

It’s not Baldur’s Gate 3 (nor Witcher 3).

Anyway, yes, the devs should disclose this more readily. Is it shady?

Nobody is buying a Diablo clone (LE) for the story. Diablo 4 possibly somebody did…but it has cut scenes and 3 other games’ worth of lore to build on.

Damnit Jerle, banner-posing here as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

What does RPG mean in my mind? Role Playing Game.

My point is the bar is set so low in ARPG’s for storytelling IMO. Therefore to me, that’s not why I play them at all. I get the storytelling I’m looking for in other things like books, D&D, or other videogames (looking at you witcher 3).

But that’s just me and my preferences. It’s not like I think it’s wrong for someone to enjoy or come to play LE, Diablo, Torchlight, or POE for the story in any major way.

1 cup = 16 Tablespoons = 48 teaspoons = 384 pinches
I hope that helps.

It’s also 250ml, which would be ~120 grams for whole wheat flour

i didnt know that either to be honest and its not really clearly stated when you purchase the game. now granted, i wouldnt want to refund over that, but yea, i dont consider that to be a good move either.

They came out great thanks

Even then, to say that 100m isn’t a lot is ridiculous.

uh, no the hell it does not, they have so many holes in the story with D4 it’s not even funny.

For the online service and advertising? It is nothing.

Mmmm Muffins. I love blueberry muffins, but really any will do. :slight_smile:

Now I know you’re just trolling.