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Shotgun Multishot Rogue - Written guide with gameplay | 60-80k crits (up to 100k with better gear)

This is a Pure Multishot build using the Point Blank node to get 75% more hit damage to close targets. This is a very interactive playstyle since we are using Point Blank you always want to be on top of enemies to deal more damage.

For boss fights you just shift to proc Jade arrow stacks, pop Smoke Screen + Decoy + Potion for 400 flat dodge and the bosses go down fast! I use flurry for mana sustain in harder fights.

*New changes to build: (updated on 2/1/2020)

  • Max Flow to get 200% increased damage after using four unique skills. Pop Decoy + Smoke Screen + Shift and Multishot to proc flow on tanky bosses. I’m getting 120k damage crits with this node now.

  • Specced 2 points out of True Strikes and maxed Pinning shots and Sniping for those juicy more damage multipliers.

  • Once you hit 95 start maxing Concentration

  • Spec 4 pts out of sapping strikes and a few pts out of Reflection

Gameplay and Gear

Arena Gameplay Wave 140 - 196 (could probably get to 300 if more careful)

50% dodge and up to 70% dodge with Smoke Screen + Potion use
Capped Elemental Resistance with Elemental Arrows + capped Phys/Nec/Psn/Void
100% Critical Strike Avoidance + 15% Glancing blow
Can take down Empowered bosses in a short time

Lower Life so can be prone to one shots from empowered bosses with rippy modifiers

Gear Explanations

My Current Gear at Level 91

Ideal Stats:
Cooldown Reduction
Increased Dmaage per Multishot Arrow
% Increased Health or or Damage while wielding a bow

Drelkor’s Compass
High bow phys damage
-4 bow mana cost
+4 arrows with Multishot
This unique can be gambled with around 500k gold
If you don’t use this any good phys bow should work in the meantime

Light Quiver Ideal stats
Flat Bow Phys
Attack Speed
Slow on hit - this is because we are using the Pinning Shots nodes which deals more hit damage to slowed targets

Body Armor:
Crimson Garb or Mercenary Leather (I prefer Crimson Garb)
Ideal stats
%Inc Dodge Rating or Vit
Increased Damage per Multishot Arrow
Increased Damage while wielding a bow

Solarum Bracers base
Ideal Stats
Dodge Rating or Hybrid Health
Critical Strike Avoidance

Any boots
Ideal Stats
% inc Dodge Rating or Dexterity
Dodge rating
Move speed

Ranger’s Belt base
Ideal stats
Dodge Rating on potion use for 4 sec
Critical Strike Avoidance
Dodge Rating

Silver Rings with 8% MS
Ideal Stats
Dodge Rating
Critical Strike Avoidance

Silver Amulet/Oracle/Bone base or Xithara’s Conundrum
Ideal Stats
Crit Chance/Crit Multi/Phys Pen
%inc Dodge Rating
Dodge Rating

Radient Crest base
Ideal stats
Crit Chance/Phys Dmg

Notable Uniques:

Riverbend Grasp Gloves (great for leveling)
Vipertail (great for leveling)
Arboreal circuit rings (great for levling)
Quicksilver Coil (great for leveling)
Eterra’s Path (great for leveling)
Xithara’s Conundrum (just as good as any crafted amulet imo)

For Idols you want Ornate with Increased Damage per Multishot Arrow with either Bow crit/Bow dmg depending on your needs.

Skills Trees + Info

Passive Trees:

Links to my other Build Guides:
Fire Disintegrate Sorcerer

  • Update I’ve completely changed the defensive mechanics of this build since I posted this.

  • 2/2/2021:
    Instead of stacking going pure Dodge I am now using the Apostacy node to convert all my Dodge into Glancing Blow and I am also using the Thiefguard node to gain 32 life on Glancing blow, so basically every time you get hit you gain 32 life and with 100% crit avoidance you never get crit. I explain it in more detail in >>this video<< (Warning mic volume is loud, sorry guys)

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Hey man, Thanks for the guide!

Your welcome!

Lootfilter pls :slight_smile:


It could use some updates but for the most part I think it’s fine.

Update 2/17/20

Spec out of sniping shots and put pts into the crit multi nodes, damage is much better now.

Sorry where is sniping shot? Also, if starting from scratch, would you recommend building this right away or what when would be a good point to transit to this?

It’s a skill passive in the multi shot tree. They just fixed the bug where putting more points into it didn’t grant more damage so you can put points in it or the crit multi nodes.

You can start multishot as soon as you unlock it, just use a rare bow and stack dodge from uniques early on. Until you obtain drelkors use flurry to help with mana sustain.

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Thanks! I think the node is just called “Sniping”?

I tried it once I got multishot and the dmg feels weak for the mana it requires so it felt like maybe its a build that works better when transit closer to late game. But I’ll try again. :smiley:

For mana sustain you could just use Flurry to proc multishot and grab the sap willpower node, a lot of people prefer that anyways and it’s good.

What is your gear like?

Thanks again! Once I get to spec Flurry into Sap Willpower (had specced into smoke bomb and shift before that), the gameplay is indeed much smoother.

Just starting out without twink gears, so pretty crappy gears atm but its doing fine!

Glad to hear! Also I specced back into sniping since it’s not bugged anymore

Hey Just wondering why do you consider this uniq bow BiS? Wouldnt a well rolled obsidian bow blow this out of the water? Is the +4 arrows that valuable?

Ok, so after trying it for some runs I realise the value is probably in the -4 bow mana cost which keeps the uptime of multishot almost always up. Is that it?

+4 arrows is equivalent to more “increased” damage.

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Yup. Got it. Didnt realise the multishot affix was per arrow until I started crafting them. Guess the bow will out dps my rare once I’ve stacked enough idols and affixes on helm/body.

A good rare bow could be just as good if not better if you get good mods but I really love the -bow mana cost. I would definitely grab the +arrow nodes if using crafted bow and just use flurry to proc multishot so you have no mana issues

Great! I’ll play around with those options. The build really feels like it is coming together and feels much smoother in the 60s even without gears close to minmax.

Another question. I just had this amulet dropped. Why do you consider it BiS for the build? I can’t tell why it’s considered top tier.