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Fire Disintegrate Sorcerer Build Showcase 200k Dmg (up to 400k with Glasscannon spec) | Video + Written

This is a life based fire version of disintegrate, hope you guys like it :slight_smile: .


Active Skills

New Gameplay Videos:

God Hunter Argentus fight

Gameplay and Gear showcase
(Apologies for Potato quality, I have no idea why it is so low…)

Playstyle: I would not say this is a beginner build as the only fully passive defense we scale is Critical Strike Avoidance so you have to rely on kiting mobs and manually dodging certain enemy spells/attacks. We do around 250k damage per tick (fully buffed) but if you want moar damage then take The glasscannon node and ticks will be +400k per tick with all buffs up.

With that being said it is quite easy to gear for, all you need is Ignivar’s Head so that your spell crit gives you more spell damage and Gambler’s Fallacy which gives 100% base crit thus allowing you to reach insane spell crit levels.

Try to get as much spell crit, Damage over time as possible. Best weapon for endgame would be an exalted Prophecy Wand with t7 Spell crit along with another offensive stat like DoT/Fire Damage/Spell Damage/More crit, so try to get something close to that. Most important Modifiers to grab are Spell Crit, Damage Over Time, Spell Damage, Fire Damage, Critical Strike Avoidance, health and enough Mana to reach 300 for doubled effects on Idols.

Notable Unqiues:
(I would add links to the uniques but 5 is my limit as a new user :frowning:)

  • Woven Flesh is an easy way to get 100% Critical Strike Avoidance on 1 single piece of gear, I used this until level 80 until I crafted better gear.

  • Ignivar’s Head (required unique)

  • Gambler’s Fallacy (required unique

  • Titan Heart - am now using this as main armor for high hp and 10% reduction to all damage

  • Liath’s Signet - 75% @res while channeling (an easy way to
    cap res if not using Fire Ward early on.

Leveling Uniques:

  • Calamity - a low level unique with lots of fire damage, mana and some spell damage.

  • Eterra’s Path great for leveling

  • Arboreal Curcuit - great for fast leveling

Skill review:

Focus - this is primarly used to replenish mana in tanky boss fights otherwise you don’t need it with the Disintegrate Subvention node.

Flame Ward - this build is quite squishy so flame ward helps us survive sketchy encounters and for face tanking bosses. Get used to casting flame ward all the time to proc ward, Fire damage and lots of protection.

Fire Ward -
I only used this for leveling 60-80 to get my resistances capped without worrying about res on gear, you can use this instead of Arcane Ascendance to make crafting gear easier at the cost of losing single target damage.

Teleport - helps us move around the map faster and escape sticky situations by always placing down decoys as well as giving us 250% fire damage for the duration.

Arkane Ascendance - this skill is fantastic, it gives a huge amount of spell damage and we also take Higher Plane and Power Overload for even more spell damage.

How to take down bosses with ease - Teleport to boss and cast Flame Wards and Arcane ascendance to get a huge damage and defensive bonuses then watch bosses melt once you hit 3rd disintegrate stage.

Aim for Fire damage doubled when over 300 max mana and damage over time on top if you can find.

I think that’s about it for this guide, if you have any questions or advice I’m an open book!


Thats an impressive first post introduction… Welcome to the forum!

Build reminds me of the Archon wizzie in D3… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I believe the characters having High DPS is more than makes up for glassjaw :+1:

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If you’re good at not taking damage, probably yes.


Nice write up, welcome to the forum. Thanks for putting the time and effort in :smiley:


Thank you! I remember that build, it was pretty fun!


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