Respeccing just horrible

I got to the start of endgame, was fun on the most part. I got to a stage when I needed to rebuild my toon to be able to progress further . I didn’t expect the S7^t F8&k in respeccing. It’s would be the most painful process I have ever seen in a ARPG yes even worse that D4’s paragon board.

I want to try new builds, but I am punished to do so.

After the dreadful attempt to respec my build couldn’t kill anything because I had no damn points in skills, {Correction 9 points to spend in each}. And the passive tree was a joke. . Sorry for the rant.

Suggestion: A respec all button. If not, get rid of all the pop ups for every point. . . .
True fact,! I don’t know the solution to a better respeccing system.


If you were at “endgame” you’d have had 10 skill points plus however many points from gear. If you forgot to apply the skill points in the new skill so you actually had no skill points then yeah, that’s a mistake you’ll learn from.

I get that you’ve come from D4 where you can switch builds around almost on the fly (in town) for virtually no cost, but LE isn’t like that. If you’re going to get this emotionally discombobulated then maybe LE isn’t the game for you.

Try an easier area or don’t respec everything all at once.

Respeccing passives does suck monumentally though.


The respec system got touched a couple of tiems in the past, with catchup exp and minimum respec levels. I highly doubt that this will drastically change.

My question would be, what did you want to respec that your build didn’t worked at all anymore? Did you respec multiple other skills?

It might be a matter of choosing the wrong content for catching up with the respecced skills.
I am not sure how far you were into the endgame but you coudl easily choose anotehr not so far pushed timeline or even normal monolith (if you were in empowered already).
Catching up with the skills takes 1-2 echoes to get them from lvl 10 to like 17/18, then the last 1 or 2 poitns need maybe 1 or 2 more echoes.

It is really strange how so many people love the respec system and the freedom of buildign and experimenting whiel there are some individuals that seems to absolutely hate it.

I really think it comes down to from what other games you come in the past.
LE’s respeccing is really not punishing at all from a gameplay/power perspective, it only feels that way if you are doing the wrong content with it or respecc multipel skills at once.

I still prefer this over having builds jsut being a few button presses in some menus

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Sorry saying I have no points was wrong, I had 9 to spend in each. BTW I did play d4 for a short time. But I’m a PoE player 1st and build mirror builds season after season. I just used d4 as an example.

I have spoken to a few people about this now and 99% them feel my pain and don’t bother respeccing. But I want to respec. I love trying new builds, But this system is just horrible, I would rather just start a new toon or another game


The spec I had worked to some point. Ice minion build, but was getting weaker as I levelled. minions just getting ones hotter even with minion health on everything I can possibly get it on .
I decided to change to a fire wrath build. So just about every slot had to be changed. This was the issue I found for myself.

I just want a system where I wasn’t penalised for trying new builds. Why not have just have a remove all points option in the passive tree so I can start from scratch. Not click everyone and have a popup and repeat 60 times. And the skills, I just don’t get this system at all.

I think I will just start a new toon, follow some random youtubers build guild and never look at respeccing. I guess that’s the way to go for now.

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Passive respec and skill respec are a whole other level.

I agree on passives and the devs are working on better implementation.

But again for active skills. It is by design that you can’t swap around a build with just a few clicks. The devs don’t want you to quickyl swap between different setups, that is why there is some minor setback when respeccing.

This setback is far less than you think it is.

Again, while your first experience might be very bad with this system. The system overall does not really punish experimenting that much, if you know how to do it without screwing yourself over.


The only thing you can’t respec is your mastery. Everything else is super easy to respec. Could you be more specific what exact problem you had with respeccing?

Keep in mind that when you change skills there is a minimum amount of skill points always available (and the cap raises as you level, the maximum is 10 points). Going from 10 to something like 16 points takes 2-3 echos in the late game.


Then LE is not for you. This topic got white knigthed a ton by people who had everal hundret and thousands of hours of gametime who can’t see anything wrong with the system in place. EHG thinks respeccing should come at a costbecause of build idendity and no respeccing on the fly to have an AoE build for trash and a single target build for bosses you swap freely.

The system in place is a very unfriendly one from my point of view because you don’t need one toon for each mastery but many toons for the same mastery. LE is quenching every bit out of the people to create “playtime”.

Then again the game is rather fun and if you don’t respecc every skill you are good to go to regrind all of the skill xp in a rather short time depending on where you are in the game. At endgame stages it’s fast but try to test out stuff early on… that’s a completely awefull experience for new players.

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Yeah the whole skill system should be re-designed, its just a pain and hard work to do this.

Im so confused at how people have this much trouble. Yes it sucks when you are like level 20 and reset a skill you have been leveling with, because its overleveled so it takes quite a while to get back to that many points. or takes a while to try new cap nodes that shift its playstyle.

But by the time you are at monos, respeccing is just free.

How can a Path of exile player of all people be saying “oh the respeccing in this game is so hard” sounds made up to me if they have put any amount of time into both games.

In path of exile you need to spend currency that is much more annoying to get then gold and its a lot more of an investment. There is players that make maybe 500 chaos in their entire play time of the season. Respeccing a level 90 character is gonna cost anywhere from 50-150 chaos depending on the market. You could potentially spend 30% of your characters total budget just reseting it completely.

For the casual player respeccing is 100x harder in PoE then this game.

Yeah if you dont care about tossing away hundreds of chaos in PoE you can simply buy new gems and hundreds of regrets. Thats the power of a game that has even your skills itemized.

But this game does not have itemized skills, it shouldnt be expected that you just can respec for free infinitely, im not really sure why thats even a thought…


I am pretty vocal about not loving certain parts of LE but you offer no sound arguments for anything you’re saying other than “this shit, make better now”. Re-speccing in LE is super easy, and leveling up another toon to 100 takes like a few days even if you choose not to. If you’re a PoE player you must be buying builds straight up because you are complaining about soemthing that is so trivial in comparison to anything in PoE.


Its the one thing that diablo 3 does so much better, you can change builds on the fly and it is pure fun. It automatically makes you want to have prepared a few builds depends on what you want to do, to keep slashing monsters always the most efficient and fun. Its hns game…
Here there is no fun in respec, no fun for new characters, AND you must make a new characters because cannot change mastery, its a vicious circle.

And about PoE, here is something that people dont realize. Game is f2p and is it a hns, which implies multiple builds. They designed respec to work this, not to be fun. They had to complicate it or make it costly (real money included for those who want it easier) so people would pay or invest a lot in-game currency and time.

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Seems like there are 2 types of players. Those who want to enjoy hns game and slash monsters, and those who want to spend 90% in game time thinking and combining builds. You are in the 2nd group with others protecting and flow and fun with build modifications.

I think it is not as clear cut as that, but generalizing in order to make a very valid point is obviously okay :slight_smile: And yeah, I am probably in that camp since I do not enjoy the actual game play of any arpg on the market (besides Lost Ark which is a whole other can of worms I suppose, and arpg is used very loosely here, I know) but I love the item chase and theory crafting aspect of them. But seeing as I fall into that camp and I do not feel like re-speccing needs to be any easier than it is would that not tell you something? If it’s so bad, and my main concern with these games are making builds, would I not advocate for making it easier? Maybe it is already, well, quite easy and accessible?

I see your point though and my measure of fun is not the absolute truth to everyone elses fun, I do wonder what the point is of having different masteries and classes fi you can just roll with one character and respec it on the fly into whatever build you want? Seems like something would get lost in the process? Don’t you think?

That depends on the type of player. For me, for example, seeing a character grow into their build is most of the fun. I found D3 extremely boring because of this. In D2 I had multiple characters in the same class so I could have different builds. In D3 all I neeeded was 1 character and I got bored with it after a week.

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So if a person disagrees then they’re a white knight? Do you know what the word “perjorative” means? “We” also don’t all agree that all things are good (Heavy & I disagree on quite a few things), but yes, lump “us” into a single gelatinous blob if it helps.

EHG, as you say, don’t want to allow quick & easy skill respeccing for the reasons you state, it doesn’t matter that some of the longer term players agree with them, some don’t.

There’s also absolutely no build identity. But yes, there are upsides to it if you want to have just 1 character for each class.

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Not being able to instantly swap to a completely different build and immediately be at full power is not a penalty.


Intresting you feel like this was adressed to you ^^. Well first of all maybe writing of some people just seems so far off I can’t even imagine people are here for a discussion of a topic. Go through some topics and all you have in the end are two different camps that don’t even want to find a common ground whatsoever.

EHG has the last saying on this topic that will pop up again and again and again because as it seems a lot of people are unhappy with the system in place. On top of it it looks like there are new voices in the community that bring up this topic again and again.
I just take a wild guess that most people don’t care about it at all. Then again it looks like more vocal people have problem with it then people who say “Everything is fine!”. Keep saying everything is fine when the problem pops up again and again is a strange thing to do. When an increasing part of the community think this is something bad I would take a closer look at it and don’t discard it like people did in the past. To me dening the problems people have with a system in place and telling everything is fine is quintessential white knighting.

I intentoinaly don’t point at people or want to creat a us vs them scenario but to me this is either a big missunderstanding on my side orthere are some people who think as long as they don’t have a problem everything is fine.

Funny anecdote about this. My marksman actually has two builds. A shotgun bow build with multishot and a jelkhor’s blast knife with detonating arrow. I’ll occasionally want to switch between the two, so you know what I do?

I respec all my passives, one at a time gasp I know. Then I despecialize each of my skill (yes all of them) then I pick what I want switch gear then play the game.

I don’t feel offended by the game that it only gave me 10 points per skill since in 2 echos I’m at 18 points.

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Arcade games do it even moar bettererest, and you just pick a character, and it has everything it needs!!! Plus, the buttons are already mapped for you!

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