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Please recommend build for farming high corruption Monos

Hello everyone,

as the title alrdy says I am looking for a build which can farm Monos with corruption of at least 200+.
Right now I am playing a Ranged Ice minion build which feels awesome but as soon as the general monster health and damge as well as their defense layers through map modifiers goes up, they start struggeling very fast.

Looking forward to getting some nice recommendations here!


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Snap Freeze with Shatter.
(Sorry, had a clown breakfast this morning).

Personally I would go with

Paladin Regifter variations (massive tanking/regen melee) - there are two versions to try but you will have to update them to 0.8.2


Spellblade Flamereaver/Firebrand (huge ward level/serious nuking dps on rotation) - there are two variations of this… a low life lightning one and a normal hp ward fire one… Both can be really tanky and the lighting does serious dps.

Ty for those build, both sound interesting. Guess I will go with the Flamereaver first :smiley:

Nothing beats Ele Nova Sorc if your criteria is speed clearing Monos. I am just now getting started with a char to try out all the new stuff in 0.8.2 and Sorc is my goto char.

Habe you alrdy tried it in Empowered Monos with high corruption? Do you pmay the build with the unique crown?

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I did a few lvl 100 monos and arena with my Sorc from 0.8.1, yeah it’s great.

I got up to like 200 corruption I think? Killed Orobyss few times. Also did a quick arena run and got up to 180 (in SSF).

So yeah, the build is great still.

Hey how did you raise the corruption? did you go as far as you could on the timeline pathway until 16 corruption then reset? im trying to stack it quickly and the timeline pathways seem to end with sometimes 3 Orobyss fights all next to each other but never higher than 16+ corruption- in empowered timeline

Yeah. As I understand the new system, when you do an Orobyss node, you keep your stacked mono mods (item rarity and exp %), and generate new nodes that start from the now cleared Orobyss node.

So I just didn’t fight the timeline boss and kept going till I got bored.

Sounds like what I am doing,…

Its definitely where the general grind has moved to with this new MoF… now its grinding to get the corruption up rather that the previous stacking of rarity / xp … I find it much less boring than the previous version thanks to the variety of echos but getting corruption up to farm old Shadyboy is still pretty tedious with the +16, reset +16 reset etc…

On the contrary im getting burned out - since the new patch ive had lots of technical issues from not being able to do empowered mono’s on certain chars to crashing constantly on controller, my issues are fixed now but now im stuck in Spirits of Fire - I have done 143 echoes and only at 158 corruption, first I was just resetting every + shade but after 115 you constantly find -corruption shades so I just go as far as I can and reset -which is +16 corruption for me

I want to find Omnis so I can use it on every build basically but that means I will have to do approx 300+? echoes to even have a chance to even find the amulet…that means I am stuck on this character for god knows how long… in this same echo possibly for weeks

I made a thread about corruption ‘transferring’ to other echoes. the problem it seems is everyone is at different stages of progression but it appears to be a big issue for me. if you started this patch with a fully geared character with all blessings done you could jump straight into chaining corruption right away and not be bothered

Theres older characters I have at the moment I wont play because I feel like im not getting anywhere

Ah. Thats what I have been doing… maybe thats why I am not finding it such an issue. I have experienced a few odd -X corruption islands and a few “dead ends” but I have not really pushed anything to farm for that ammy yet… maybe 130/140 ish corruption which, on higher level chars doesnt seem to be very hard at all…

I have some older chars in the lvl 70’s and 80s that I will probably be running the new mofs in soon… will be interesting how different the experience for them will be…

Yeah I agree, building corruption takes way way too long. At least it should be shared among the monos. It feels like an artificial way to force people to play longer.