Native Linux client reverts to Windows version on start (Steam)

I don’t know if this is a Steam or LE problem but it’s really annoying.

Recently I was having some issues accessing the online game through the Native Linux client which caused me to install the Windows version and use Proton. I have now switched back to the Native Linux client. However, every time I start Steam, LE wants to revert to the Windows version. This wasn’t happening prior to to the switch.

I’ve seen Linux native version doesn’t start anymore where similar issues are discussed. In that thread it’s suggested it’s a Steam issue?

For now, I’ve resolved the issue by setting the compatibility for LE to the Steam Linux Runtime but this wasn’t necessary before changing and then reverting to Proton.

As and aside, I did remove the game and all traces I found in locally in Steam and reinstalled. it made no difference. I also tried using the Beta version of Steam.

Finally, I’m now getting a request do download 150MB Shader cache files on every start.

Edit: See below.

For anyone with the same issue It seems that making a change to a Steam file solves the issue.

There is a file called compat.vdf which for me is in


In that file find:

"dest" "linux"
"src" "windows"

899770 is the Steam ID for Last Epoch. Delete these lines (make a backup of the compat.vdf file first.

Make sure you have the Native Linux installed and make sure there are no compatibility options selected for LE in Steam, then restart Steam.

This came from Github

Time will tell if this is a solution…

Thanks for this, I had the same issue.