My account is bugged!

After I can’t play this game online because I get Lost Connection error, now I can’t even enter the game in offline mode. When I press “Enter game” button it becomes grey and then it becomes back purple. Also if I enter in online mode I can’t move my character. I can acces talents tree, type in chat etc but i can’t move my character. What is wrong with this game?

I still have this issue. Even If I create a new character I cant enter the game, but only in offline/cycle mode. If I create a character in offline/legacy mode I can enter the game.
Still getting Lost Connection error in online mode.

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ok, now I see this wierd things on my account.
When I enter on my online character (lvl 36 - necromancer) I see the UI of my lvl 96 necromancer character from offline mode. What the hell is happening? Did my account bugged? I CANT PLAY THE GAME! PLEASE FIX MY ACCOUNT!

p.s. Ok I can replicate the bug. If I open the game and enter directly on my lvl 36 nacromancer character, my UI is fine and I can move my character, but still get Lost Connection Error.
If I open the game and try to log in on my offline character (lvl 96 necromancer), I cant. My Enter Game Button doesnt work. Then if I switch to online mode and enter the game I get this wierd bug that you can see in the picture.

Ok, so I asked a friend to log in on my account from another location. Even him cant enter the game. PLEASE FIX THIS SHIT!

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