Clicking doesn't move character, but can still click menus

So this seems to be happening the first time I go into the game each day, occasional other times. I launch the client, login to online, pick my character and enter game. My character appears in game as it should standing near the waypoint. I click to move, nothing. My character just stands there. Right click, left click, middle click, all nothing. I press escape, bring up the menu, it clicks just fine. I click click players that are close enough to interact. I can click and mouse over chat. I just can’t move. I have to fully exit the game and launch it again, in which case it usually starts working again.

I had the same issue like you on online mod.

What was the root of the problem for me? Corrupted Steam Cloud files. Try to turn off your Cloud and see if the problem persist. Also try to see if you have corrupted game file in the Save Folder.

For more information you can read this topic to understand the issue.

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